Anal psoriasis

Posted Sun 14 May 2017 11.30pm by mattkirkbride13

Please does anyone have any advice on how to treat anal psoriasis? I've tried many creams and ointments and nothing seams to work other than steroid based medicine. I'm really worried about the long term effect of using steroid ointments on such a sensitive area! Please does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Posted Fri 19 May 2017 8.47am by Leah Palmer

Try the cream from humankind I havent tried it yet but there shampoo for scalp psoriasis is amazing, its natural too. I really feel for you. I have it under where my bra rubs and it gets soo itchy that I have to rub it and god knows what people think. Hope this helps you mattkirkbride13

Posted Thu 25 May 2017 12.49pm by thin-skinned (edited Thu 25 May 2017 12.50pm by thin-skinned)
Irascible septuagenarian fed up with the psoriasis constantly at me :wink:

It's impossible to suggest something as what helps me might set up a reaction in somebody else.

Now that is out of the way, I have found Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Visibly Renew Elasti-Boost Body Lotion helps with the self chafing result of sitting and getting hot when walking. I got my last pot from Boots but also saw it in Tesco only yesterday.

Posted Sun 28 May 2017 11.48pm by Mikki1986

I too suffer with this and now cannot use my steroid cream due to pregnancy its a nightmare. I even had a blood test for food intolerance and cut out dairy but no improvements. Would love to know some natural creams that work .

Posted Tue 30 May 2017 7.40pm by Psoriasaurus Rex
Sick and tired of scratching the surface - want a cure.

Sorion Cream natural and fantastic.

Posted Wed 28 Jun 2017 7.03am by Rich

Seriously guys the best and gentlest stuff you can use on sensitive areas is vaseline forget all these expensive creams that you have to check the ingredients on for additives that may make you sore just vaseline, it's completely safe to use anywhere and keeps the skin very hydrated try it it works

Posted Mon 15 Jan 2018 11.33pm by Rubytuesday

Irritable skin balm by an Australian company called MooGoo is the best.

Posted Wed 17 Jan 2018 11.02pm by Claireece86

I haven't been diagnosed with it in this area but I am pretty certain that I have it, it is so itchy and raw sorry if tmi! I have tried preparation H, lanacame (sp?) Aloe Vera wipes etc and recently I picked up a tube of diprobase ointment from my local boots store and I have noticed a vast improvement on only one application! I would give it a whirl! Hope this helps.

Posted Sun 5 Aug 2018 3.09am by Peter

Hi, I've found it best to put my coconut oil in the fridge. Chop it up into small enough pieces, then freezing in a separate container.

Then after doing a No 2 in the morning, taking a shower, cleaning my butt area well, even tho it hurts, then insert a cold piece of coconut oil into my butt from the frozen container.

It immediately reduces the pain because of the cold on my skin. I've learnt to hold the piece on the sore area for a while to deaden the pain. Then I push it up further into my butt hole so it will stay there.

Then as the coconut oil warms up it starts to slowly coat the area. So when you do a poo next time, the coconut oil has already coated my skin. So it doesn't burn as much.

It might leave a little bit of coconut oil on your underpants but less pain/burning it's worth it.

Hope this helps.

Posted Sun 5 Aug 2018 4.05pm by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Thu 9 Aug 2018 8.16pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Claireece86: I would advise to get a medical opinion and advice. I appreciate it might be embarassing, but I have always been pragmatic about such things and I will see a male or female doctor whoever is available.

Around 25 years ago I was experiencing excruciating itching and soreness and anal-fissures. I was struggling to sleep at night. I also had psoriasis on other parts of my body. I was travelling to several countries working and saw many doctors.

Finally a doctor decided that what mught be happening is that my body had developed a sensitivity (not quite the same as an allergy) to my faeces.

I adopted a particular regime for that area:

- only use white toilet tissue, never anything that has been coloured,

- never wash that area with soap

- I started using E45 shower cream for around the anus

- I washed after every bowel movement

- If I was not at home I carried E45 with me and used it on white toilet tissue to clean,

- I also use wet-wipes. I use the "Andrex Classic", they do not seem to irritate, and I tested one in a large jug of water . . . . it disintegrates quite quickly, so I feel happy flushing them down the toilet.

Some thing like diprobase or doublebase is probably a good idea as you have tried.

I was advised to avoid anything like Lanacaine as that could increase the itrritation (I had tried it and after a few minutes relief the itching returned with a vengence).

25 years on, I still have bouts of psoriasis over my body and scalp, but my rear end is perfectly fine and the irritation never returned. Presumably, it wasn't psoriasis - but the problem/inflammation/irritation of that area has never returned.

Posted Mon 6 Aug 2018 0.29am by Peter

Good to hear your's cleared up. I still have the Psoriasis on different parts of my body, even in my ear canal too. I have to put coconut oil on all the areas

at least daily. After about 10 to 15 mins the itchiness goes away.

