All those who generously give up their time to support the Psoriasis Association by fundraising and raising awareness play a vital role in helping us to continue with our work. 

The Psoriasis Association is the leading national charity working for people with psoriasis and all donations received help to sustain our work in supporting people affected by psoriasis, raising awareness of the condition and funding research projects. We are reliant on donations to be able to continue with our work so, as you can imagine, the efforts of those who agree to raise funds on our behalf is very much appreciated.  We are truly amazed by people’s efforts and different ways they support us!

Whatever the event, we can provide you with promotional materials, sponsorship forms if required and a t-shirt or running vest.  Every pound makes a difference and helps the Psoriasis Association support people with psoriasis, their families and carers.

Current Fundraisers

Check out what some of our current fundraisers are doing! If you’d like to show your support for their efforts, just click on the names below to visit their online fundraising pages and donate. For more inspiration, have a look at the Fundraising Ideas below.

Carmen - Sponsored Slim

Carmen is committing to a 12 week sponsored slim in order to lose weight, improve her health and fundraise for the Psoriasis Association.

She says 'After being diagnosed with psoriasis several years ago and psoriatic arthritis last year, my attention was drawn to this life changing and debilitating autoimmune illness. Prior to this I had no knowledge of the illness and just thought psoriasis was a skin condition that a few people got. I had no idea of the impact it can have on so many people’s lives and the effect it has on mental health too. 

I want to raise awareness of this condition and raise money towards future research too, to help combat this damaging illness. Since my diagnosis, I have become a lot more conscious of the importance of looking after your health so I decided to lose weight to reduce my BMI (currently over 31). This is how I came up with the idea of doing a ‘sponsored slim’, to fundraise, lose weight and raise awareness, combined into one.'

Check out Carmen's fundraising page here

Anna - Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City Cycle Ride

This November, Anna will be cycling more than 1,000km from Bangkok, Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, all in support of the Psoriasis Association. 

Anna says 'I'm cycling 1,000km from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City in November 2017 to raise awareness of psoriasis, a skin condition that has severely affected a friend of mine, Clare, and to raise funds for the Psoriasis Association, a charity that has supported her through very tough times. There's no cure for psoriasis and treatments are lacking - it's overlooked as it isn't fatal, despite the effect it has on severe patients' mental and physical health and quality of life.

The Psoriasis Association is doing great work to promote and fund much-needed research into new treatments, and offers patients an excellent support network, but can only do so with support from donors.

Clare and I would be so grateful for any donations you can make to this cause, no matter how small. I've organised and funded this trip completely independently, so any donations will go directly to the charity. Please also share this with anyone you know who might be interested - psoriasis is more common than you might think.'

You can visit Anna's fundraising page here

Recent Fundraisers

Take a look at the different challenges that our fundraisers have recently completed.

Calvin - Wolf Run Series

Calvin took on and completed all four Wolf Runs in 2017 to support the Psoriasis Association! The first 'Spring' event took place on the weekend of 8th and 9th April, with Calvin and his friend John completing the course in a time of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

The 'Summer' event was held on the weekend of 3rd and 4th June, with Calvin and John finishing in a similar time to the first event, describing the experience as 'extremely muddy and great fun!' 

Calvin's brother joined him for the 'Autumn' run on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd September, despite only having a month to train. This was a real family affair with the whole family (including Grandma) present to show their support.

The final run took place in November, with Calvin describing it as 'the toughest run of them all.' In making it to the end, Calvin completed the series and achieved the Alpha Wolf Award!

Calvin says "I have had psoriasis since 16 and am now 30, varying from slight to severe - severe most of the time with plaque and guttate. Tried every lotion, potion and diet going – had UVB treatment (multiple times), used methotrexate and now trialling Otezla. This disease makes you feel very low and want to cover up and hide. It’s upsetting and embarrassing and a vicious cycle. Something needs to change!

I believe we all have to make an effort to make a change (hence these sponsored events). My wife and family have been a great support, and my dermatologist. This is the most important thing to get you through it!! We have to remain positive! We live in an exciting era, the golden age of science and technology, we must support either directly or indirectly. We can make a difference, we have to put the effort and resources required to make a change for the long term."

