How long have you had pso?

Posted Tue 31 Jan 2012 6.50pm by Eloise88

Hi, just wondering how long everyone's had pso? Mine's stuck around most of my life, had it since I was about 15...

Posted Tue 31 Jan 2012 6.55pm by Pete (edited Mon 21 Sep 2015 12.01pm by Pete)

I've had psoriasis for about 30 years but only recently went to the doctor and got it diagnosed.

Posted Thu 2 Feb 2012 9.46am by smdcme (edited Fri 20 Sep 2013 12.05pm by smdcme)
Have full body and full scalp psoriasis

I've only had mine 3 years. I have it full body and full scalp and I hate it. Full body I can cover up the my scalp is a different matter and it looks awful

Posted Sun 5 Feb 2012 10.31am by lynesweb (edited Mon 22 Jun 2015 9.38am by lynesweb)
Suffered from P for 20 years and its never got any better.

i've had it for nearly 20 years and its never let up, i've tried all kinds of treatments over 2 different health authorities, but never found the right treatment for me. :(

Posted Fri 9 Mar 2012 10.54pm by mystery246 (edited Wed 18 Nov 2015 0.53am by mystery246)
life changing, at a very early age

hi, ive had my psoriasis for about 7 years give or take and im now 20. Until this year it was coverable and still able to enjoy things like playing football or nights out, however for the past 6 months its become more noticable and can be restrictive especially as a young adolecent :(

1 Posted Mon 12 Mar 2012 9.51am by Mia_Sohma (edited Thu 22 Jan 2015 2.53pm by Mia_Sohma)
I have psoriasis all over my body and psoriatic arthritis. I have suffered with it for about ten years now, approximately. I'm making progre

I've had my psorasis for about 9-10 years. I feel like I've always had it. I developed psoriatic arthritis about 7-8 years ago as well (I think...) but I spent most of tose 7-8 years getting told by my GP that i didn't have psoriatic arthritis... When I first developed plaque psoriasis I had a tiny little disc on my elbow. Needless to say it just spread and now I have massive patches on both elbows, my left knee and a smattering on my face, back, arm and stomach. I class my psoriasis as moderate, and at the moment it's fairly under control. I go through stages of managing it effectively before it goes all haywire again...

1 Posted Mon 12 Mar 2012 11.04am by gott1 (edited Wed 18 Nov 2015 0.54am by gott1)
badly in the past, but now have beaten it

I have had psoriasis for 21 years, it ruined my what should have been happy uni years - no swimming or hanging out on nice summer days, as you get older you learn to deal with it, my advice is NEVER get involved with steroids they cause more harm than good - especially Dovobet which is very nasty and causes terrible 'bounceback' - treat yourself to a cheap hoilday in the sun with plenty of time in the sea, and when back home in this colder climate you can't beat Exorex lotion! expensive but your GP should give you it on prescription

Posted Tue 13 Mar 2012 7.28pm by cazzy10 (edited Mon 14 Sep 2015 7.42pm by cazzy10)
i have psoriasis all over my body, face, hands, legs, arms, private areas etc, i feel awful going out in public. one time i was sat on a bus

I have only had psoriasis for 5months, (full body and scalp) i find it very hard to deal with the stares and comments :(

Posted Thu 15 Mar 2012 4.55pm by geep2310 (edited Mon 14 Sep 2015 7.42pm by geep2310)
it makes my life a misery. i feel like an outcast and i cant even bare to look in the mirror anymore as it upsets me so much. i have large p

ive had psoriasis for 12 years. im about to turn 20 and im starting to resent myself for having the condition. i have psoriasis in large patches all over my legs, tummy and all around my hairline. i wish i could wear my hair up, wear skirts and dresses :(

Posted Sun 18 Mar 2012 0.57am by Miller19 (edited Wed 18 Nov 2015 0.56am by Miller19)
Yes guttate p

I started with the teensiest patch on my scalp and then a five pence sized patch on my eyebrow seemed to flare when I was bullied at school, that remained the same for years barely unnoticeable years later when I got to 28 I went away to turkey and developed white blotched flay not plaques on my skin like reverse tanning after about eight months they faded but shortly after that my pso went crazy patch the size of a beer mat scaly and silver yet not itchy on base of my spine.....the worst are 100% guttate which rapidly appear and disappear on my tummy and torso legs and arms and hands, the itching scaly scalp is awful, I'm scared to get dressed for work as I have a good job and work in an office so I have to avoid black as I look like I have leprosy it's awful and very embarrassing. I am ok looking and I used to be relatively confident but this condition makes me feel sooooo less of a woman, it's a real confidence killer....awful, how are you doing? X

Posted Sun 18 Mar 2012 8.49pm by Alexbw2008 (edited Tue 17 Feb 2015 2.05pm by Alexbw2008)
I have it on my scalp, around eyebrows and recently spots here and there over the face And of course knees and elbows

I had mine since 1994, i feel mine is quite mild as dont have flaky skin but have lots red patches in eyebrows, chin, nose and scalp also have it on both eelbows and knees Tends to come and go i use e45 alot and the dead sea treatment's but the cream makes your face look very greasy so only use it when at home. Always concerned by it and my main getting ready to go out time is skint creaming the patches Does get me down sometimes

Posted Sat 31 Mar 2012 1.45am by fox

14 years arrived soon that summer on 1998.

Posted Mon 2 Apr 2012 12.19pm by grumpygroo
Had p for about 35 years now. Guttate, spread fairly evenly over my body. Use Elocon or Dovobet when it flairs up. Most annoying when it fla

Hi all, just joined the forum. I have had psoriasis for the last 35 years or so. Guttate spread fairly evenly over my body. Been through the mill as far as the treatments are concerned, done most of them, smelly, greasy, stained clothes etc. None has cleared it. Had UVB treatment a couple of years ago, which has reduced it to the extent that I can keep it in check with a strict regime of moisturising and bathing with E45 bath oil. Except on my face which is always a problem.