If my bum is still sore/itchy/burning after I insert the cold coconut oil, I get dressed, put the toilet lid down and sit on the edge. It seems to put pressure on the area that's sore. And the pain eventually goes away. I've gotten used to the irritation, it's like a small cut in your skin, which isn't so bad, at least I don't have the pain & burning, all the time.

Hope this helps some of you are suffering in silence.

Posted Tue 14 Aug 2018 3.42pm by elnozah

Pure aloe gel soothes. However please try to reduce the time you spend sitting while passing stools. Keep it quick. Also clean the area very well after.

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 9.44pm by Skinny (edited Wed 19 Sep 2018 9.46pm by Skinny)

I am so sick of this...actually I don’t even know if it’s related to my psoriasis, but I get these small openings or splits in the skin around the anus. I guess it’s an anal fissure? I also get a very painful ‘split’ feeling between the buttocks above the anus. I think it’s from excess sweating, but I don’t get it because the psoriasis on my elbows is extremely dry.

I’m really at a loss of how to treat this. I have put talc on the area, but that can be painful, then sometimes not. I’m currently trying a diaper rash cream, which seems to sort of work, but the buttock area is definitely NOT dry...more hydrated.

I have just read about nitrate ointment to speed up healing for the anal fissures. Can psoriasis cause these? I have read it is caused by a lack of fiber, not being hydrated enough, etc but none seem to fit my lifestyle so I’m baffled...and fed up!!

It’s just confusing....Am I supposed to keep the anus and crotch area DRY or MOIST? Can someone help??

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 11.33pm by Peter

Hi Skinny, try rubbing coconut oil on the area. I find my sweat is like acid on the skin cuts.

I put my coconut oil container in the fridge, then when cold & hard I chop it up to pieces I can hold. Then I put those pieces in a container in the freezer.

Then I take the freezer container in the toilet with me they morning, I do my a no 2, have a shower & clean the whole area with water. Then I grab a piece of cold coconut oil & rub it in the parts that are sore. It coats it, so my sweat, etc doesn't get into the cuts. The cold oil also soothes & deadens the pain/irritation too.

My cuts are also inside my anus, so I clean that area whilst in the shower, & I insert the cold coconut oil inside my rectum. Then thruout the day the coconut oil slowly leaks out to keep coating the area, to keep the pain down.

This is the best way I've found to reduce the pain down to just a slight rritation.

Hope this helps.

I've tried the doctors Vaseline with pain killer in it. It works but it even says on the instructions it will lose its effect if I use it all the time....which I have to. So I switched to this coconut oil method & I know it's natural & not going to give me side effects, etc. The coconut oil is good for my skin, but Vaseline is petrol based so it's not good to use regularly on your skin, because some of it absorbs into the body.

I still have the cuts after at least 10 years. I've been slowly changing my diet to eating more alkaline foods. So when it comes to eliminate them out, they don't give me the acid burn effect. So I don't have to clean my anus every time, just wipe normally. It's great.

Posted Thu 20 Sep 2018 5.41am by Skinny (edited Thu 20 Sep 2018 5.43am by Skinny)

Thank you so much for this! I have a tub of coconut oil so I will solidify it and try it. I have a feeling that my psoriasis is maybe due partly to my sweat being too acidic or something. I’ll read up on alkaline foods too. I just saw a post that blueberries have cured many people’s psoriasis, so maybe that will help us too? Sorry you have been living with this for so long...I feel your pain!

Since I exercise a lot, I have recently tried putting on talc before running or biking and that seems to help with my excess sweat. But then of course other times it seems to make the dryness worse. Have you tried Polysporin when the cut is very bad? I seem to have had some success with that too. A zinc oxide cream like Desitin seems to soothe the itch very well. Again, many thanks!

Posted Thu 20 Sep 2018 6.47am by Peter

Hi Skinny, thanks for your reply. I try and stay away from Antibiotics and Zinc Cream's, drugs, etc.

Soon I'm going to try the most potent strength of Manuka honey mixed with Coconut Oil and see if that works. I'd put the honey straight on, but it's too sticky & it doesn't become solid when frozen. So I'm not able to insert it.

I tried a Hemp Oil & Coconut mix, it seemed to reduce the pain for a few days, but then it stopped working as well. Hemp oil doesn't freeze either.

So I went back to just frozen coconut oil.

The strong Manuka honey seems to have high antibiotic properties, so it'll give it a go. Hope it doesn't sting 😩😃

I'll post the results when I'm finished experimenting.

Posted Sat 23 Feb 2019 3.05am by KingKong911

I will tell you what has worked for me, hopefully it will for you. I have tried everything at once so cannot pin point what the main cure was. I have been free of the issue for 2 months now since beginning.

