Posted Sat 11 Nov 2023 13.34 by stoney43

hello and help. has anybody tried germoline to help the constant iching.have had this outbrake for the last 2 years and its not getting any better tried every cream in the chemists all to no reliefe. shedding skin off legs like a good un.

Posted Sat 11 Nov 2023 14.38 by skin

Have you tried somethiing like Double Zero ointment or Zeroderm ointment? These are probably much cheaper than Germoline/

Posted Sat 11 Nov 2023 16.18 by Tim

My experience in dealing with psoriasis on the surface is just a moisturiser with long term activity, to prevent the scales from drying out, that’s when the itching starts, it’s tedious and can be annoying as it gets everywhere,, but that’s only real solution I have found, there’s a lot of quack horse creams out there, definitely not needed, a simple moisturiser is sufficient,

Posted Sun 12 Nov 2023 08.22 by stoney43

thanks for the replys skin and tim will try more regular creaming probably ugrade to 4 times a day and give that a try

Posted Sun 12 Nov 2023 09.47 by OhNo_NotAgain?

@stoney43: my more recent Guttate psoriasis was driving me mad with itching. I used Doublebase Gel, and Doublebase Dayleve Gel. They are great moisturiser/emollients. They helped the itching, expecially the "dayleve" gel. I got them in 450g pump-dispensers, and just used them multiple times a day whenever the itching became too much. My late mother spent her last few years in a residential care home, and they used Doublebase gel to regularly moisturise the skin of their less mobile residents.

Posted Mon 13 Nov 2023 09.17 by stoney43

thanks for reply everyone, very red and leaking clear liquid this morning loads of scales evident also. Has anyone any experiance in covering up the area with bandages. to keep the moisturiser in contact with skin. both legs from ankles to calf are infected (if thats the right word). and are realy red and itchy

Posted Mon 13 Nov 2023 10.37 by Tim

To be quite honest, I think you should see a doctor at this point, if you have open leaking wounds, to introduce any substance is highly risky from infections, If you are on this site seeking advice with your skin in this condition,this is not the place you should be asking, your doctor will access things to help,sorry to sound abrupt, there’s not many ways it could be said,

Posted Tue 14 Nov 2023 08.37 by stoney43

yes tim i agree it does sound a bit much. think my use of the word infection was a bit over the top maybe outbreak would have been a better word with hindsite. just finnished a course of antibiotics and was just wondering about alternative treatments that people have tried. gong back to this outbreak i have had outbreaks over the years but never so it would be noticed. however this outbreak started after lockdown and is severe and cant get on top of this one. getting on in years might be the reason but who knows anyway thanks for the posts

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