Calvin, his brother, and friend John have managed to raise over £420 (including Gift Aid) altogether! If you'd like to add to their fundraising total, you can find Calvin's fundraising page here.

Adam - Birmingham Half Marathon

Adam completed the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday 15th October, raising over £380 (including Gift Aid) for the Psoriasis Association!

He says 'The Psoriasis Association is a charity close to my heart, having lived with the skin condition for the past thirty years. It has affected my everyday life, health and confidence.  

I've always wanted to run a half marathon, especially the one in my birth town, so two years ago I took up running and I haven't looked back.

I wanted to run the half marathon not only for myself but for a charity, and The Psoriasis Association was an easy choice as they help and support thousands of people living with the condition just like me.'

Visit Adam's Virgin Money Giving page here 

Janine - Cardiff Half Marathon

Janine completed the Cardiff Half Marathon in October, helping to raise awareness of psoriasis and funds for the Psoriasis Association for the second year running.

She took part to raise awareness of psoriasis not just in adults, but in children too, having a friend's young daughter who, like Janine, is living with psoriasis.

If you'd like to help boost Janine's fundraising total, you can find her JustGiving page here

Daniel - Cardiff Half Marathon

Daniel recently completed the Cardiff Half Marathon (his first half marathon) in a brilliant time of 2 hours and 9 minutes! Including Gift Aid, he's also managed to raise over £820 for the Psoriasis Association!

Before the race, Daniel said 'I'm very excited to be running the Cardiff Half Marathon 2017, but I need your help to raise as much money as possible for my chosen charity, the Psoriasis Association. I chose this charity because it's the most personal one for me. I've battled psoriasis for about 10 years now - it comes and goes, but when it flares up it can be hell. 

Psoriasis comes in all shapes and sizes - some people may have little patches, while others have their entire body covered in it - it can be itchy, inflamed, flaky and sore. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but there are treatments available. The important thing for me is spreading awareness and having a support network for people who suffer with this soul destroying disease.

I'm very fortunate to have amazing family and friends that support me every day of my life, I'm someone who is extremely positive, but there are times when I find it difficult to deal with my psoriasis as it can make you insecure about your appearance and can really develop stress, anxiety & depression. That is why I have chosen to raise money for Psoriasis UK, to not only improve the treatments that are available, but to also have a network for all the individuals that suffer with psoriasis to talk about their experiences with one another and to remind each other that we are not alone.'

You can find Daniel's fundraising page here 

Rebecca - Robin Hood Half Marathon

Rebecca smashed the Robin Hood Half Marathon in September, raising over £270 for the Psoriasis Association along the way! Cheered on by her friends, she crossed the finish line in a fantastic 2 hours and 5 minutes!

She says 'Psoriasis is a chronic, debilitating skin condition that many people suffer from, affecting those with it both physically and psychologically. The Psoriasis Association is a great charity that undertakes vital research into this condition which is currently incurable, as well as helping to raise awareness and provide support for sufferers.

This charity is very close to my heart as I have personal experience of psoriasis. Last year I experienced just how bad this condition can get, with over 90% of my body affected. I think it's vital that we continue to raise awareness to prevent others, like me, experiencing the negative attitudes and judgements related to this disfiguring skin condition, all of which have massive psychological effects.

Following treatment I am currently in remission but I'd really like to highlight the amazing work this charity does in funding research and providing support and education that I myself have personally benefited from.

Any donations, however small, would be greatly appreciated, thank you!'

If you'd like to support Rebecca and donate, you can do so here

Anita & Dave - X-Runner Wild Warrior 10k

Anita & Dave before and after

Continuing with the 'mud and obstacles' theme this autumn, Anita and Dave took part in the X-Runner Wild Warrior 10k obstacle course in Derbyshire on 23rd September.

Anita writes 'This is a very personal fundraiser for me. I am a psoriasis sufferer myself and so fully understand the struggle.

This awful condition takes a huge toll on the physical and mental wellbeing of a sufferer.

Me and my partner are completing a 10km obstacle course race to raise funds. I'm not the fittest person but I'm really stubborn so I will complete this!'

Anita and Dave successfully made it over the line and, including Gift Aid, they've managed to raise over £50!

