Advice needed regarding UVB

Posted Mon 23 Oct 2023 10.06 by Katieleo149

Hi everyone! I am starting UVB treatment on Wednesday and was hoping for some help and advice. I’m just wondering what to expect the first few times and what you all recommend to take with you to the hospital. On my letter it states to bring your own gown does this just mean a dressing gown? Do you have any recommendations for moisturiser? Also clothing wise after treatment are looser comfier clothes like tracksuits better to wear than jeans etc? Thanks in advance!

Posted Mon 23 Oct 2023 15.43 by Beth (edited Mon 23 Oct 2023 15.43 by Beth)

Hi Katie, the nurses are normally brilliant at going through everything with you, you normally start off on a low dose so probably only in the cabinet for a small amount of time and they usually give you some protective goggles and offer you a face visor if you don’t have psoriasis there. I always took a dressing gown for comfort otherwise it’s the hospital gowns. A good heavy moisturiser will help as you may start to burn and feel dry as the treatment goes on I used to like cetaphil but any prescribed moisturiser will probably do the job. Loose clothing is a good idea just for comfort if you do burn and your skin is sore, I also bought non wired bras which were smooth because I couldn’t stand the wires digging in when I was burnt. Hope this helps and good luck with your treatment :)

Posted Mon 23 Oct 2023 15.54 by Katieleo149

Hi Beth, Thank you so much this is a big help! There’s not much info out there on what to expect on peoples results so this is great thank you :)

Posted Thu 16 Nov 2023 01.01 by Kirstmcp

Hi, hope your treatment is going well, you’ll be gradually increasing your exposure as you go so will initially experience some skin redness or pinkness. UVB works better on moisturised skin that can absorb the light just make sure the moisturiser you use doesn’t contain an SPF before treatment. Some hospitals don’t provide a gown a light dressing gown is fine as you might need to move from changing area to light box/booth. Where I had my treatment they were fine with me wearing crocs till I got in the box so flip flops or sliders might be an idea too. You will feel your skin warm after the time in the box has started to increase so if you have far to travel home wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Wear the goggles and the face visor if offered. There is a chance you might have several sets of UVB treatment over time and the exposure can cause sun spots and changes in pigmentation on your face over time. I didn’t notice it till years later and regret not wearing the visor for every treatment. Oh and lift your boobs if they require lifting otherwise you end up with white bits (we don’t usually sunbath standing up so gravity is against you in the box!) 😂

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