Eating Blueberries has cleared up my psoriasis

Posted Sat 23 Apr 2022 12.46 by blodyn

@paul12345 Yes, I had severe scalp psoriasis. I lost over half my hair, my scalp was one big scab and very painful and itchy. This situation was resolved by eating blueberries and taking a medical break from work (as I have previously mentioned) and I have been 100% psoriasis free for a couple of years until very recently. Now I have a very small patch on my scalp. I’m continuing with the daily handful of frozen blueberries in a smoothie and have started using Break out kefir lotion by Chuckling Goat. This has soothed the itching and the patch is getting smaller. Steroids really did not work for me - they caused my skin to burn and were very uncomfortable. They definitely did not improve the psoriasis. I really hope you find a solution that works for you - it seems with psoriasis that “one person’s medicine is poison for another”. Best wishes.

Posted Sun 24 Apr 2022 07.28 by BrightenYourDay

Hi I hope you all are well. I have been a psoriasis sufferer for almost 12 years now, started in my early 30’s. I have had small bouts of symptom free bad skin but the majority of times my skin was red, flaky and hideous. I was always afraid to wear short sleeve and dresses which really made me feel the pits of despair, being a girl and been deprived of wearing what was natural. I was gone steroid creams for years and my psoriasis came and went but never went away for long. Recently I had a very bad flare up and my body was in pain from the skin cracks, I recently discovered using cheap Vaseline and bioten cream resolved the cracks and pain very quickly and wanted to share this with you all incase it may work for you. Also if you apply the Vaseline and massage on your scalp for any psoriasis there, this will help immensely too. I read this thread on blueberry’s and sounds amazing I have started my blueberry journey today and I hope it will help me. Thank you all for sharing and caring

Posted Sun 24 Apr 2022 20.07 by paul12345

@blodyn thanks for your response. It gives me hope that my condition will improve. These things take time to heal and it's not going to happen over night as they say. I always believed that healing my gut would heal my skin. Leaky gut is believed to cause autoimmune diseases. I am also trying to reduce or cut out gluten/sugar from my diet. I know alcohol seems to flair up my skin drastically. @BrightenYourDay thanks for your tips. Much appreciated. I will keep everyone up to date with my progress. Fingers and toes crossed the blueberries will work their magic.

Posted Sun 24 Apr 2022 20.25 by Talia

I completely agree with you and these things are the same for me. Red meat is another trigger for me. I had a food allergy test too which was just a cheap one and that confirmed somethings id already suspected. As fir the previous poster, i heat then cool coconut oil and put this on my scalp once a week. I use Palmers Coco butter Conditioner which contajns few chemicals but most importantly moisturises the scalp. I went to the Derm recently who gave me loads of free sample creams. They mostly contained parafin so i binned them. Im sticking to oil and Aveno Moisturiser which i understand you can get on prescription as its a regular requirement you can get a reduced cost prescription from the NHS but i agree and im trying to heal my gut by cutting sugar glucose and alchohol and trying a probiotic. I am adding blue berries i am also drinking juices celery etc ive reduced my meat intake too fingers crossed

Posted Thu 5 May 2022 10.10 by Catherine81

@blodyn Hi did your hair grow back after the psoriasis cleared and if so how long did it take?

Posted Thu 5 May 2022 21.00 by blodyn

@Catherine81 Yes, my hair has grown back. I think it took about 4 months for the scab to start clearing and for regrowth to appear. My hair grows quite fast. I think, although I may be mistaken my hair was back to full length within 15-18months - I have shoulder length hair. If that is record breaking growth speed, then it’s wrong. I have used Body Shop Ginger Serum on my hair which may have helped; it definitely did no harm. My hairdresser has noticed one positive effect from the psoriasis - when regrowth happened the few white hairs I previously had did not reappear immediately. Unfortunately, that was temporary and one or two has appeared recently. But less than pre psoriasis to this point. Every cloud…

Posted Sun 8 May 2022 22.49 by Catherine81

@blodyn hi thanks for your reply. That's great to hear about your hair growing back, that gives me hope. I have a moderate sized bald patch on my scalp caused by psoriasis. I've been talking 20-30 blueberries each day for the last month although I don't think it's taken full effect yet as it is still dry and sore but I'll keep persuing with them as I've read the results vary from person to person.

