Eating Blueberries has cleared up my psoriasis

Posted Thu 3 Nov 2022 10.19 by Kleo2014

Thankyou Talia & Pladecalvo I have tried Aveeno in the past but will give that another go. Yes, there has been a lot of stress, nothing major, (we were at a wedding in august) but I stress easily. Now it is almost my sons birthday then the lead up to Christmas and here I am stressing again. Not to mention the added stress on whether to put your heating on at the minute! And I know that the change I temperature does affect my psoriasis. Roll on summer!

1 Posted Fri 30 Jun 2023 21.07 by Pladecalvo

Sorry to muscle in on the blueberries thread but for those who tried blueberries and it didn't work, I have been on TALTZ for 12 weeks and my psoriasis has vanished without trace. Not a spot to be found anywhere...and no side effects.

Posted Fri 30 Jun 2023 22.20 by Skbblr (edited Fri 30 Jun 2023 22.44 by Skbblr)

@Pladecalvo good to see that you are doing well. It seems its a promotional message @all as psoriasis is an incurable autoimmune disease and bilogics or any medicine are not the cure for this disease. And biologics are extremely extremely costly only millionaires or billionaires can afford it. Biologics or any medicine initially help but as its a recurring disease so it will come back again. My doctor advised me not to take biologics and gave me systemetic normal medicine and told me to reduce weight and blueberries initially helped later did not work. Now im 99% free from psoriasis (only few patches are there) as i lost 15kg weight and regularly doing exercise and workout in gym and yoga changed food habbit e.g. more vegetables (also taking blueberries :) ) and less fried item no smoking and drinking. Though I was never a smoker or drinker. Every medicine and especially biologics have lots of side effects. Check the links below. My advise to @all consult your Doctor and follow his advise.

Posted Sat 1 Jul 2023 03.30 by Talia

Thank you for this honest reply biologics are extreme a natural path is surely better

2 Posted Sat 1 Jul 2023 12.32 by Pladecalvo

Well TALTZ is working for me at the moment so I'll continue with it.

Posted Sun 2 Jul 2023 19.34 by Yacht

Academic research suggests Taltz has a roughly 50-60% chance of 100% clearance, so it is one of the best psoriasis treatments out there. It does heavily suppress the immune system, however, so it comes with risk.

Posted Sun 2 Jul 2023 20.16 by Pladecalvo

@Yacht. Yes, I understand that. I had to have all my childhood vaccinations again before starting with TALTZ. I wear a mask in risky, crowded areas like public transport, supermarkets, health centres, hospitals etc in order to minimise the risk.

Posted Sun 2 Jul 2023 20.42 by Sthnguyen

Nothing wrong with biologics. It does the same thing as many natural medicine, that is to suppress the immune response, working on the symptom not the cause. Biologics is also specific, working on a specific immune response. Not the best solution in either case. Obviously, if you can find the cause, such as an allergic food then that’s the better. There are so many inexpensive to expensive biologic medicines out there. If you have access to biologics you should try it and also continue to do the natural thing. Cut back on biologics or non biologics medicine when you think the natural method is working. No reason to endure this dreadful disease while trying to find the magic natural method. I am on skyrizi and it has cleared me 100%. Yes that is 100%. I still do the natural food method as well. It has been the best three years of my life being 100% free and clear. Without insurance Skyrizi is unaffordable. It’s something like $50k-70k USD a year but if you have insurance take advantage of it.

Posted Sun 2 Jul 2023 21.17 by Yacht

Biologics (on the whole) heavily suppress one's immune system, lowering the risk of psoriasis, but raising the risk of other illnesses such as TB. It is important we are aware of that. All meds always have a downside. Biologics are not risk-free. Based on the academic studies out there right now, Skyrizi is close to the best treatment available worldwide for psoriasis at the moment. PASI 100 effectiveness of roughly 60%, and PASI 90 at 80%, is about as good as it gets (for now). As you say, however, Skyrizi is very expensive, at tens of thousands of pounds / dollars per patient per year. And it is typically needed by injection for life!

Posted Sun 2 Jul 2023 21.32 by Pladecalvo

Fortunately, where I live, we have universal health care so the cost is covered. Hopefully, Talz will continue to keep me 100% free without side effects. At the moment I'm on one injection ever two weeks and I suppose that the next appointment with the dermatologist will result in one injection every four weeks.

Posted Sun 2 Jul 2023 22.18 by Sthnguyen (edited Sun 2 Jul 2023 22.26 by Sthnguyen)

Biologics is specific in its action, such as tnf, il-17, Il-23. So yes it may have a wide range effect or just specific effect. Tnf is a general response to many types inflammation, whereas some interleukins are specific to only a few known things such as psoriasis. This is what general research is all about. Finding that one specific thing to psoriasis and reducing or eliminating it. . There is something to be said about dosing yourself with natural substances as well. Who knows what other effect it may have. For example st John’s wort. As with natural medicine, you’ll probably have to be doing that for life too. Some Biologics is actually very good for long-term suppression, Even after you go off of it. skyrizi is one of those. Skyrizi stops the release of interleukin 23, that in turns stops il-17 tcells from multiplying. After a while Il-17 tcells just die off as it has no use. So when you go off the drug, there are very few Il-17 tcells so your psoriasis does not come back or takes a while to come back.

