Eating Blueberries has cleared up my psoriasis

Posted Sun 20 Feb 2022 18.45 by Sthnguyen

I know that this not the right forum but we have suffered enough. If you have insurance please try one of the new biologics. I tried Cosentyx and for the first time in 40 years I am 99% clear. Although I was doing my herbs, vitamins supplemebts, blueberries and humira it was still tough to get to 90% clear. I have mostly dropped all my herbs and supplements and still clear with Cosentyx. I was approved for Skyrizi and will try that next. It is even stronger than Cosentyx. If it works I have two options.

Posted Sun 20 Feb 2022 19.26 by Affi
Long term psoriasis

I just had to reply in response to this post. I too wonder if this is the right forum.I have been following this thread from the beginning and been so encouraged by the help people have achieved with blueberries. Sadly they didn’t help me. Having exhausted all the prescribed medicinal options, I was put on a Biologic treatment. It has completely cleared all psoriasis and has kept it away. For me Biologic treatment, Stelara (one injection every three months) has been the treatment which has succeeded. I'm so grateful for this and I hope all those suffering with psoriasis are given the opportunity to be prescribed Biologic treatment.

Posted Mon 21 Feb 2022 07.43 by Talia

I have started juicing got a juicer, am juicing lots of kale celery and none citrus fruit. Have been following the natural advice of Jason Vale who is famous for clearing his psoriasis and is known as the Juice Master. He can be found on You Tube. There are pictures on line of him covered in psoriasis. But he is now well clear. This is also the advice of Hannah Sillitoe who cleared her skin by eliminating junk food including gluten. She dosnt eat dairy either or inflammatory food. Tries to eat an alkaline diet with less red meat which i notice makes my skjn worse. One patch of psoriasis on my trunk has disappeared. Jason Vale said that with a group of changes his skin was clear in 9 months

Posted Mon 21 Feb 2022 16.44 by Dazza (edited Mon 21 Feb 2022 16.46 by Dazza)

I love this thread, it really touches me on how strangers are really caring for other people 🙏 we all know what psoriasis is like n how it affects our lives, I'm absolutely covered in it 🙃 I'm going to try this blueberry diet

Posted Tue 22 Feb 2022 13.07 by Paddy

I am on Dovebait and dovenex but now going to try the blueberry. Do you think this mixture will be ok. Also goi g on holiday so hope sun and sea helps, Very itchy especially at night

Posted Mon 28 Mar 2022 20.07 by TomJerry

Anyone with good long term result? (more than 1 year)

Posted Tue 29 Mar 2022 13.15 by NormaJ

Thanks to everyone for this thread..I have passed on for my son who suffers terribly from this cruel affliction..Good luck everyone x

Posted Tue 29 Mar 2022 14.33 by blodyn (edited Tue 29 Mar 2022 14.34 by blodyn)

@TomJerry - I have been psoriasis free since 2019. I ate blueberries daily and still do, and also actively lessened my stress levels by working more realistically instead of manically, took medical leave due to burnout/depression/anxiety and I go on daily walks (at least 30 minutes) with my adopted rescue dog. This thread helped me enormously as did changing my daily habits. I stuck with the blueberries (a handful a day of blueberries in s smoothie), started seeing changes after 2 months and I was 95% psoriasis free within 6 months. I had previously lost half my hair, the scalp psoriasis was painful and ugly, and had psoriasis over 80% of my body. It took about 12 months for me to realise it had all gone. Psoriasis is horrible and one person’s solution is not what works for others as my dermatologist and GP kept saying. Steroids made my problem worse - burns and itching on my skin. I hope every psoriasis sufferer can find a solution which works.

Posted Tue 29 Mar 2022 14.52 by TomJerry

Very good @blodyn! Did you had any other change about food? No gluten? No dairy? No acid fruit? No red meat?

Posted Tue 29 Mar 2022 15.00 by blodyn (edited Tue 29 Mar 2022 15.00 by blodyn)

@TomJerry I did try gluten free earlier in the process but stopped as I saw no benefits. I eat a varied diet - this includes red meat, acid fruit, dairy. I dont drink alcohol often. The only dietary change I did was to eat a daily handful of blueberries. I now still eat them in a fruit smoothie almost daily - it’s tasty. I do appreciate my luck and am so glad to have found this thread and to have persevered with it.