Posted Mon 9 May 2022 14.27 by nicnic12

I can not wait to try blueberries thank you for this information hoping it helps x

Posted Fri 5 Aug 2022 02.47 by chuminhtuyen (edited Fri 5 Aug 2022 10.03 by chuminhtuyen)

Hi everyone in here! My first ever post in this forum. I have been trying blueberries for almost 3 weeks and the result is amazing. My pso is continiuing to improve (Mine covered from head to toe...). For the 1st 2 weeks, i was on frozen blueberries and on fresh ones currently. This current week 3 on fresh ones is showing very positive signs as all my covered areas are flattering with some real skin tone.... I also take black seed oil (liquid form) 1 tsp upon wake up and 1 tsp before bedtime. I find bathing daily with tea tree oil (1 tsp to bathtub) help alot. Stay in bathtub for at least 30 minutes. Believe me, this tea tree oil bath is must try for you, please do this daily.... Thank you all for your tips on blueberries, black seed oil and tea tree oil bath...

Posted Fri 5 Aug 2022 21.12 by Seeknatural

Hello my first post or response, ive had little spots on either sides of belly that have nearly cleared up and coincidentally i have been eating blueberries every morning. im also soaking pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds over night and adding to smoothies with banana and blueberries. Ive had a flare up on my lower back and small areas on arm leg, and elbows from a few mths ago so shall keep on the blueberries and see if they help.

Posted Sat 8 Oct 2022 10.10 by Frenchman49
49 years old, pso since 2011

Hello everyone, I took blueberries for a few months almost two years ago and it helped cure my skin (I had mild but spread pso). But a few months later, probably because of emotional changes, the plaques came back and I gradually stoppped taking BB. Then last november I found Dr Coimbra's web site and started to take a very high amount of Vit D (60000IU daily) which helped me cure up to 90%. Unfortunately I've had a flare for about 5 weeks now, and since it is a stressful period for me again (I moved out, changed job and my children have left to go studying) I am now convinced that my trigger is mainly emotional. My conclusion is that I need to calm down in my life, sort things out to be as peaceful as possible and at the same time I need something which helps reset my immune system like Vit D or/and blurberries. Now that things are sttling down again, I have decided to carry on with Vit D but "only" 30000 IU (I'll go down gradually over three weeks) and take BB again, about 30 every morning (I live too far from stores now to find fresh ones but I'll find frozen ones, hopefully wild). I started this last Sunday, I'll let you know what happens... Bonne chance à tous! Christophe

Posted Sat 8 Oct 2022 12.10 by Pladecalvo

Good to hear Christophe and thanks for your update. I tried bb but they didn't work for me but it certainly has for some here. I started taking 2000 Vit D about 1 year ago and upped it to 4000 6 months ago. That, coupled with regular fasting (18:00-10:00) and plenty of water (2-3 ltrs daily) including lemon water first thing in the morning, has helped me a lot. I'm probably 95 - 98% clear now. Good luck.

Posted Sat 8 Oct 2022 17.17 by Conniepr

I have scalp psoriasis, due (I believe) to the stress of my husband's health, who finally got a liver transplant in 2021. although he still has complications, but he is much better. Now, I'm getting some sign its starting on my face. After finding this thread this morning, I have started the blueberry experience. Only had frozen ones on hand, but will get some fresh today. I read most of the threads. I'm concerned about hair loss. My hair is so thin now, you can see my scalp easily. Some people here have mentioned hair loss. The psoriasis sites say just having psoriasis doesn't cause hair loss so what is it? I'm concerned it is my medicated tar shampoos. Anyone know more about the cause?

Posted Sun 9 Oct 2022 08.39 by Talia

Use oil on your scalp once a week coconut baby oil any oil it will help

Posted Mon 10 Oct 2022 08.47 by michmo

stopping alcohol completely and eating blueberries for breakfast my psoriasis has become far less aggresive.