Check out Anita & Dave's fundraising page

Jonathan - Tough Mudder

Jonathan did battle with the 'Tough Mudder North' event on Saturday 9th September - putting both his body and mind to the test in support of the Psoriasis Association.

Jonathan says 'Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis affects 2 million people in the UK and about 3% of people world wide. I have suffered from severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis since my early 20s.

Thanks to the research and support of the Psoriasis Association and the fantastic teams at Salford Royal, I joined a clinical trial 5 years ago which put both diseases into remission and I have been able to live a full, active life since then. Without this drug it is likely I would now struggle to walk, let alone compete in Tough Mudder.

By raising money for the Psoriasis Association I want to help others who are still suffering with the disease to find a cure.'

Jonathan has so far raised a whopping £960 (including Gift Aid) for the Psoriasis Association!

Click here to add to Jonathan's fundraising total

Keith L - London Marathon, 12 & 24 Hour Endurance Runs

Keith is a glutton for punishment! In the space of just a few months he's completed the London Marathon, the Manvers Dusk til Dawn 12 hour run, and finally the Hell on the Humber 24 hour run!

Keith trained through the pain to prepare for the marathon, with psoriasis unhelpfully flaring up on his ankle the evening before the event! Nonetheless, he battled to a fantastic time of 3:19:35 - a London Marathon PB!

Following the marathon, Keith set about preparing for the Manvers Dusk til Dawn 12 hour run, which he completed at the end of July. However, this was just a warm up for the Hell on the Humber 24 hour event only 3 weeks later!

Keith conquered Hell on the Humber on 20th August, describing the event as 'a perfect storm of mental and physical exertion'. Over the 24 hours he completed 80 miles (129km) - a staggering effort!Across the three events, Keith has also managed to raise over £260 (including Gift Aid) - smashing his pre-race target of £200!

Keith says "I’m a science teacher, 45, who has enjoyed running since my schooldays. I have suffered with psoriasis for last few years but over past 6 months it has progressively got worse and spread further. It is now starting to affect me in day to day life, including being in the classroom, so I have decided to raise money to research further this condition which as I am finding, isn’t spoken about that often!"

Find out more about Keith's story on his JustGiving page

Kady - Sponsored Walk

Eleven year old Kady didn't let psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis stop her from taking on an 18 mile sponsored walk to raise funds for the Psoriasis Association!

Kady completed the walk over two days (camping overnight) with the support of her older sister, parents and a family friend. They have managed to raise over £630 (including Gift Aid)! What an amazing effort!

Here's Kady's story...

'It started off with a little patch of sore, flaky skin above my eyebrow. Mum applied some moisturiser to help soothe it, but it just got worse (all my psoriasis had spread all over my body and started to flare up). When we went to the doctors, they gave me some cream. We kept going back for more creams as nothing would help so, after months of applying steroid creams, I was referred to Sheffield Children's Hospital, who put me on more steroid creams, folic acid and methotrexate.

I first got psoriasis in January 2016. Later on in the year my ankles, knees and neck became sore/swollen, bright red and burning to touch. Sheffield Children’s Hospital sent me to rheumatology who decided to send me to physiotherapy because I have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

In February 2017, my rheumatologist decided I needed steroid joint injections (I had four injections on the same day). I have also had two lots of IV steroid infusions recently and I take oral steroids everyday as well. I still suffer quite bad with psoriatic arthritis but I am not as bad with psoriasis anymore (I have still got a few patches, but they're slowly going). As I’m only 11 years old and have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis – I thought it would be a great idea to raise money and awareness for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis by supporting the Psoriasis Association UK charity.'

You can still donate to Kady's fundraising page here

British 10k Team

Every year, we enter a team of runners into the British 10k London Run. It's always a great day and we've been lucky over the years to have had so many runners take part on our behalf, wearing those purple vests and t-shirts with pride! It's a great opportunity to raise awareness of psoriasis at such a high profile event, and enjoy the sights of central London at the same time!

This year's event took place on Sunday 9th July and we had a team of 9 runners taking part. We're delighted to say that all 9 runners successfully made it to the end of the course! Well done guys!

You can meet the team, read their profiles and find out more about their reasons for running by clicking here.

LEO Pharma Dermatology Team - Ben Nevis Climb

The Dermatology team at LEO Pharma recently climbed the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis, to raise funds for the Psoriasis Association. 