Posted Sun 8 Apr 2012 12.06pm by Mark (edited Wed 19 Feb 2014 8.44pm by VIKINGENOK)
Had Psoriasis since i was 13 -mainly on either side of torso, sometimes on Scalp. A little elsewhere. Usual issues of embarassment with fla

I've just joined, saw this thread and realised it's my 30th Annivesary. It's worse in winter with Centrl heating on and no sunlight to help it. Roll on the summer!

Posted Mon 21 May 2012 5.14pm by judith65 (edited Wed 18 Nov 2015 0.57am by msmoneypenny)
from head to toe and for 39yrs

i had psoriasis for 39years now and have seen off all treatments to date with no real effect. the only good thing to have come out of all this is i did the worst years at school (name calling) and my skin and hide is tougher than a rhinos now. if i want to go swiming etc i will and dare anyone say anything then i shall tell them straight. Ignorance is no excuse as far as im concerned so why put up with it or hide away. Be brave i say take back your life and do what you want to do. the only people that really get me mad are the government who send you for assessments, then inform you your not ill and have to work, where i say, someone show me an employer that allows you time off regularly 3 times weekly to attend hospital in working hours. ive had to give up my job which i have 10yrs service in as they only paid sick pay for 6 months and due to my condition i couldnt do me job so the government had to paid me sick pay but said i had to return to work and stopped all monies coming in my employer refused to let me start work as i was in no condition to return, so stuff them all i started me own bussiness and work to suit myself and with people who understand me.

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2012 7.50pm by Clairebear2410 (edited Mon 14 Sep 2015 7.43pm by Broadbent)
Psoriasis of Scalp and Nails Psoriatic Arthritis

How old are you now Eloise? Im 27, struggling to find anyone around my own age:(

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2012 10.11pm by matthew
i have been affected for the past five years. mainly i just have large areas on both elbows and from my knees down to my feet but i do have

i have had it all my life but that was just a small patch on my elbow, it has really got worse over the past five years.

Posted Thu 21 Jun 2012 8.05pm by Bina_94
I've had psoriasis for 3 years now, but i was diagnosed with eczema for a year, since being given multiple amouts of ointments it has calmed

i've had mine for 3 years, it started on my scalp, and it used to crack and bleed all the time, then i got it on my stomach and now it has spread to my neck, back, shoulders and behind my ears, but im slowly learning to deal with it xxx

Posted Sun 24 Jun 2012 2.36pm by ian
i have lived with it for 49 year

Hi everyone, I haved had pso since i was 18 months old...48 1/2 year....and it has affected relationships and limits what you can enjoy in life as the majority of people dont understand what it is and distance thereself through ignorance.

Posted Tue 26 Jun 2012 1.33pm by LondonLad
Guttate psoriasis

I have had Guttate psoriasis for around 3 weeks. I've never suffered from psoriasis and neither has any member of my family. Being initially diagnosed as having a histamine an allergic reaction I was advised to take anti histamine My condition got worse so after two weeks I got a second opinion and was told I had Guttate psoriasis. I have been prescribed steroid cream. I know that I should get better in the next couple of weeks but it has really knocked me for six and I've felt very self conscious and experienced peoples silent reactions to seeing it all over my hands. I've kept my arms covered and my body was affected all over. I've not even wanted my wife to see me uncovered and quite frankly it s made me rather depressed. I didn't realise what an emotional effect it would have on me but I'm glad to say that now I can see the treatment working I'm beginning to regain my confidence.

Posted Tue 26 Jun 2012 4.09pm by Paddyellis
For many years

Around 10 years!! Feels like a LIFE TIME!! :( Elbows/body/behind ears

Posted Sun 1 Jul 2012 4.33pm by dawnmaxine (edited Wed 12 Mar 2014 6.51am by hermes-kelly)
i hate it, always covered up in the summer

i,ve had pso for 28years now,it really flared up after my second son at the age of 23.since then it seem to get worse as every year passes,its worse on my stomach,it starts as alittle bit then i get more patches and in the end it all connects up to make pretty big patches.i,ve used dovonex cream then the ointment but both have now been discontinued.the docter has now given me curatoderm ointment which has,nt helped at all,so now it,s back to being red and itchy again.can anybody recommend another cream?

Posted Sun 1 Jul 2012 6.30pm by Steve

I can't remember how it first started, but it was about 15 years ago when I was in my early 20's. I've only ever used 2 treatments; Calcipotriene ointment, which is messy but works for me on small patches, and phototherapy when I had a particularly large patch which covered my chest. I can't speak highly enough of phototherapy. I had 18 treatments over 6 weeks, and they only last a few minutes each. The patch being treated was the worst I've ever had but it completely cleared up following this treatment, and you get a free tan! Several people asked where I'd been on holiday!

Posted Wed 4 Jul 2012 3.13pm by Couture (edited Thu 21 Mar 2013 11.24am by JD)

Hi, I am 42 and have had psoriasis since my parents split up when I was 7 yrs old. depressingly makes that 35 years. i cant say any medication has really helped. A childhood of tar baths and my mother gressing my scalp and hair was disastrous for my self confidence. Leaving home at 21 gave me the freedom to cook and research for myself food groups that I found to make my psoriasis agressive. Lesions that would not move for 10 years dissappeared when I stopped eating dairy and red meat as well as many other foods. happy to tell people my diet that has worked for me. At 31 I developed psoriatic arthritus in my hands, chronically, and my feet. This was stress induced by divorced but i have managed to keep under control without medication. Good luck everyone finding what works for you.