Posted Thu 7 Apr 2022 09.39 by Half Pint

Would a supplement work as well as real blueberries?

Posted Thu 7 Apr 2022 10.02 by SharonG

@Half Pint I tried both together - sadly it only helped for a little while - still worth a try as they have helped so many - good luck - I am using E45 itch relief cream at the minute along with betnovate (steroid cream) so far so good I have PPP on my feet and at the moment I can at least walk pain free :) Today I am Happy :)

Posted Thu 7 Apr 2022 13.39 by lizziep

I am the same as @HalfPint - have tried both blueberries and a probiotic together without much success.

Posted Sat 9 Apr 2022 13.29 by MegaMan

My Psoriasis has flared up really badly again. Going to try blueberries starting today. Hopefully it works!

Posted Sat 9 Apr 2022 18.53 by pdr321 (edited Sat 9 Apr 2022 19.58 by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear more than 5 years.

It has been around 5 years now since I first posted about my experience with blueberries to this forum. I am pleased to say that I remain more or less clear, I get the odd spot now and then, but the miracle of my dramatic improvement remains. I still eat a handful of plain standard supermarket bought blueberries every day. I don't exclude any foods from my diet (apart from watching my sugar intake), I just supplement my food with blueberries - yes it really is that simple for me. At first I was almost too embarrassed to explain my miracle recovery, it all sounds too simple and barely credible. However my story is true, and is now well backed up my a number of other sufferers who have posted on this forum. I have been pleased to read about the successes of others with blueberries, and I commiserate with those for who it has not worked. I have standard plaque psoriasis just to be clear, and was once covered in it. I recommend that sufferers who read this post persevere with blueberries every day for at least six weeks, and far better if you don't use any other treatments while doing so. Then you can be clear about whether this regimen works for you or not. For me, I believe that the really bad ingredient in my diet that makes my psoriasis worse is sugar. I do eat sugar but in moderation. I have noticed that when the sugar increases in my diet, that I then do get the odd spot. In particular I have found that sweets and sugary drinks, or too many nice deserts can be problematic. The blueberries do indeed seem to counteract the sugar in my diet, but up to a point. I hope to hear about further successes, good luck to all of you - Phil

Posted Sat 9 Apr 2022 19.30 by blodyn

@pdr321 I for one am so pleased and grateful you did post your success story. I also sympathise with those who have not had the same success as I have also had. Psoriasis is absolutely dreadful and the difficulties and the hopelessness I felt in failing to target a remedy was so stressful when my psoriasis was at its worst. After posting very recently regarding being psoriasis free a new patch has just appeared on my scalp - the first new appearance since including blueberries in my diet. I’m now going to address my sweet-tooth and eat less sugar to see if that helps. What has soothed the itching immediately is Break out kefir lotion by Chuckling Goat. I have just started using it yesterday - the psoriasis is still there but much less irritable. I have no idea how this will work in the long term but today am so glad a friend recommended it to me.

Posted Sun 10 Apr 2022 16.04 by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear more than 5 years.

Thank you blodyn, I am so pleased to hear about your success. I well remember all the angst of living in a body covered with psoriasis. I got very lucky stumbling upon this remedy, and I wanted to put some good karma out there and share my experience. Although I have found that no extreme dieting is needed for me (thank heavens), certainly the inflammatory properties of sugar is at least a factor in making psoriasis worse, that's my experience. At one time I used to have a very sugary liquor every night. It was before I discovered blueberries, and I now know it was like throwing petrol on the flames. Phil

Posted Fri 15 Apr 2022 14.57 by Liz Wills

I'm really happy for you that your psoriasis has practically cleared. I've had psoriasis for nearly 30 years. Really bad at moment. Will definitely be giving blueberries a try!

Posted Sun 17 Apr 2022 08.06 by Yacht

Sounds like a dual attack of "decrease sugar" and "increase blueberries" may work for some (but not all).

Posted Sat 23 Apr 2022 12.34 by paul12345

Hi all, I am late to this trend wish I seen it a few years ago. I have started Phil's blueberries protocol . I am on week 3. Just wondering has many people had success with the blueberries for severe scalp psoriasis. Thanks.

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