The challenge, dubbed 'Climb Pso High', took place on Thursday 22nd June, with 14 team members taking part.

The team set themselves a fundraising target of £2,000 for the event, but have so far managed to raise over £4,000 (including Gift Aid)! 

Louisa from the team says 'It was a very difficult and strenuous challenge but with the help of 3 local guides and the massive team support we gave each other, we safely reached the top and back down again for well-deserved ice cold drinks and burgers!'

Laura - Liverpool Marathon

Laura recently completed the Liverpool Marathon in a time of 4 hours, 54 minutes! Not bad for her first marathon! In doing so, she smashed her fundraising target of £500, so far raising over £630, including Gift Aid! Thank you Laura!

Summing up the event for us, Laura said 'I'm proud to have exceeded my fundraising target for the Psoriasis Association. I have never entered a race before and only started running in October 2016 when I made the decision to enter the full 26.2 mile Liverpool Marathon in May 2017. I also completed the Wigan Half Marathon (13.2 miles) in March as a training run which was my longest run before Liverpool. 

Being new to running, jumping straight into a marathon was hard, with knee problems preventing me from training properly. Taking Methotrexate combined with Humira has also made me feel more tired, making training tougher. On the day I managed to pull it out of the bag and push through to go sub-5 hours which was much faster than I expected. 

I chose to raise money for the Psoriasis Association as I have suffered with psoriasis for 17 years. This small charity provided me with useful advice and information that resulted in me receiving the correct treatment for my own psoriasis. Following years of unsuccessful treatments and medications my psoriasis is finally under control.'

Keith H - Head Shave

With a little help from his friends, Keith recently braved the shave in order to to raise funds for the Psoriasis Association and raise awareness of psoriasis. His fundraising target was £500 but he's managed to raise over £600! Incredible effort!

Keith says "I have had psoriasis for around 6 or 7 years in various different places on my body, at various different severities. It has always been worst on my head and scalp. I’ve got very long hair at the moment so you can’t really see it. So I have decided to shave it all off to raise some money and some awareness about the condition and I am putting my psoriasis on show!"

Claire - Great Edinburgh Run

Claire completed the five miler at the Great Edinburgh Run in April, raising over £165 (including Gift Aid) for the Psoriasis Association!

Claire says "I am running for the Psoriasis Association as my brother has had severe psoriasis since he was a teenager (now 28). He is currently part of a medical trial which has made it completely disappear however, I have seen the impact it has had on him as he has grown up, both physically and emotionally. I’m raising funds to be able to support future research and support others who live with the condition."

Natalie - Head Shave

Natalie is very brave and recently shaved her head in aid of the Psoriasis Association. The event was a great success and, including both online and offline donations, she has so far raised a brilliant £300!

Natalie says "I have suffered with psoriasis for about 15 years. I have 2 sons and with each pregnancy it totally disappeared but returned 10-fold each time. After having my second son my scalp psoriasis is worse than ever to the point I have more bald patches than hair so I have decided to shave my hair so I am able to treat my scalp!"

Sally - Llanelli Half Marathon

Sally recently completed the Llanelli Half Marathon, overcoming a painful toe to cross the line in 2 hours and 4 minutes!

Not only did she finish the race in a great time, Sally also smashed her fundraising target of £250! Including both online and offline donations, as well as Gift Aid, she has so far raised well over £500! Thank you Sally!

Sally says, "After suffering with psoriasis for 23(+) years, I am fed up with being negative about myself and my skin. So, I decided I would do something positive and run a half marathon to raise money for the Psoriasis Association, who support fellow sufferers, raise awareness and fund research into this horrid condition, with the hope that one day a cure will be found." That’s a great attitude!

Simon - Head Shave

On Sunday 26th February, Simon had his head shaved in aid of the Psoriasis Association, raising over £1,430 to date! Simon lives with his partner, Bev, and her son, Ewan, who has psoriasis.

Simon says "In Ewan's case his skin regenerates every 2-3 days. Often his skin is red, itchy, hot and painful. The appearance is similar to a burn. This covers 90% of his body. Raising some money and supporting the Psoriasis Association will help the ongoing work of research and development into this debilitating disease."