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2012 12.10pm by maryday9 (edited Wed 2 Mar 2016 8.47am by Kito619)
i have psoritic arthritas ,i have psoriasis in my hands , my scalp stomach and genital area's . i am driven mad with the itching and embarre

I have had p since a child ,i had a few years with littel or no patches . now i even have it on my lady area's not nice in fact i am loosing sleep with the constant itching .i am depressed with the situation . I am also embaressed by it . I am 56 i wish i had a magic wand !!

Posted Tue 24 Jul 2012 2.27pm by dizzy
Have had psoriasis since I was 6years old, never completely gone

I have had p since I was about 6/7 Im now nearly 25 so just pushing 20 years

Posted Mon 6 Aug 2012 10.53am by DianaP54
I have had psoriasis for 5 years, and am struggling to control it and find it very hard to manage. It is very sore on my elbows and bottom a

I have had Psoriasis for five years, since giving up smoking it has gradually taken over my body,recently i have used Dovobet,my God it just made it ten times worse. It is so sore and bleeds alot, i know i scratch it so in a way its my own fault. Thanks for information about Exorex cream, will try it gott1. Nothing worse having to wear long sleeves on a hot day, people look at you gone out and ask why you havnt taken it off. I thank God that i am fifty seven and not seventeen i feel for anyone with this thing and being young must make it harder to deal with, having said that you must stay positive you cant let it beat you. Gives me comfort to know i am not on my own, would be great if we all went to bed tonight and woke up without it.

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2012 0.40am by kirsty
10 years and now having yet another flare up

Hi all , I've had mine for ten years now since i was 15, it came up with chicken pox and went all over my body and scalp. It was horrible as i lived in a small town in cornwall so got looked at a lot. I try and deal with it but you always get those hard days when you have a flare up. Im now 25 and starting my 3rd new injection and just come out of hospital for the 6th time. Ive noticed when i was younger i was in hospital 4 times with plaque and now in the last 6 years i have only been in twice but the pain is a lot worse when it flares, it affects my legs the most when it flares that i can hardly walk. I got told i might grow out of iy which im still hoping for but it worries me that i won't and the pain might get worse when it flares. Kirsty

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2012 8.07pm by ncarrier87
Psoriasis has been a constant part of my life over the past 12-13 years. Its had its ups and at times had its downs but overall I don't thin

Had Psoriasis for 12-13 years, I've had ups and downs and at times it has been difficult to live with. The only way I've been able to look at it is "yes I have it, yes I'm unfortunate" but I could have other issues. I could be a lot worse off. It will continue and I'm sure its not going away just yet but who knows. Anything could happen.. :) Keep your chins up all..

Posted Tue 21 Aug 2012 5.08pm by sarahj1125
For as long as I can remember. Utterly fed up.

10 years, Since I was 15. I don't have 'flare ups', it's always flared up!! SInce having my second child it has taken over my whole body. Some days I don't care, other days I want to die.

Posted Thu 23 Aug 2012 5.01am by Nevermind_me
1980s as a child first flare up during parents divorce 1990s second flare up at university early 2000s flare up due to family illness 2012 4

My psoriasis kicked off in the 80s when my parents got divorced. Body and scalp, I remember copious amounts of T-Gel and my thick, red, curly hair being regularly 'de-flaked' by my mother. I know I had flare ups through my teens but none specifically stick out in my memory. Horrible though, and I have always on my scalp, although normally just patches behind my ears and around the edge of my hairline. In my early twenties when I broke up with my first boyfriend I had another flare up, (late 90s), then again around 2003 when my Grandmother suffered a serious fall. That was definitely stress related as it happened overnight. Cleared with a lot of sunlight on an archaeological dig at the end of the summer. 2012 is my 4th serious flare up, have had it on my scalp and the odd patch for the past 8 years or so, but work stress has brought me out in a full body flare with spots on my back, torso, legs and arms and my scalp is awful, far far worse than the normal background level. Ah well. No choice but to just keep on. I don't like steroids and keep away from them, I'll try and eat a bit more healthily, and get lots of healthy sunlight. I have only washed my hair with water and a comb for the past 5 years but I will probably have a stint on T-Gel to get my scalp manageable again. I had forgotten the itching! Be bold and brave folks, we're still who we are, we're just spotty. I wish Deep Space 9 was still on, a very sweet and lovely ex boyfriend always said I reminded him of Jadzia Dax ;o)

Posted Mon 27 Aug 2012 9.51am by goodyuk
I have had psoriasis since I was 8. I have quite severe plaque psoriasis and last year have developed psioritic arthritis - a couple of mont

I started with psoriasis when I was 8 - I am now 38 and I have never had it so bad. What started as a few plaques on my head and one patch on my stomach has developed to a lot of plaques in my head and large coverage on my body, inparticular on my back 70% coverage, and backside - as well as legs, arm, airline, in the ears, under my nails and most recently have developed psoritic arthritis! Over the past couple of months it looks like I am also getting pustular psoriasis on my hand! So I now have the full set almost!!

Posted Thu 30 Aug 2012 3.46pm by lucymargaret1993
I've had psoriasis since I was 6 months old, but wasn't diagnosed till I was 10 years old because my GP assumed it was Ezscma. Now I am 19 a

I've had mine for nearly 20 years... I first got it at 6 months and it has been stuck with me till now and I'm 20 in April

Posted Wed 12 Sep 2012 11.51pm by LM1991

I've had it about 2 1/2 years on my body and about 1/2 a year on my scalp which is much worse than what i get on my body. I've only just had it diagnosed though, annoyed that it has taken so many doctors visits to find out! Can't tell you how many time i was told it was 'just dry skin' and to moisturise. All the moisturiser in the world didn't help!

