Treatment for Nail Psoriasis

Posted Fri 31 Aug 2012 10.59am by Holly1
Has psoriasis since 2001

Over the last few months i have now got nail Psoriasis just to add to all the skin psoriasis i currently have. I now have skin build up between the nail and nail bed, I was wondering if anyone else has had this and what treatments have worked for you? I would love to hear any treatments that dont involve going to the dermatologist as they dont seem to be that helpful. I just would like to get rid of the build up, the discolouration of the nail i can deal with as i can cover this up, but build up is causing me pain.Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Posted Tue 4 Sep 2012 8.35pm by michaelswims

Sorry but my own experience of nail psoriasis is not good. As the growth is under the nailbed creams are ineffective. Mine started with one toenail discolouring but has progressed to all my toes and most of my fingers. I understand your reluctance to see a dermatologist but the one thing I have learnt about this condition is that different treatments work for different people. If caught early your specialist maybe able to prescribe a drug that could prevent further. On a more positive note a do know a person who has had nail psoriasis for years which has never progressed further than discolouration of two nail. I hope my experience is not too upsetting, I am just trying to point out seeing your specialist may be the way to control this issue Good luck

Posted Fri 5 Oct 2012 5.06pm by saintsfan

Unfortunately no treatments that really work for nails. Have found that using a glass nail file helps a great deal and is far less abrasive than emery boards. They can be found at bigger chemists or specialist nail varnish companies like Leighton Denny or OPI. It's far less painful using a toughened glass file. I understand that unlike an emery board it also helps 'seal' the end of the nail so less can get in to it. I still have extensive nail involvement but nails are far less painful since I invested in a glass file. They're not cheap but I wouldn't use anything else now. Hope that helps.

Posted Wed 17 Oct 2012 9.18pm by Helen1975
various but at the moment face and nails

Hi, i have it under all nails on my hands, very difficult to do anything from dressing to typing, saw a dermatologist and they didn't even bothered to put in my notes, gave me cream for my face and told me to keep nails short. I have been to many people for help but like you, nothing. Its the build up pushing my nails back when i move my fingers i really want to go! Good luck getting help!

Posted Sun 25 Nov 2012 7.27am by kmanktelow
I have suffered from plaque psoriasis for around 12 years now- and in 2009 I suffered thyroid failure and since then I have had psoriatic ar

I've got nail psoriasis (and arthritis.) I've recently seen a very good dermatologist and she's prescribed Diprosalic and Zorac 0.05%. Basically, the Zorac is used before bed and is rubbed into the nail beds whilst the Diprosalic treats the skin itself. The main problem is the length of time you need to be treating the nails- because of how slowly they grow. Hope it gets better. Kevin.

Posted Tue 12 Feb 2013 2.22pm by carinabalbo

Dear all, This post may seem a bit off-topic, but please do not report it as abuse. I am conducting at the moment, which might be of any help to you in the long term. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Carina Balbo and I am the Local Project Manager (in the UK) of the MAPI INSTITUTE, based in Lyons, France. At the moment, I need to conduct cognitive interviews to 5 patients based in the UK who suffer from NAIL or PLAQUE PSORIASIS, and by reading some of your posts I thought I found the right people. The aim of these interviews is initially to discuss the wording of self-administered questionnaires used to detect patients with this disease. They were designed in the USA and adapted to UK English. We now have to "pilot" them to make sure they can be understood by all patients. I assure you everything is SERIOUS, and confidentiality is 100% guaranteed. To those of you who are reading this post, and would like to collaborate in this project, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and/or a reference letter: Many thanks in advance. Carina

Posted Tue 12 Feb 2013 11.42pm by michaelswims

In response to Carinabalbo. If your work is legitimate then you should ask the association to support your request and avoid the risk of being reported as spamming

Posted Thu 28 Feb 2013 3.54pm by at
plague psoriasis since 2008

I have that as well and find it highly annoying. I have not found any cure but just kept nails short (toe nails cut with the help of a podiatrist). I keep my nails painted and found the Dior varnishes easiest to use when I am painting my own nails (as they have a special brush).

Posted Tue 19 Mar 2013 12.55pm by saintsfan

Have posted elsewhere on site but I've found using a glass nail file has changed condition of my nails better than anything else. Most big chemists or department stores will sell them or on line from manicure specialists such as Leighton Denny or OPI. Glass files are much gentler than scissors or other files. Nail will crumble away. Glass files also seal the nail so nothing can get in to it. Also use nail oil to cover nails. Keeps cuticle smooth and moisturises nail itself. These aren't a cure but have found they improve state of my nails generally so reducing pain. Also don't have any white nail marks which are due to damaging the nail bed and sure this is because glass file is so gentle. Hope this helps.

