Acitretin medication - first day - anyone else on this?

Posted Wed 8 May 2024 13.20 by Rads68

Hi rapture83. Apologies, I didn’t receive your email. I’ve checked all my folders. Try again if you’re still interested. Thanks.

Posted Wed 8 May 2024 13.26 by Bev

@Rads sorry you also didn't have a great success with acitretin. I finally have an appointment next week with my elusive dermo . Following week I have biologics appointment for Humira though i don't think I can be persuaded. @Rapture i am using away at my lamp hopefully I can wear sandals soon lol

Posted Tue 14 May 2024 20.39 by rapture83

@Rads thanks for getting back to me, I’ll maybe hold off just now, I’ve only just finished my 3rd sunbed session today, done 2 last week of 6 mins, then 8mins and today done 10 mins which is the max I’ll probably go and I think it’s helping, my legs are already starting to look a lot better and my arms are going in the right direction although still not the best. I’m hoping to go twice per week for the next 3-4 weeks until I go to Portugal for a week holiday in the sun and would really like to wear shorts n t-shirt without shame so this is kinda my last resort, I’m at the stage I’d take a chance on skin cancer than live like this daily! Fingers crossed it works unlike everything else I have tried! My mother had P, she has it bad on her scalp but I hardly ever see anything on her arms or legs, maybe the odd spot but I’ve never really asked her about it but I mentioned about sunbeds and she told me that’s what she does, she cleared it up then just goes back for top up sessions if she had a flare, so here’s hoping! @Bev - Glad the lamp is helping 😊

Posted Tue 14 May 2024 23.16 by Rads68

Rapture83, no problem. Please be careful though on the Sun beds as the light rays are considerably more dangerous than the low frequency UV rays emitted from the specific lights like mine.

Posted Thu 16 May 2024 06.24 by rapture83

Thanks Rads, I totally understand, this is just a temp thing I’m trying to give me some relief from the flaking from patches, the itching (albeit not horrific) but still annoying and a bit of confidence with my appearance with summer coming up. As I say I’ve only had 3 sessions at the local tan bed shop and I can see it’s working, all my patches are starting to heal, all light pink now and with the really small ones almost skin colour! I’m going for another on Friday then will maybe do 2 per week for a few more weeks to see if I can get full clearance then might just do the odd one here and there to keep it under control! As much as the risks are there this is quicker, much less of a painful task and allows me to finally remove steroid applications being applied to my skin. These tanning places are busy with folk daily who don’t even have a condition, it’s just a way of life for some, I’ve lived with this for 11 years, I need some relief :-(

Posted Thu 16 May 2024 09.14 by Bev

@Rapture good luck I hope sunbeds continue to work. I am on route to see my elusive dermo and my appointment is monday with biologics

Posted Sun 19 May 2024 18.01 by Stacey leigh

I've had this p for 4 years it's now it's so bad I'm covered I've been on humira embrel and now otezla im on Day 5 my dermatologist told me to call her if I feel nauseous ect. Because my insurance denied me for skirizi which I really want I'm use to taking the injections and now I'm taking pills. It itches so bad I'm on a blood thinner so I bleed so much. It gets worse when I put moisture on it I literally end up itching my skin right off. It hurts so bad it has now spread to my whole body. This medication really takes 4 months till you see results ? That's just sad

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