Posted Wed 17 Oct 2012 10.35am by brian

Have had mine for 20 odd yrs, Thing that gets my back up, is the total lack of understanding, From health care workers, but most of all the general public. Was asked to leave the swimming baths a few years ago, cos some one complained. shot me down, never been since. which was my only joy, and exercise.

Posted Wed 17 Oct 2012 9.33pm by edoswick

I have had psoriasis for 5 years but latest outbreak like nothing i've had before - spreading from my elbows and knees, itching, behind ears etc - i am 33 and a teacher and finding it all a bit tough at mo!

Posted Tue 30 Oct 2012 2.52am by mmontero

i have scalp psoriasis for over a year now. It,s making me feel so miserable.....

Posted Sat 10 Nov 2012 9.15pm by pfhilton
Have sufferred with Plaque Psoraisis since my late teens

Hi, I've had mine since I was a teenager. Am lucky as it mainly affects my torso and legs so it easy to cover. I do have a patch above one of my elbows which can be seen but it's not obvious. I used Betnovate and Dovonex for years and got on well with them Doctor recently changed my prescription to Dovobet. Seems to work well and has the advantage of only needing to be applied once a day. Anyone else using it, how are you getting on with it?

Posted Wed 5 Dec 2012 9.39am by cjw
im 32 and have had it since i was 2 ,i have had times when i wont go out the door coz its on my face and i get embrassed!

hi,im 32 and have had it since i was 2 ,so 30 yrs now,i get it on my scalp,arms ,legs,ears and face,have tryed many treatments none of which help but do find mine is worse in the winter xx

Posted Thu 6 Dec 2012 3.29pm by petlamb

In terms of my scalp psoriasis, constantly since at least 10 so that's 14+ years. My shins have been on and off in that time, over about the last 10 years I have also been affected to a varying (increasing) extent by a patch of inverse psoriasis. More recently I've had patches come up on abdo, arms and back too. Bah.

Posted Mon 10 Dec 2012 7.24pm by GregB
I have suffered with Psoriasis permanently for over 30 years

It feels like a lifetime, although thinking about it I suppose it virtually is. I've had the dreaded P for 26 years since I was 15. I feel short-changed by the term 'Flare up' mine has been permanent it's never improved or worsened although is pretty acute virtually everywhere - although fortunately none of the plaques are visible on areas not covered by long sleeved clothing and trousers. So during all these years only a handful of people actually know I have the condition - although like most people I'm sure we all think everyone in the world has x-ray vision and can see beneath our clothing and instantly spot the hideous P. I've had an assortment of creams, lotions, ointments, preparations solutions and diets but none of these have cleared the problem completely. Only Dovobet Ointment seems to reduce the plaques slightly, although realistically it’s pointless taking it as the effect of the treatment is only slightly noticeable. Strangely though I was in hospital around 15 years ago I had a severe foot infection and had a few days in hospital to receive a course of IV antibiotics after a few days I noticed the Psoriasis was beginning to improve and for a 2 week period after this it noticeably improved to the point where it had vanished completely on my arms although within a month it was back again. Around 6 years ago I received PUVA treatment, I was extremely sceptical but it cleared COMPLETELY. I was completely amazed I assumed that if it did ever clear up I'd be left with some kind of visible markings or blemished but there was not a mark in sight, unfortunately within 4 months it gradually started to return and creams etc were powerless at preventing it worsening. So it seems like everyone else here after all these years I'm stuck with it.

Posted Sun 16 Dec 2012 7.44pm by itworkedforme

try going wheat and gluten free for just two weeks and see if your psoriasis clears,i did, and mine has now gone after 40 years!

Posted Thu 3 Jan 2013 4.59pm by mike26
it has had a life changing impact on my life,and now so bad i cant do my job .

hi all just joined site. i have psoratic arthritis & plantar fasciitis (foot pain) started when i turned 50,the psoriasis ive got is very mild 3 places( knees ,lower back, and behind ears) the last couple of years ive been geting slower & harder to do my job(walking about like a man of 99) working with ladders didnt help,then had accident last year to shoulder phizzio said damaged my rotary cuff mustle. then came the arthritis im 60 now didnt know this could follow (but do now) ive got it in 6to7 places and very on methotrexate/ oral steroids/folic acid. (hope thay work)couldnt walk yesterday probabley have to get leg drained (fluidon knee) and steroid jab .(hope it works 4 me) ive also had sulfasalazine but had to stop taking them(low white blood cell count) on this site we can talk about PsA everyone knows about the horible condition. just gota keep fighting it & keep on top of it your roomy will help keep regular blood test while on meds. good whishes all mike26

Posted Wed 16 Jan 2013 3.55pm by richie88

Had a bout of Guttate P covering most of my body 15 monts ago. Almost cleared with light treatment, went working away and didnt finish the full course. Came back 3 months later, dianosed as chronic plaque p. Will this ever go? I am having light treatment again, which seems to be clearing most of my body but keep getting outbreaks of smaal plaques on the inside of my arms. Infact they seem to be small plaques all over when I get an outbreak. Any advice please

Posted Thu 17 Jan 2013 8.31pm by sammy
hands and foots

Hi mine starts when i was 13 years old. I have P for 23 years now.

Posted Sun 20 Jan 2013 2.32am by ElliotFR
All my life...

I have had psoriasis all my life and I am now 28. It started off as a child just being on my scalp but as I got older it spread all over my body.. I cannot remember what type of psoriasis I have but it is widely spread all over. I have only just realized that it majorly helps to moisturize the affected areas after a bath by stopping it drying out, Does anyone else have any good tips? I am currently having light therapy. I also feel very conscious of wearing shorts this coming summer as it has spread more since last year.