1. No alcohol, my main drink was beer everyday (still drink coffee and milk dairy)

2. Have a large cupfull of blueberries with greek yoghurt everynight. (the blueberries have been said to help skin conditions and the yoghurt has a healthy dose of probiotics.

3. Clean yourself properly with either babywipes or shower after using the toilet.

4. Lower your daily stress, When you have high stress this will raise your cortison and impair your immune system. this can be tackled anyway you see fit. I personally have began meditating and going to the gym 3 days a week.

5. Lower your carbohydrate intake in your diet. Carbs are essentially sugars. I don't wan't to go into too much detail, just try to eat more real whole foods and less processed. If you need a little more guidance look into Paleo eating. ( I believe a high processed sugar diet can make ANY autoimmune disease worse.

6. Buy some jojoba oil and apply that after a shower every morning or night, suit it to your routine. I've tried all these different cream... the natural jojoba oil just seems to work best.

7. Make sure you are getting adequate OMEGA 3 in your diet (try to just eat real fish such as salmon or tuna 3 times a week). Have magnesium every night it helps with an array of bio molecular functions throughout your body. Make sure you are getting adequate Vitamin D from real sunlight.

If i had to say what helped the most I would say no alcohol and eating blueberries and yoghurt. These two things alone seemed to fix it the issue the most. The blueberries seems like the magic fix... not sure if it is placebo though.

Posted Sat 23 Feb 2019 5.53am by Bonnie

I have been suffering for YEARS with a small crack in the skin just above the anus. It gets horribly itchy and will not go away. Some days are worse than others. I have seen docs and used steroid creams, desitin, Vaseline, lanolin, eliminated sugar, dairy, carbs, you name it.! I cannot take this much longer. I only use white tp or wipes and only spray the area with the shower. I’m losing my mind.

Posted Sat 23 Feb 2019 7.51am by Skinny

I’ve recently tried Diprobase cream like the person above. Wow, I don’t know what’s in this, but it really was like nothing I’ve tried before. It really worked! I’ve also generally tried to eat way more greens daily and I’ve cut out most wheat and I’ve drastically reduced alcohol intake.

Posted Sat 23 Feb 2019 1.53pm by Bonnie

I’m in the US. Not sure what Diprobase is

Posted Sat 23 Feb 2019 2.09pm by Skinny

You can get it on Amazon. This is what Wikipedia says about it:

"Diprobase contains no 'active ingredients'. It is made from a combination of liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin and water, as well as cetomacrogol and cetostearyl alcohol as emulsifying agents, chlorocresol as an antimicrobial preservative, phosphoric acid, sodium dihydrogenphosphate and sodium hydroxide."

Seriously, it cured my skin conditions almost completely!

Posted Sat 23 Feb 2019 2.15pm by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sat 23 Feb 2019 5.31pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Posted Mon 4 Mar 2019 6.40am by MikeH

My derm prescribed what he calls his secret potion; hydroval corticosteroid ointment mixed with fucidan ointment; 1:1

It worked like a miracle after years of agony. Use only prn

Posted Fri 12 Apr 2019 9.33pm by daveym

I've had anal psoriasis for at least 5 years and find myself only really itching in the early hours of most morning but do this semi consciously when I'm really tired and don't actually realise I'm scratching which is bad as I wake myself up doing it. Other times I can avoid scratching purely for where the itch is located so can persevere. My issue is when the skin feels like it might slowly be healing or scabs I find myself making the issue worse by wiping backside with toilet paper when I take a number 2 which I think is how this started in the first place. I used to over wipe my backside and I'm 99% sure the dryness of tissues affected the skin and so psoriasis developed in this area. I grazed my knee falling over some years ago and got a psoriasis patch there so seems that sometimes if I harm the actual skin in certain places it doesn't heal as it should. Question is how can I allow the skin in my backside to ever heal when im wiping it every 1-2 days with tissues?

Posted Sat 13 Apr 2019 6.55am by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sat 13 Apr 2019 12.03pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

I had problems 25 years ago with redness, intense itching, anal-fissures. A doctor suspected a possible reaction to my own faeces and/or my soap (Shield bars of soap).

He also recommended to avoid coloured toilet paper - to avoid the colouring and any perfumes.

I switched to using E45 Shower cream on white toilet paper to clean myself, (no coloured, oil-impregnated paper). I never used soap or shower gel on that part of my body again, only E-45.

I was able to buy some moist wipes in a plastic box that I carried with me when out (and a small thing of e-45 in my bag). I forget the brand of the wipes.

My problem cleared up quite quickly.

These days I carry "Andrex Classic Clean Washlets" in my bag when out of the house. I find them effective for cleaning, and I have experimented by leaving one in a container of water, and they do disintegrate (in a couple of minutes).