Posted Sat 14 Sep 2013 11.01pm by getso1985
for past 10-15 years

:kmanktelow did diprosalic help?

Posted Wed 18 Sep 2013 1.11am by
Of course, but only since I turned 50.

I have nail psoriasis. I find that making sure your nails are clipped is the best prevention. If for some reason you bump your nails, that can start another outbreak. Then, you just have to wait until they grow out.

Posted Tue 20 May 2014 9.55am by savo01
Yes, scalp, inverse and now Psoriatic arthritis.

I started getting nail problems after about 10 years of scalp problems. As stated nothing really works but I also started getting arthritis at the same time and now am on sulfasalazine which has cleared up my hand nails and most of my toe nails,

Posted Tue 17 Feb 2015 5.04am by Jwill

Nail Psoriasis Hi all from Melbourne Australia. I'm new to this website so forgive any mistakes. I've had chronic toenail and fingernail Psoriasis for just over seven years. Have seen several specialists, had nail clippings tested, etc. The only treatment that remotely helped was Tea Tree Oil. If you keep the nails short, use an emery board to 'scuff' the nail surface, and apply Tea Tree Oil with, say, a cotton ear bud, you will be happily surprised at the result. Obviously this takes time and discipline, but so does living with deformed nails. The best Tea Tree Oil to use is 'Thursday Plantation' brand which is 100 percent. Readily available in Australia. Not sure about the U.S, though. Hope this helps.

Posted Thu 18 Jun 2015 1.48pm by Lawright
My toddler has just been diagnosed with toe nail psoriasis.

Apologies if I get this wrong, this is my first time! My toddler has just been diagnosed this week with psoriasis in her toe nails. The dermatologists weren't much help as they just said there was nothing we can do about it and to keep the nails short. I appreciate there's isn't a cream or anything to make it go away, but I wondered if anybody could offer advice on things you've found to help manage nail psoriasis, I noticed some people have mentioned glass nail files which I'll look into. Since filing her toe nails rather than clipping them I've found they are much better, so will certainly be carrying on with that. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Posted Mon 17 Aug 2015 9.53am by glenys

A few years ago I tried applying betnovate scalp lotion to one of my nails, and it seemed to work, but I still have a really bad nail on the other foot, which I havent treated yet. You see I believe I have psoriatic arthritis, and without any damaged nails, I know it will be harder to get diagnosed. I had been half diagnosed with the arthritis in my 20s (I am now 50) but unbeknown to me till recently these letters from the consultant back then never got into my GPs notes :-/ Once I have a diagnosis, I will try the betnovate lotion on this last nail and see if it works.

Posted Wed 13 Apr 2016 6.48pm by Sonia (edited Thu 28 Apr 2016 4.16pm by dreamstarz)
I had psoriasis

Hi, Few months ago I started getting pitted nails and I was told it was because of psoriasis. I completely healed my nails using pure organic neem oil. I would recommend not using any prescribed creams/lotion as they only make things worst in the long term but use neem oil which is 100% natural. I would put a drop of neem oil on each nail, rub it/massage it and leave for 20 min (more if the condition is really bad) then wash it off, do this everyday until healed. For me as my nails were only lightly pitted I did it 3- 4 times a week for about 3 weeks and it cleared completely... and also when u do this it's better to cut your nails really short and I have to warn you that neem oil smells very bad. Good luck, I hope it works for you too.

Posted Sun 17 Apr 2016 0.25am by June McGill
Pustular psoriasis on soles of feet and palms of hands.

Sonia where do you buy Neem oil?

Posted Sun 24 Apr 2016 4.02pm by Sonia
I had psoriasis

Hi June :) I bought mine online, I can't remember which website. This is the bottle I have "100% Pure 'Organic' Cold Pressed Neem Oil - Ayuuri - 100ml". Ayuuri is the brand but you don't have to get this one, any brand will work I beleive. Neem oil is very popular in indian, not much in europe. I have searched and found few website where they sell Neem oil: it might be alot cheaper if you look on ebay. I forgot to say in my previous post, it might be better to dilute it with another oil if you find it too strong (I didn't dilute). I really hope it works for you too.