Posted Mon 21 Jan 2013 12.32pm by Sarah09 (edited Mon 2 Jun 2014 12.29pm by mavisann)
I have had psoriasis since I was 4 years old....currently 30 years!

I was diagnosed when I was 4 years old, 34 now so I've had psoriasis for 30 years. 30 long, painful, itchy, demoralising isolating years. Hospitalised & treated like an infectious leper by archaic paediatric medical "professionals" as a 7 year old, put on display by a different "expert" for her medical students as a developing 12 year old. Finally, at 21, treated by someone who understood the psychological causes as well as the physiological. Because I've had it since childhood, most people I grew up with never really commented on it & I was lucky enough that school wasn't too bad. It wasn't until I was 26 & training to be a nurse that I met with the ignorance & discrimination that I knew I was lucky to avoid until this time. My surprise was that it was from experienced medical personnel. They made me ashamed, not of my skin, but of the profession I was training to be a part of. I was isolated from certain placements & learning opportunities. But, thanks to my fantastic friends & family, I persevered & triumphed in the end! I took great satisfaction in knowing certain people had to eat their words when it came to me! Now, I'm happy in myself & my life & my psoriasis has never been as good as it is now!! Thanks for reading if u got this far, my journey has been a long 1!

Posted Wed 23 Jan 2013 4.49pm by Joalpin
I Have had psoriasis since I was two years old (now 33) this has affected me in many ways and stopped me from doing lots of activities in wh

I have had it for 31 years, I get it everywhere and in winter it goes twice as bad. it's awful but you just have to get on with life as nothing seems to clear it up. It's the reaction of other people which annoying some people are so uncaring and act like you have some skin eating disease

Posted Sat 2 Feb 2013 0.39am by juddpig86
had psoriasis since i was 11, i'm now 26, after having my son 2 years ago it has become so widespread im waiting for light treatment for the

Im new to this site but already I can't believe how refreshing it is to be amongst people with psoriasis, I wake up most mornings thinking it's just me, but it's so nice to be able to sit, relax and 'speak' about something that seems so taboo with some people. I've had psoriasis since the age of 11, i'm now 26 and it's currently the worst i've ever had it, waiting on light treatment for the 2nd time. i feel so bad some days that even getting on public transport to go to work just makes me want to cry there are too many small minded people in this world.

Posted Tue 12 Feb 2013 2.17pm by carinabalbo

Hi all, This post may seem a bit off-topic, but please do not report it as abuse. I am conducting at the moment, which might be of any help to you in the long term. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Carina Balbo and I am the Local Project Manager (in the UK) of the MAPI INSTITUTE, based in Lyons, France. At the moment, I need to conduct cognitive interviews to 5 patients based in the UK who suffer from NAIL or PLAQUE PSORIASIS, and by reading some of your posts I thought I found the right people. The aim of these interviews is initially to discuss the wording of self-administered questionnaires used to detect patients with this disease. They were designed in the USA and adapted to UK English. We now have to "pilot" them to make sure they can be understood by all patients. I assure you everything is SERIOUS, and confidentiality is 100% guaranteed. To those of you who are reading this post, and would like to collaborate in this project, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and/or a reference letter: Many thanks in advance. Carina

Posted Wed 20 Feb 2013 4.43am by Rosie85
I have had psoriasis since I was born

Hi there all I'm new to this site I've had p since I w as born and I'm now 28 I've had times when it has Complety go away and times when it's been so bad I've wanted to chop my hands off to stop me from scratching my arms legs hads belly off, I still don't really understand p and at the moment I've had a very bad allergie to a hair die and my p has really started to flare up I have no idea how to stop the itching or anything been to the doc but nothing is working please if anyone has any ideas I would be great full it's got to a point were I can't sleep and I have two beautiful boys to look after its taking it's toll........ Sorry to have cut in like this x

Posted Thu 21 Feb 2013 6.24pm by Rosie85
I have had psoriasis since I was born

Hi there I've had p since I was born and I'm 28now it has come and gone for me but when it flares up it dose it with vengents it covers almost all my body it's a nightmare I ha v two beautiful boys and I am one of 6 sibling and the only one with it I get so excited when it clears up its so nice and that manly happend when I was carrying my children and been to a hot country or when the sun is out I find the sun really works but I can get so depressed over my p and not want to live the house I don't know anyone who has it so can't confined in anyone and I've change my doc so many times as they don't know much about p just recently I've found a doc that has told me there are new ways to treat p and there are new cream but what I really need is a new body grrrrrrrr

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2013 7.11pm by Sammy27
Have had psoriasis since I was a baby

I've had psoriasis since I was a baby and I'm 25 now. I've got it full body. My face is much better but is lighter where the psoriasis was :(

Posted Sat 23 Mar 2013 7.57pm by Dave
To cut a long story short, psoriasis ruined my life when i was just a teenager.

23 years! Got no real treatment for it at first, just given a crappy tub of coal tar cream, told it's incurable and i'd have it for the rest of my life. I was understandably devastated as i was just a teenager. The worst feeling i've ever experienced.

Posted Thu 28 Mar 2013 7.13pm by 11thdoctordrew
I've had psoriasis for 15 years.

I've had Psoriasis for 15 years. Thankfully these days it's less severe. Been on various creams, but I've found Aloe Vera and Bio-Oil to be one of the few things to lessen it.