Emma - Haircut

Emma before and after her haircut

On Saturday 18th February, Emma had her hair cut and donated it to be made into wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. At the same time, Emma managed to raise over £330 for the Psoriasis Association! Well done Emma, what a great way to help multiple causes!

Emma's mum, Georgina, said: "My daughter Emma is 11 years old and before Christmas she decided she would like to donate her hair for the Little Princess Trust who make wigs for children affected by cancer. She also wanted to raise some money in the process and we chose two charities to raise money for. Emma chose the Psoriasis Association because I have psoriatic arthritis which has had a huge impact on our family and we know that any money raised would go towards helping people with both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Emma concentrated on growing her hair a bit longer and had over eight inches cut off on 18th February. She also reached her fundraising target so we are hugely proud of her for her selfless acts of donating her hair and raising lots of money. She loves her new hair! We hope the money she has raised will make a real difference."

Moira and Laura - Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

Moira and Laura Hood at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

Moira and her daughter, Laura, recently returned from a huge challenge – scaling Mount Kilimanjaro!

Moira says, "A few years ago, I made a pledge with a very special young person, that we would climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for 'Cancer and Young People affected by this'. So sad to say that special person, my mum and others that I loved and have lost to cancer, are no longer with us, but, I want to fulfil that pledge. We will be sharing the funds raised also for research into Psoriatic Arthritis. This chronic condition affected a close family member."

Moira and Laura reached the summit of Kilimanjaro after an eight day trek which Moira described as "an incredible experience, an endurance like no other I have experienced." They have so far raised over £2,770, (including Gift Aid) which will be shared between Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia (TCCL) and the Psoriasis Association. What a great example of fundraising for multiple causes, and what an exciting way to do it!

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Event Ideas

There are many ways of fundraising for the Psoriasis Association. Whilst some feel sporty and take on physical challenges, others may decide to take a less active option and organise a social event. Any way that you raise funds and awareness will make a difference and help people with psoriasis.

For Foodies

Everyone loves a treat now and then, so what could be better than organising a Coffee Morning or Afternoon Tea with sumptuous cakes, scones, sandwiches and biscuits that everyone can feast on? You could even organise a raffle.

Another idea is a cheese and wine evening or curry night. Invite your friends and family to join you. Ask everyone to bring a small sample of food if you want. What about organising a meal in with friends and ask them to either bring either a starter, main or dessert? 

There’s footie and rugby pizza supper with friends. Invite your mates to watch a game, order the pizza, get a few drinks in and donate a few pounds each to the Psoriasis Association. The more friends the better and the possibilities are endless! 

Celebrate a special occasion

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or even a wedding, why not ask friends and family to make a donation to the Psoriasis Association in lieu of gifts and cards?

If you still need more inspiration why not get in touch with us?

Physical Challenge Ideas

For the Fit and Adventurous

Do you run for fun or to keep fit? Are you looking for a new challenge? A sponsored run could be great fun. You may know of a local event that you could join, or google ‘The Running Bug’ and search for an event. You can choose from 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon, under 6 miles and over 6 miles. 

Maybe, you would like to walk? Not all of us are runners but many of us enjoy a walk in the countryside, especially in the summer months. There are lots of organised walking events. To find a walk in your area you can visit Ramble On. Increasingly, country parks and Forestry Commission sites set up marked walks for the public to follow and indicate the distance to be covered. Why not do a sponsored walk at your favourite park or forest, or what about a coastal walk?


Cycling is an excellent way to get fit and to keep healthy with regular exercise. Many people are now taking to cycling. There are numerous cycle rides maintained by local councils in their parks, and cycle trails through the national Forestry Commission sites.

If you would like to enter an organised cycling event near to you or around the UK check out UK Cycling Events  or British Cycling

Obstacle Courses

These are the latest craze and these events are held all over the UK. The best way to find an event near you is to search on google. Tough Mudder, for example, is a 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course which will certainly drag you out of your comfort zone. They test your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. It’s not about how fast you can cross the finish line, it’s rather, can you cross the line and finish the challenge which relies on camaraderie, true grit and determination?

When you have registered for your event, let us know and we’ll then provide you with support throughout your challenge. 

To receive a copy of our fundraising information pack please email: or telephone: 01604 251 620.

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