Coconut Oil debate

1 Posted Wed 26 Apr 2017 2.49pm by TeamClarkester


I am very new to the whole horror that is psoriasis.

Until about a year ago I had never had any symptoms at all.

Then a small patch on my elbow, in my hair, then my chest etc...

I'm sure you all know the story.

Now I am pretty much red, itchy and peeling on my chest, stomach, lower arms, behind knees, in skin folds, you name it...

It knocked every bit of my confidence, I wouldn't leave the house without long sleeves - even to empty the bins, if anyone came round unexpectedly, i would firstly run and put a jumper, or jacket on...

Treatments from GP had no effect and just seemed to help it spread and sting.

Then I tried Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, rubbing it onto all affected areas 3 or 4 times a day at first, recently just in the morning and evening.

The results have been nothing short of phenomenal!

The itching is still there, but an anti histamine tablet more or less takes care of that for 24 hours.

The skin on my arms and trunk though is almost back to the normal colour, with no plaques, but minimal dusting required maybe a couple of times a day, the insides of my elbows and knees are no longer continually sore. This is all within a week of use, by the way!

I am even contemplating wearing a short sleeved t-shirt when I go out later.

I cannot believe the difference it has made in such a short space of time.

I would be interested to hear what other people's experiences are of coconut oil.

For me, so far, it has been a miracle, and has brought my self esteem back up to almost normal again.

Martin Clarke.

Posted Thu 27 Apr 2017 5.39pm by ShabbyClown

It really works! My brother is using it to treat his psoriasis. He mixes the oil with powder use it as a lotion.

Posted Thu 24 Aug 2017 5.16pm by RosiePosieJ

I use coconut oil on my face..don't know why I never tried it for my psoriasis? Thanks for the suggestion..think I'll give it a try 😊

Posted Fri 25 Aug 2017 1.45pm by DANNY (edited Fri 3 Nov 2017 12.32pm by DANNY)

It works for me

Posted Mon 28 Aug 2017 1.51pm by AF
Hi, Suffer from mild psoriasis in scalp, now concerned developing PsA

Hi, I I am fortunate it i am only affected on my scalp and it keeps it at bay. I find keeping hair shorter (as much as I dare) and occasional sauna/ steam room helps. I didn't go for extra virgin or organic as this seems to work.

Posted Mon 28 Aug 2017 4.12pm by DANNY

Please stay away from clorinated water ie

swimming pool

check sauna shower do not have clorinated as it can be a trigger to an episode

Posted Thu 31 Aug 2017 9.01pm by Keith G

Hi all. I've been using a Dead Sea / pink Himalayan salt scrub then hop into a bath with lavender oil a jojoba oil. Stings but stick with it. Then cover myself in coconut oil. It's working better than anything prescribed. Enstillar foam is the best prescription cream. I have guttate variety (derived from the Latin for rain drop as it's little or big dots all over) and almost clear other than the staining. Good luck if you give it a shot. There is a good YouTube video on how to use it and eBay is cheaper than high street. Normally I scoff at such things but it's working for me at the monent.😀

Posted Tue 24 Oct 2017 12.59pm by Veggie_Boy

Hey Guys,

I have psoriasis behind my ear. I started using extra virgin coconut oil by Tiana Fairtrade Organics (you can find them at Holland & Barrett or Amazon) and i have to admit the effects where great.

I saw a quick difference with my skin after few days. It was healing and getting better ( i used it twice a day once in the morning and once at night before sleeping).

I wouldn't have known about Coconut oil but after reading a few forums i realized i had to invest in a good coconut oil that had all good the ingredients and try it on my skin to see the results.

I would definitely recommend people to try it to see if it works for you.

Posted Tue 31 Oct 2017 3.27pm by Andrew1
I was diagnosed with the condition in 2007.

Hi everyone

Coconut oil is very good it takes away that away itching feeling doesn't moisturize as well but having started using it anything is better than nothing.

Hemp cream is very good as well - has omega 3 in it which our skins needs - I understand you get it from the Body Shop - dont think it is cheap but it does help.


Posted Thu 2 Nov 2017 8.57pm by Chellx2

I used coconut oil for my face after getting acne/boils after starting methotrexate for my psoriasis and the coconut oil was fantastic, and also for some small patches of psoriasis. The best medication i have been given from my dermatologists is also Enstillar for the psoriasis which someone else also mentioned.

Posted Fri 3 Nov 2017 12.28pm by DANNY (edited Fri 3 Nov 2017 12.31pm by DANNY)

I belive itchiness is cause by dead or decaying skin

It is important to

wash affected areas with warm water and soap

Dry well

then apply coconut oil liberally

works for me


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