Posted Fri 29 Mar 2013 3.18pm by Jrn1862
It's affected by confidence, affected relationships and generally been a royal pain in the backside since I was 18. That's 22 years and coun

I've had guttate psoriasis since I was 12, although only 'extensively' since I was 18. I'm 40 next week and pretty much every area of my body is still affected, including my face when i'm really run down. I've been using Dovobet for the last 10 years, once a day every day initially but only a couple of times a week for the last few years, to control it. It never goes completely but a bit of sun and relaxation helps for a short while. Overall I think I'm lucky compared to others with the condition. Bit worried about some of the other posts on the the threads on this website about how nasty Dovobet is though, although I've not noticed any skin thinning etc. My GP just keeps signing the repeat prescription - when I do see him he just says keep using it if it works!?! Anyone else have the same issue? I'm thinking about trying a change in diet for the hell of it. Any views on the non-dairy, loads of green veg, no red food or sugar route?

Posted Fri 29 Mar 2013 4.47pm by Rach

I've had it since I was a child, It flares up now and again when I'm stressed out but not as bad as what it was when I was younger, I had to go to hospital when I was in school I was totally covered in it and was kept in hosp for a week, they gave me daily baths and would put wrap me up in bandages after using coal tar (I think it was coal tar) and then after that I was getting UV treatment, A couple of years later when I was having trouble in work it flared up again and had to get UV treatment. I just joined the site today and its great to read stories and be able to relate to people who are going through the same.

Posted Fri 5 Apr 2013 9.23am by leebailey008

I've tried almost everything that claims to cure/treat Psoriasis over the last 24 years. I have stopped beating myself up and gradually accepted that this was here to stay and it's about managing rather than curing. I do not believe in quick fixes and potions that lead us into temptation of parting (with yet another £60 or so) only to find Psoriasis Dave have proved yet again, it's a fake and praying on the fear of " this might be the one". £1000's maybe £10,000's and that's just my shopping basket over the years - Skin Cap, Blue Cap, steroids, ointments , prayers (although I do admit the last one is a long shot) ! Above is a very shortened and unemotional version of the last twenty odd years , which brings me to presebt day and CHD-FA (Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid) Layman's Introduction; The definition of what CHD-FA is should help people who do not know the product. CHD-FA is different in important ways from environmental sources of Fulvic Acid (see also the home page) and so definitions are given for both CHD-FA and Fulvic and Fulvic Acid from other sources. CHD-FA is used primarily in human health products. Therefore it has been necessary to provide a short explanation of the role of Bacteria and Viruses in human health and disease. Much of human aging and disease is due to high levels of free-radicals in the body. These are produced by the body when it expends energy and can be harmful if not removed. The way in which free radicals are removed is by anti-oxidants of which CHD-FA is a powerful example. CHD-Fa is also anti-inflammatory and therefore a description of inflammation is included to assist in understanding the anti-inflammatory properties of CHD-FA. Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA) Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid is a name that possibly sounds difficult to understand and maybe even dangerous. Carbohydrates are substances like bread, potatoes, and sugar (but CHD-FA contains no sugar so diabetics do not need to be concerned). Secondly, "acid" refers to safe-to-use types of acid such as vinegar or lemon juice and not dangerous kinds of acid. So what the name means is Fulvic Acid that is derived from a carbohydrate source. Fulvic Fulvic ~word origin: [ful < Old English < full] full of, characterized by, having the qualities of, having the ability or tendency to, apt to [vic < Old French < vicaire < change] alteration, to bend, to change. Also [fulvus ] deep yellow, reddish yellow, golden, or tawny colour. ~definition: Fulvic is an extremely complex bioactive yellow organic substance, the ultimate aerobic decomposition product of all living matter, with unusual and exceptional qualities and abilities to change, alter, molecularly combine with, or act upon virtually all other organic and inorganic matter. Having the characteristics of fusion at the molecular level. Fulvic Acid Fulvic Acid~description: An extremely bioactive low molecular weight yellow substance that is the end product of decomposition of all once living matter, which is readily water soluble and soluble in both acid and base, and at all pH levels. Consists of extremely complex molecules made up of microbial exudates and highly protective and seemingly immortal plant phytochemicals which are combined and recombined during the humification (decomposition) process, requiring digestion by at least three different species and successive generations of appropriate species of microbes, ultimately becoming the most complex natural substance on Earth. Also contains latent solar energy hidden deep within its complex molecular structure, which originated from photosynthesis of the plants of origin, which is partly responsible for the most unusual properties and bioactive nature of fulvic acids. More correctly called Fulvic Acids (plural), because Fulvic Acid is not a single consistent substance, but is a highly varied and complex substance reflecting the nature of the plant and animal species of origin, and also the nature of the specific species of microbes responsible for its creation during the humification process. Some key points to remember are; Fulvic Acid falls under the umbrella of naturally occuring “Humic Substances” – those organic compounds that arise from the decomposition of organic material in the environment. Fulvic Acid is that unique fraction of Humic Substances that is soluable in water at all pH values. Fulvic Acid is characterised by having low pH, low molecular weight & high Cation Exchange Capacity. Fulvic Acid is a colloidal material that can withstand both high & low temperatures. Fulvic Acid has, amongst others, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antioxidant activity. CHD-FA is derived from a carbohydrate source, and is totally clear of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants usually found in other forms of fulvic acid. Antioxidant An Antioxidant is a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons from a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals, which start chain reactions that damage cells. Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit other oxidation reactions by being oxidized themselves. As a result, antioxidants are often reducing agents such as thiols or polyphenols. Although oxidation reactions are crucial for life, they can also be damaging; hence, plants and animals maintain complex systems of multiple types of antioxidants, such as glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E as well as enzymes such as catalase, superoxide dismutase and various peroxidases. Low levels of antioxidants, or inhibition of the antioxidant enzymes, causes oxidative stress and may damage or kill cells. I've been taking CHD-FA for the last 3 days both in a topical form (gel) and ingesting (liquid 1 teaspoon a day) both taste disgusting !However, Since the scales have subsided and the redness decreased to almost nothing (remember only 3 days so far) and to boot it's all organic ! Guy's if you would like to know more just ask I'm not here to say I've found a cure and the holy grail - it doesn't exist but I've found something that definitively works for me and maybe for you! Just keeping the information flowing.............