Posted Mon 17 Oct 2022 09.27 by Frenchman49
49 years old, pso since 2011

Hi Conniepr, Have you found fresh blueberries? How is it going? I started to take BB again (I had stoppped for a few months and my pso came back) two weeks ago and during the first week I had fresh ones, By the end of this first week my skin was getting smoother, but during the second week I only had frozen BB (though wild and organic) and it seems to me that my skin was not improving or even worsening... Has anyone experienced this? Fresh or frozen? On the net they say that frozen blueberries are as good or even better for your health, they contain all the good things like vitamins, minerals ans so on... but I'm wondering if the probiotics survive, and if they do maybe they are less efficient..?

Posted Mon 17 Oct 2022 12.20 by Conniepr

Frenchman49, I have been trying to make a habit of eating more blueberries, starting with frozen until I could get fresh. I missed some days. Haven't seen an improvement yet. In fact, I believe I'm seeing the first signs of psoriasis on my face now. 😢. I'm going to see my Dr to get confirmation and maybe a face cream that will help. I will keep up with the blue berries though, because I'm a believer in natural remedies first. I'm also using/trying Tea Tree oil on spots and yesterday started a diluted rinse with drops of TT oil in it after washing my hair each morning. Also doubled my Vitamin D intake yesterday, from 1000u to 2000u a day. Hopefully, something will work.

Posted Thu 3 Nov 2022 09.57 by Kleo2014

Hi all, hope everyone is well. I'm so glad I found this forum and that it is still being used! I read the first 17 pages then skipped to the end to check it was still in use. A little bit about me. I'm 38. I forst experienced psoriasis when I was 17. I had rashes mainly over my chest area but I can't remember them being itchy or flakey and I don't remember how long it lasted for but I don't think it was that long. Fast forward a few years when I got out of a mentally abusive relationship and hello psoriasis. This episode was quite bad, mainly covered my back and arms but was really bad in my scalp. GP gave me steroid cream and coaltar shampoo but nothing seemed to help. Anyway, one day it just disappeared apart from the odd mark and scalp. I got pregnant in 2014 and my psoriasis completely disappeared, my skin had never been better. Fast forward 9months when baby was here and I had a huge flare up. Again I was given steroid cream which kind of helped but not majorly. Again, I had a spell where my skin cleared apart from elbows and scalp. 2020, psoriasis not too bad, some marks there but not causing any problems. Disappeared due to being pregnant then again, 2021 when baby was born my psoriasis flared up, legs, arms, bottom, hips, sides, stomach, back, ears and scalp. The past 3-4 weeks I have noticed it getting worse and I is really starting to get me down. Apologies to the men for this next part, but do any other women on here notice a pattern when it comes to having a period? I don't have regular periods and I get seriously PMS when I eventually get one. I have also ate nothing but rubbish since being in this hormonal state, so much so I am disgusted in myself. This time round I feel like my skin has got worse. The itching is unreal. I have a big patch on one of my eyebrows and the side of my face near my ear. I have put off going to the doctors because of nothing working. I started eating blueberries on 1st November after finding this thread and I am cutting out sugar (I use a natural sugar alternative called Xylitol) and also cutting down on carbs (my second pregnancy I had gestational diabetes so I'm doing that diet) Does anyone have any recommendations on a moisturiser I can use that won't aggravate my skin but can help with the itching? Thankyou

Posted Thu 3 Nov 2022 10.04 by Talia

Hi Aveeno is good xx I oil my scalp aswell

Posted Thu 3 Nov 2022 10.11 by Pladecalvo (edited Thu 3 Nov 2022 10.12 by Pladecalvo)

Hi kleo2004 Seem like stress can bring on your psoriasis. My psoriasis has improved a lot since I started fasting. I eat normally between 10am - 6pm then nothing but water until 10am next day. I'm convinced that the biggest help has been the water. I have 1 glass of water with lemon juice when I get up and then 2-3 lts of normal water through the day. With regard to the cream. Try 'Psorisdin Emollient Cream' from a company called ISDIN. You can get it from Amazon if your chemist doesn't have it.

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