Posted Mon 3 Jul 2023 06.05 by Skbblr (edited Mon 3 Jul 2023 12.13 by Skbblr)

@yacht @sthnguyen right guys . One Doctor suggested me biologics so i consulted another Dr And he advised me to continue normal systemetic medicice and eat good nutritious food and do lots of exercise to reduce weight and he encouraged to have blueberries as i had some good result after having it initially and reported that to him. It seems Once you are dependent on biologics you hv to continue the therapy and perhaps dependency persists & cant return to normal systemetic medicine and biologics are not cure but extremely costly overpriced and around 50/60% success rate and people have to continue it for long long time and it has lots of side effects. Main issue of systemetic medicine and biologics thst it supresses the immune system so there are high chances for infection and even organ damages too. So when i saw blueberries thread here i really appreciated the enthusiasm and the response of friends who got good results after having it. And im a optimistic person so I believe that one day nice treatment will be available to cure psoriasis permanantly perhaps gene therapy and which will not supress the immune sysyem and without any side effects.

Posted Sun 26 Nov 2023 22.13 by JH2020 (edited Mon 27 Nov 2023 12.52 by JH2020)

I was diagnosed with erythrodermic psoriasis in 2020 age 34 I was almost 100% covered. I then went on cyclosporine for a year and it 100% cleared it, I’ve been off meds for 2 years now and I’m now seeing the worrying signs of it returning with a vengeance. I want to avoid meds, I do need to lose weight and reduce BMI I need to get a better diet really. I’m going to try the blueberry method I already take VitC&D are there any other foods, supplements anyone can recommend me? I’m very worried my condition will get extremely bad again any help would be much appreciated .

Posted Mon 27 Nov 2023 06.31 by Talia

Hi start by reading a book by Hannah Sillitoe and consider cutting out red meat nightshades and gluten as well as citrus fruits and alchohol . Her theory is what we eat triggers the immense system. Her book has been reported in the news paper showing positive results from people around the world. Ad vit D3000/4000 and a gut health probiotic as well as zink and selenium and vit D. Use oil on the scalp and skin and she also recommends salt baths and scrubs. This is a complicated illness requiring a multiprong approach but Ive seen improvement mainly after vit d and probiotics.

Posted Mon 27 Nov 2023 11.57 by michmo

I began to eaT blueberries to reduce inflammation in my wrists due my arthiritus which is linked to psoriasis which I also have. Kind of walks hand in hand.

Posted Mon 27 Nov 2023 12.53 by JH2020

Cutting all those foods will be extremely challenging for me. I know my sugar intake is high so that I will reduce, I read magnesium is a good supplement to take?

Posted Mon 27 Nov 2023 15.21 by Sthnguyen (edited Mon 27 Nov 2023 16.15 by Sthnguyen)

None will cure but only help. Not sure if anyone found the secret switch yet to completely shut it off. I know there is a switch because I did completely eliminate it from my scalp and my elbows, but it not in other areas. Make eating blueberries a daily habit such as a breakfast smoothie (this is what I do). Eliminate sugar as it makes you fat as well. You have to completely cold turkey processed sugar. Addictions need cold turkey to eliminate.. This also means eliminating/reducing really sweet fruits from your diet. It’s worth it you’ll be glad that you don’t have to yo-yo sugar/carb, high and lows during the day. Seed oils are inflammatory. Reduce or eliminate canola, soy bean oils and other seed oils from diet. You could use avocado oil instead for your cooking. Pretty much all fast food and potato chips, etc. is out because everything is fried in seed oils. There are other dietary changes as well but this is a blueberry discussion (i.e. low gluten). Magnesium is a great anti-inflammatory. You can put magnesium chloride directly on your psoriasis patch. It will sting, really bad if you have exposed wound. You can dilute it and then go up in strength when your skin heals. When it doesn’t sting, you know your skin has healed. It’s sticky and it feels gross so you might want to put it on right before you sleep or you can leave it on for 15-30 minutes to absorb and rinse off. Put on 15 to 30 minutes before you shower. You can also put it on the scalp if your scalp is an issue. You can even add salicylic acid and coal tar at the same time. Reduce frequency or you can even stop when your scalp is healed. Repeat when your scalp acts up again. You will not lose hair because of it. As a matter of fact some say it can reduce balding. Do it everyday or even twice a day (rinse off method) until your skin is in control. You could take magnesium supplement as well, but take the right type. Magnesium oxide is barely absorbable. Take magnesium at night because it helps you sleep. Magnesium citrate, maleate, gluconate and others are absorbable forms of magnesium. 250mg of elemental magnesium. Lots of other great benefits of mag as well. It could cause gastro disturbance so may need to find the right form. Sometimes you may notice that you have an immediate reaction to certain foods such as itching or hives. Try to reduce or eliminate those foods. Maintain a good body weight. Reduce carbs in your diet. Don’t snack between meals and eat a high-protein diet (white meat mostly but beef is good too in moderation).. Keep a log to see if your skin improves. Typically psoriasis improvements are measure over at two or three months period. And if you’re not watching/logging, you will not see the difference because the changes are slow. Unfortunately, it’s a lifetime habit. Hope this helps.

Posted Wed 13 Dec 2023 00.37 by Tryingeverything

Hi everyone I’m going to give this a try and post my results here. I came across this thread a few years ago and tried for around a week and eventually gave up - you know how it is. But I’m going to give it a proper go now for at least a month and see if it makes a difference! My p is at an all time low at the moment and I’m desperate for some relief. Will keep let you know :)

Posted Sat 16 Dec 2023 17.11 by
Hello I'm sue

Thanks I will try the blueberries

Posted Sun 17 Dec 2023 14.10 by lizziep

I started blueberries because of this thread and it didn't help but I continued taking them, so I see I must have been taking them foreground 6 years without effect - but I am sure they are good for me in many ways even if not for my psoriasis!

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