HELP - any words of wisdom - do you think this is PsA or just arthritis?!

Posted Fri 2 Feb 2024 13.48 by Acrazydoglady (edited Sat 10 Feb 2024 12.07 by Acrazydoglady)

Hi all - I've just been for inflammatory marker blood tests (thank you so much - due to comments made here!) & my GP asked did I want to be referred for hand therapy with physio?! I said not yet as I want to know if I'm showing signs of PsA or can you get arthritis without it being PsA? Or is it just an injury? Plus my water retention issues have gotten so much worse due to this thumb issue, my wedding rings are starting to get really tight, but my fingers don't hurt. History - I am very pro finding natural solution alternatives that don't break the bank! Got plaque psoriasis 4 years ago aged 50 psoriasis covered left footsole & I managed to reduce heel pain levels with fish oil - but it's started coming back more & more, despite being clear of psoriasis on footsole since Apr-23 (due diet) GP referred me to podiatry said they'd never seen anyone with so many foot problems before & just recommended a brand of footwear to help Both my knees - I couldn't get up from gardening (& solved that pain with collagen powder) Now - my left thumb joint has been painful for over 2 months, so I don't have any probs with bending my thumb, it's using it with any pressure - like moving shopping trolley, holding a jar while I get the lid off, lifting a wide heavy tumbler As my heel & thumb is on my left side - is this a poss warning sign?! So whilst I await the results he's booked me to see him on Wednesday, & I was just wondering if any of you have any wonderul words of wisdom to help me?! (I got a nasty cold a few days after my blood tests, so didn't go for this appointment, & am going to continue as I am, as sometimes I think you're better off not knowing & I've signed up to The Hippocrates project under research instead!) Thank you so very much xx

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