Posted Tue 26 Apr 2016 9.45pm by RichWhit
Nails, Arms & Legs

Hi, I'll try to be very brief, Elbo and knees and a few random places from age 15 to 32 about 3 inches wide on elbows. Nails from age 28 - never the nails producing extra nail on top like you on some pictures but nails would give way to approx 75% towards cuticles, yellow, flakey underneath - they used to hurt especially if I lifted weights or used cleaning products. About 5 years ago I remember looking for a solution online and it hurt to learn I'd probably be like that for life. Recently (past 2 years) I'll been have quite a lot of good luck with my proriasis to the point I was on the tube today and thought while holding the bar "it's nice not to be ashamed and hide my nails". I expect to get replays saying what I'm about to tell you is nonsense but it is my honest experience. It may be worth a try. Both cases I have accidently stumbled on solusions: My elbos cleared up around 2.5 years ago after a bad motorbike accident. I had a crash which left me with multiple fractures, the temporary pins got badly infected (through to the bone) and was resubmitted for two months of multiple types of antibiotics on drip to fight infection, I came very close to loosing a foot. My elbos went from 100% to say 3% - hardly noticeable. It's still there and pops it's head up to say hi say every 3-4 months usually when extremely stressed but I can hardly notice it and my body seems to manage it and goes after say a few days. I'd had it constant for about 17 years prior to crash - it's too much of a coincident. Nails (all fingers and toes) - which did not go after the bike crash - I wish I had have taken pictures when I searched for help all those years ago as it's hard to believe my recent improvements. I now have an straight line accross each nail it's so nice say approx 100% to 7%. After making friends with a new buddy at work we started to hit the gym at lunch times. To build muscle I started to take Amino Accids (nateral building blocks for muscle building, also good for wellbeing) only 5 weeks ago and my nails have almost completely went to normal - it's like hello I've missed you hands. To the point that's it's motivated to write this post. I have been taking 2 tablets three times a day of the following three products (24 tablets total per day): copy and pasted from my Amazon account: Source Naturals L-Citrulline, 120 Tabs, 1000 Mg Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino 2222 Amino Acid Tablets - Tub of 320 Nutrisport Creatine 350 Tablets I believe it's either the first of decor items as I took the third a few times in the past for which I did not notice any affect on nails. I hope others can have the same experience I had with them. Wish you all the best in your quest. Richard

Posted Thu 28 Apr 2016 4.16pm by Kito4
My son has nail psoriasis

Hi Sonia. My 8 year old son has been told he has nail psoriasis in fingers and toes.he has alot of pitting in them. Thanks for posting about the neem oil we are day 2 of use and I'm hoping it is effective. Can I ask,has your reoccured at all?

Posted Mon 2 May 2016 12.56pm by Sonia
I had psoriasis

Hi kito4, I really really hope this works for your son. Keep us updated :) I know how horrible is psoriasis. I had it for more than 13 years on my body but it only affected my nails once, few months ago and, like I said, I completely healed my pitted nails with neem oil. So far it did not return on my nails.

Posted Wed 11 Jan 2017 11.40pm by Court335 (edited Wed 11 Jan 2017 11.41pm by Court335)

Hi guys

I have had nail psoriasis on every toe nail and every finger nail since I was about 7. When I was 18 I started using the sunbeds and they went away during this period. Since I didn't like using sunbeds I stopped, and they came back.

I bought a uv light machine for gel nails online, this has seemed to help again. There isn't much research done for uv therapy and when I saw the dermatologist they said there wasn't much they could do. After being on every medication, cream and diet you can think of that was supposed to have aided my nails, the UV therapy is the only thing for me which has helped.

Posted Sun 15 Jan 2017 4.43pm by Mark

Taking Vitamin D supplements has helped a lot in my case. A routine blood test last year revealed a Vitamin D deficiency and I started taking supplements after that. A few weeks later my plaque psoriasis began to improve. The nails took several months to show signs of improvement but now they are almost completely clear.

Posted Tue 7 Feb 2017 0.12am by Lucy

I know this sounds daft, but how are you filing them with the glass file? On the top I.e the whole nail, or across the end like normal? I have two toe nails about half a centimetre thick, and others are following suit. I call them the blades....

Posted Mon 10 Apr 2017 7.29pm by rancidl

Just replying for those who are looking for glass nail files, you can find many on Amazon:

Neem oil as well:

I've had bad nails for ages, currently trying neem oil and UV therapy to see what helps, will let you all know if any progress happens! To those who say it takes forever for the nail to grow - you are not exaggerating, but I find using a growth serum works to help speed up the process!

Posted Thu 4 May 2017 3.44am by janet (edited Thu 4 May 2017 3.45am by janet)
9 yr old daughter has psoriasis of nails


my 9 yr old has recently developed psoriasis of the nails. i really would like to try the neem oil or any other natural treatments.

Kit04 how has the neem oil worked for your son??

Posted Wed 10 Jan 2018 11.38am by Glenys
Elbows, knees and scalp, since I was 7 years old - I am now 50 and it has never gone!. In the middle of a flare up now after using a produc

So, in follow-up to my post a couple of years ago, I didnt end up having psoriatic arthritis after all, and started treating my worst nail with betnovate scalp lotion. The nail is finally growing again after years of just shedding from the top. Application only once or twice a week after showering, as it soaks into the nail and stays there a while. I hope this continues to works as it appears to be

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