Diet and Psioritic arthritis

Posted Fri 3 Nov 2017 7.23pm by Parsley

I've read some interesting articles about diet helping psoriasis sufferers - but can diet also help relieve the symptoms of the arthritis? I was diagnosed with the skin problem about 2 years ago but have had real problems with my hands feet and back (swollen, stiff and painful) for the last 3 months - will see my GP - but I suspect psioritic arthritis. Can anyone kindly advise? Many thanks

Posted Sun 5 Nov 2017 2.51pm by Parsley

Thank you so much KieranPaul - so glad I joined this site. Need to make some massive changes to my eating habits and thoroughly fed up with painful skin and joints! Next step back to the GP to address the joint swelling/pain, in the meantime I want to do as much as I can to help myself, many thanks xx

Posted Mon 6 Nov 2017 9.43pm by Sue P

Are you able to share the information regarding diet ?

Posted Tue 7 Nov 2017 7.59pm by Parsley

Hello Sue P, the diet is explained Hanna Sillitoe's book, it's on sale on Amazon, best wishes

Posted Tue 7 Nov 2017 8.03pm by Sue P

Thanks I’ve slready got it on order.

Keep smiling xx

Posted Wed 8 Nov 2017 8.26pm by Mart

Hi, I have suffered with plaque psoriasis, eczema and PA for many years. The eczema is more problematic for me because I shed skin and I find this quite difficult to live with.

A couple of months ago I decided to try a more healthy diet to see if this could help me.

I drink slippery elm tea every morning then have a bowl of bran with fruit.

I have taken no dairy, I use almond milk and goats cheese. I have given up on all meat apart from fish. I use organic extra virgin olive oil a lot! I roast vegetables and try to eat as much fruit as I can. I didn’t like celery but I’ve learned to love it.

Absolutely no nighshades (boo!), no white rice.

Guess meditteranianish diet. Lots of fish.

My eczema has not been present for couple weeks, I have no plaque Psoriasis on my elbows (it was BAD) and the plaque Psoriasis on my knees is beginning to diminish.

I was open minded with regards to the effect of diet on Psoriasis and eczema but I am entirely sure that diet has caused the changes for me.

I don’t have to force myself to stay on target now, I can see the benefits of adherence and I’m happy to continue. I’ve not been a saint, I’ve had the occasional glass of red wine but that doesn’t seem to have had any negative effect.

I think if your to try changes to diet you need to go all the way and keep it up for a good while give it a fair chance. But for me it’s not taken very long. Give it a try it can’t hurt and may help.


Posted Thu 9 Nov 2017 7.56pm by Parsley

Thanks so much Mart, your post is really informative and helpful, and it's really good to hear about your own improvements, it's reassuring. Having my first blood test tomorrow to confirm what type of arthritis I have (I've had skin psoriasis for maybe 2 yrs or so). This should help / direct me, towards a more specific diet ( a gout diet would be a bit different from a PA diet). Have no regrets about giving up dairy though, Martini is going to be difficult!! Best wishes

Posted Tue 14 Nov 2017 6.37pm by Parsley

Thank you so much Ankita1 - this is so helpful and i'm really grateful for you taking the time and trouble to write your reply, thank you. Just had my first blood test result today, all normal including CRP? or something like it to do with inflammation. Meanwhile the pain and swelling in my hands/fingers/feet is a real problem. I shall go back to my GP. I hope that the blood results help at least to eliminate some disorders, is there a definite test to confirm PA? Any further advice is welcome and thank you ++++ for your help. I have been meat and dairy free for 2 weeks. When I get a bit more used to this diet i'll then start eliminating other foodstuffs xx

Posted Tue 14 Nov 2017 9.13pm by Angie c

Hi parsley I have been taking Rosehip tablets by GOPO which have given me great relief from the pain off my arthritis which I have in my hips and hand. I also have go keep my hands warm in winter as they will hurt and turn blue. Keep warm and for more relief use arnica gel as this may help with inflammation. Hope this helps.

Posted Wed 15 Nov 2017 4.44pm by Parsley

Thank you so much Angie C xx

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