Posted Fri 5 Apr 2013 11.42pm by Circlecaster
Had it since I was 3 years old. Have it constantly on my elbows and knees but do get terrible flare-ups now and again on my face, body and s

I've had Psoriasis since I was 3 (I'm 31 now). I've tried every cream going, but funnily enough I find the more I put cream on (I use E45) the worse it breaks out. I leave mine alone and it eases off by itself. I do have to moisturise my face every day before applying make up as I have it on my face and along my hairline. My dad has it terribly though.

Posted Tue 9 Apr 2013 11.56am by Peaches81
I've been affected by the condition since I was 8years old it itchy and somewhat pain at times. Also there are the aesthetic issues as I use

I've had psoriasis for 23 years and its only in the past year I've managed to get it completely under control. I use La Roche Posay's Lipikar Baume and their Cicaplast treatment. As well as this I go for seaweed bath treatments once a month. I have the condition in patches over my body

Posted Fri 26 Apr 2013 11.35am by Trudge
Three years.

I have had psoriasis for three years now, since my final year of school and i'm now in my final year of University. Over time it has gotten better, and much more manageable when I stopped using treatment medication, creams and moisturisers. When it gets itchy or flaky, I apply a small amount of Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream and let that soak. I only ever use this when I deem it 100% neccessary, otherwise I don't use anything else on my skin - ever!

Posted Sat 11 May 2013 6.57pm by simkn1960
Only ever seem to have major flares and the last one ended with 6 wks hospital admission.

have only ever had 3 flares, the first after I lost my dad, the second due to stress at work and joy of joy right now! My last flare ended with a 6 week hospital admission for dithro treatment. The relief that something was getting done was a wonderful feeling and to be with others living with pso was very positive. I am seeing a Dermy Cons on tuesday to plan my treatment for this flare, fingers crossed we can get it sorted without an in patient stay! To anyone new to pso or who are having a flare remeber to keep positive, dont let it beat you and always have a really good hoover to hand!! Flaring and laughing in its plaquing face lol!

Posted Wed 15 May 2013 8.34pm by Annie_kelvyn
I have had psoriasis since I was 11 years old, it has affected me badly while at school and till this date I'm now 28 and have it badly on m

I have had pso since I was 11 years old and have use soooo many creams and steroids at the moment I'm using devobet and dovonex which are working so far, I have read up its to do with your diet I was wanting to find out if its true as I want to try out if cutting out certain foods will help, I'm now 28 and just want to feel more confident going out with out covering up,

Posted Wed 29 May 2013 3.59pm by katey34
i have had psorasis for 16 years now and right now i am covered in it. it is really getting me down and its got to the point where i dont wa

ive has psorasis for 16 years now and although ive had loads of different treatments it never seems to clear up

Posted Sun 23 Jun 2013 8.48pm by madworld
It has prevented me from taking part in activities that involve showing skin. Also it has affected my confidence and lead to feelings of wit

22 years for me, give or take. I was quite a sensitive caring young man but quickly realised that the only way to hide was to create a wall I could pull up at will. Its like me lite I'm still me but the me who is prepared to cynically self deprecate myself in an effort to avoid social disapproval.

Posted Fri 28 Jun 2013 10.07am by Annette
psoriatic arthritis

i have been diagnosed about 2 years, i was told it was my weight and if i was to loose i would not longer be in pain!( i do realise extra weight does not help) after a visit to see the Nurse Practitioner i was sent to see a consultant and here i am now, but finding this site today has already answered a lot of questions .

Posted Wed 17 Jul 2013 10.24pm by BIGJOE


Posted Mon 22 Jul 2013 10.33am by ELangford
Mild psoriasis from birth, escalated in 20s, tho helped by keeping skin cool and wearing cotton vests. Diagnosed with Psa in 2012

Now 47 but had it as long as I can remember on scalp. About 12 years ago it flared up on my torso and elbows, occasionally on legs and arms. Last year I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in both ankles, knees, wrists and one elbow, though have had minor symptoms for two years before then. Extreme tiredness and stiffness in the morning were the most disturbing. It's good to know what it is. I mananged to reduce skin effects down by avoiding the skin getting too hot and noticed when on steriods for Arthritis my skin became soft again. I'm still working through treatment for PA - especially as I moved house and changed county, GP and consultants. It takes 3-4 months for some of the tablets to take effect but grateful to be referred relatively quickly. Elaine

Posted Wed 4 Sep 2013 9.40am by Hardyboater

Ive had p for 25+ years. Just about every where poss. I find it very dificult living with it :) also been suffering from depression.

Posted Sat 7 Sep 2013 1.23pm by danakieran1989
i have psoriasis in my hair, down my finger and toe nails, on my face and coming down my torso

i developed psoriasis at 16. it started in my hair... now it is down my finger/toe nails, on my face and starting on my torso... i have had lots of people telling me not to scratch it and to be gentle when washing my hair but i think that is stupid... i personally think that scratching and using my nails when washing my hair has done me much more good... i have tried not to do this and i have found that it doesn't help me at all

Posted Fri 13 Sep 2013 9.03pm by AQ
Suffer from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

28 years, but it's usually just anything up to 20 smallish patches on my body. My head is quite bad tho - and I've recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

Posted Wed 2 Oct 2013 10.57pm by simmons86
I have eruptive xanthomas. Not psoriasis but still same stigma and hiding with clothes.

