Sea moss gel

Posted Thu 25 Apr 2024 10.11 by pickles

I've had inflamed red plaques all over my stomach and back for over a year following a flare. I've been on an NHS waiting list for phototherapy for that entire time and meanwhile have been using dovobet and enstilar foam on and off, plus CeraVe SA cleanser, urea moisturisers, e45, epiderm cream, dead sea salts etc etc to manage my symptoms, all of which are soothing but have not cleared the plaques. I'm trialling various dietary changes and now keeping a food/symptom diary to see if cutting out gluten/diary and introducing more probiotic foods makes a difference, as well as trialling intermittent fasting. Anyway, to support this diet I started taking sea moss gel, also with no visible effect so far. The gel is safe for use on skin as well as for consumption, and I read that sea moss contains a high percentage of sulphur which is a natural keratolytic (like urea/salicylic acid). So last night I applied it all over my body and left it for 15 mins, before washing off in a warm bath with salts. It descaled like nothing else I've tried !!! I applied dovobet afterwards. This morning my skin is a lot smoother and the plaques are paler (definitely not magically gone fyi). Has anyone else tried sea moss in this way, with good results ? I'm going to repeat later this week so I can update if there is any more progress if anyone is interested.

Posted Tue 30 Apr 2024 13.17 by bargainlovingmum

Hi pickles - many thanks for sharing. How interesting! Do keep us posted and really hope it works great for you

Posted Thu 9 May 2024 07.56 by pickles

Thanks ! My update is that the sea moss and dead sea salt baths are going to stay part of my self care routine, but now I have finally got an appointment for UVB phototherapy :) the soothing effect helped me cope with the long wait for treatment !

Posted Mon 13 May 2024 14.20 by rmidm (edited Mon 13 May 2024 15.02 by rmidm)

Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm glad to hear that sea moss gel worked well for you. I might give it a try myself and see if it helps with my similar issues.

Posted Fri 24 May 2024 15.34 by akostatus

Thanks for sharing your journey with us, pickles. It's inspiring to see how proactive you've been in managing your symptoms. I’ve also been dealing with inflamed plaques for a while, and your post encouraged me to try something new. I recently started using sea moss gel too, but I hadn't thought of applying it directly to my skin until now. After reading about your positive experience, I decided to give it a try. Here’s what I did: 1. Applied sea moss gel all over the affected areas and left it on for 15 minutes. 2. Took a warm bath with dead sea salts to wash it off. 3. Applied my usual topical treatment (dovobet) afterward. I have to say, my skin felt incredibly smooth and the plaques were noticeably less inflamed. While it's not a magical cure, it definitely made a difference, and I plan to incorporate it into my routine more regularly. I’m also keeping a food/symptom diary like you, and it’s been really helpful in identifying triggers. Cutting out gluten and dairy has made a noticeable difference for me, and I'm hopeful that continuing with these dietary changes, along with the sea moss gel, will lead to even better results. For anyone interested in trying sea moss gel, I highly recommend checking out as they have the organic and most premium quality sea moss gels.

Posted Fri 24 May 2024 19.24 by pickles

Really glad this helped you too akostatus!

Posted Tue 28 May 2024 08.49 by pickles

I just wanted to update since I mentioned it above, I finished my trial period of excluding gluten, and when I reintroduced gluten I found zero increase in my psoriasis. Just FYI as it's a very personal thing! Glad that it works for some people but for myself I'm going to carry on eating gluten now that I've tried cutting it out. I did however notice that sugar seems to be a trigger for me. Some other natural supplements I'm going to try now: - adaptogens (some studies suggest natural anti-inflammatory properties) - milk thistle tea - flaxseed - Aleppo soap (seems to be really soothing instead of shower gel!) I've actually fully tapered off steroid creams now and didn't have any flare when I stopped using them, which was great because I have previously had a bad reaction when stopping! My favourite dead sea salt brand is Zaytoun for anyone interested! Really high quality and ethical salts :) I was advised that having regular baths can increase the effectiveness of UVB treatment.

Posted Tue 28 May 2024 11.55 by bargainlovingmum

Many thanks for update :) All the very best with your next things you're trying. That's brilliant you didn't get a steroid withdrawal flare-up. Great news! The dead sea salts baths are lovely, aren't they? I didn't find the gluten free thing helped me either. At first I thought it did, but over time I realised it wasn't that... I'm delighted to be back on bread etc!

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