I still only buy white toilet tissue, and I only wash that area with E-45 in the shower - no soap or gel.

I also have a bidet-shower (shattaf) installed in my bathroom next to the toilet - so I rarely use dry toilet paper as the first step in cleaning myself.

As a child I was brought up to wash myself with soap and a flannel after a bowel movement. The family-members each had their own face-flannel and a "bum flannel".

Even now I find the idea that simply rubbing dry toilet paper over that area leaves you clean as somewhat fanciful.

I have even spoken to women who think it is a fact-of-life that theiir husbands leave "skid-marks" in their underwear, rather then realising that it is simply a sign of not cleaning themselves thoroughly.

Anyway, I digress . . . I hope that some of what I did could prove helpful to you.

Good luck!

EDIT: I have just realised that I already posted most of this in a message further back on 8 Aug 2018, I saw it as I was scrolling back here to edit out a couple of typos).

Posted Mon 7 Oct 2019 10.29pm by tgh (edited Mon 7 Oct 2019 10.30pm by tgh)

I’ve had this problem recently; anal fissures caused by or contributed to from psoriasis.

My Mother & sister recommended PROKTIS-M PLUS Anti Haemorrhoids Piles Natural Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Centella and Calendula (suppositories)

These worked well, however the psoriasis came back again. GP / Doctor prescribed Betnovate Oinment which is strong steroid; this calmed down the inflammation - made the anal passage very dry, itchy etc.

After discontinuing following a week’s treatment, moisturising anal area lightly with a baby moisturiser seems to keep things at bay. I use ‘Child’s Farm’ brand.

Keep well hydrated and diet fibre based to keep stool and digestive transit regular as hard stool can cause issues!

For washing I’ve found the Sanex zero shower gel range is good.

Good luck :)

Posted Tue 22 Oct 2019 1.10am by FairyDust

Hi all

Honestly the best thing I find is to use sudocreme ( or any other nappy rash ointment) I get a deep sore split in that sensitive area and that ointment works really well.

Posted Fri 10 Jan 2020 11.36pm by Mario64

Around 5 years suffering, I've read all of this and realised I tried nearly all of it, and much more, and after much consultation with doctors I found a way to manage it well. I no longer tear my skin itching all night. No itch at all. (Coconut oil made things worse for me, but maybe I would try it again now things are calmer)

Here's my protocol..

After a bowel movement, put e45 on plain white unfragranced toilet paper to wipe, repeat until clean, and then rinse with water /wet toilet paper, then pat dry. Now it's the best time to apply a cream:

Synalar - strong steroid, apply daily, twice if possible until everything is gone or at least very nearly gone. This may take 2 to 4 weeks.

At this stage you are ready to substitute with protopic 0.1% indefinitely - this is non steroid and can be safely used even on face and genitals, so it's fine.

For me I probably need to apply protopic every other day to keep things at bay. I will often slack and forget for about 3 or 4 days, at that point, a flare can return which sometimes requires synalar again to calm. You can't really calm a flare well with protopic as it tends to really itch inflamed skin, which leads to you damaging it more.

Protopic is really good at keeping the psoriasis fissures at bay, just please make sure you start small and only apply once it is relatively calm or it will burn and it's very greasy and hard to wash off if you need to.

Do not worry too much about the dangers reported for these creams. I took so long to use them properly because I was scared of skin thinning, skin cancer, etc. These risks are exaggerated and apply to people using steroid creams excessively for years and taking oral protopic.

Do it right and be consistent for a few weeks and you will see that this can be controlled.

Posted Sat 11 Jan 2020 6.02pm by Jayxx

I agree with Mario64. It's the areas of the body no-one talks about but it affects many of us.

Initially I had to use Lotriderm to clear up the problem and then, once clear, I moved to Protopic 0.1% to keep it away. Luckily for me, I just have to apply it once a week and that's enough to keep things peachy.

I've been doing this for a few years now and my Dermatologist is more than happy for me to continue with Protopic. We're all different but for me, it's been a life changer.

Posted Thu 23 Apr 2020 9.23am by Mark

We all get flare ups. Inflammation causes digestive upset. During such times we may ' go ' more often thus requiring more wiping than at other times. What I noticed was when taking co codomol for pain relief during a flare was that any intimate psoriasis benefited from the subsequent constipation due to not going as often, and being firmer when I did go. In some kind of strange way was able to remain cleaner for longer if that makes sense. Lets face it when we are more loose can take a while cleaning ourselves sufficiently to go about our business.

Posted Sun 26 Apr 2020 5.24pm by Talia

I use Protopic once in a while. Im trying not to use steroids overall and am trying to take a holistic approach. Hydrocortisone is more gentle and also helps. I found Protopic brought my skin back to normal rather than the skin being really sore.

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