I have replied to this thread and will probably get yelled at or run off for it. My problem is not psoriasis, but rather eruptive xanthomas. Had them for about 2 years. Can't find any support groups or info about treating them from the outside. Doctor just wants to shove statins down my throat, that don't work, and make me feel miserable. I know about hiding under clothes, using any kind of wash or soap that never works I am tired and they hurt all the time. Anyone on here know of any support groups, because I cant find them. I feel all alone.

Posted Thu 3 Oct 2013 5.15pm by Sue
I have had psoriasis on my feet since I was 26yrs the last 18 months I now have it on my leg, palm of my hands, my ear and my scalp.

I've had psoriasis on my feet for 30 years..and in the last 18 months I have it in my ear, my scalp, one of my legs and on the palms of my hands ...

Posted Wed 16 Oct 2013 1.19pm by sarah
my 15 year old daughter suffers with scalp and ear psoriasis, and gets worst with stress and people treating her like shes dieased

Our daughter is 15 and was diagnosed about 2 years ago, when kept misdiagnosing her with nits, and referred her to hospital to find she had psoriasis, she finds it hard as has scalp psoriasis and kids at her school treat her like shes dieased as is pretty bad at times and behind her ear/and inside and get infections all the time. now has no confidence in herself glad she will be able to read these and no shes not on her own

Posted Sat 16 Nov 2013 5.54pm by mandy919
I was arrested in April of this year and I started noticing red spots all over my body. I was incarcerated for about 3 months before anyone

I was arrested in April of this year and I started noticing red spots all over my body. I was incarcerated for about 3 months before anyone at the jail could tell me what it was. While ii was locked up I got questioned daily about the spots. It was very embarrassing. Since I've been home i still have the same spots all over and ive pretty much turned into a hermit. I hate when people ask me what's wrong with me and act like I'm contagious.

Posted Tue 19 Nov 2013 2.28pm by Ashby-Ally
Have had psoriasis for 53 years. It flares up in or after times of stress. Lesions bad in scalp, backs of legs and elbows. For no apparent r

I'e had mine for 53 years. It began when I was 5 years old with the arrival of a sibling. Vanished overnight when I was 8. Returned when we moved house when I was 11 and it's been with me ever since. My youngest sister also suffers from it, but hers responds to very different treatments. I'm the 'coal tar baby', she's the 'steroid girl'. Mine is better in the sun, hers is worse. We've learnt not to expect miracles, to be open minded re treatment, and get on with life as it is.

Posted Sun 24 Nov 2013 6.53pm by sally_shaw
i have had psoriasis for 5 years now, it started as small red spots on my legs and a few on my arms and body, for this I used dovobet ointme

I have had it for 5 years now, got it when I was 23. started as small red spots on my legs and spread from there, now its red spots and blotches about an inch round, I also developed it on my scalp which started when I was 27 (about a year ago), I am a 28 year old female so having red blotches all over my legs is a nightmare, also the scalp psoriasis is a problem too as I have alapeisha last year where I lost a patch of my hair, noew I can feel my hair is thinning again and worry that its coming back, I have psoriasis on my scalp and went to see my GP ..... he says the scalp psoriasis may cause me to lose my hair through my alapeisha. i hate it!

Posted Mon 16 Dec 2013 7.36pm by s33girl
I have it covering my scalp, eyes, ears, belly button, knees, feet, pubic region also on my bum which destroys my confidance and makes me a

I have had it since i was born (I'm now nearly 22) it started out as just on my scalp but as i got older it has spread with small patches over my body it mainly cover my scalp, ears, eyes, belly button, the top of my feet and also on my backside which is very uncomfortable. I do often get flares up in my pubic region, elbows and knees which does effect my relationship most of the time due to how painful it does get. I didnt go to uni as i was afraid of my psoriasis getting worse as it was starting to get out of control while i was studing in school.

Posted Tue 14 Jan 2014 6.50pm by vstable
I have severe psoriasis on my feet and hands, plus patches on calves and elbows.... it is painful all the time.

Chinese Herbs?? I have just started a course of the revolting brew, for the second time in 20 years.... I don't remember them working very well first time around, but I was pretty desperate and having some acupuncture for a painful arm, and the Chinese doctor talked me into the first months worth - maybe they're different this time! Anyway, I am wondering what other people's experience of taking them are? I have done three days, and the itching on my feet and hands is calming down, so that is something.... I will report back.

Posted Fri 31 Jan 2014 11.48am by trev
ive been affected with psoriasis for over 30 years and soratic arthuritus for about 20 years had toe amputated bone taken out of thumb

hi there ive had psoriasis for iver 30 years with all treatment out there and operations for psoratic arthritis and still haveing so much treatment

Posted Wed 19 Feb 2014 8.52pm by clareeade
I have psoriasis and I am about to start UVB light therapy.

I have had psoriasis on my scalp for as long as I can remember. On my body it started on my elbows 16 years ago and pregnancy was my stresser. It slowly spread to most common areas but became very bad recently when I quit smoking. I am now constantly uncomfortable and 50% covered. After many infections and complications I was finally sent to a dermatologist who has been amazing. I was given coconut oil for my scalp and within a week I had no plaque at all!! I was given Dovabet for my body and it helped so much but I could only use it for a week. then I was given coal Tar. I did 2 days with that and binned it. I am now starting UVB therapy and cant wait. Fingers crossed this will help me. P.S I have just joined this group but reading all your stories makes me feel so much less alone x

Posted Sun 2 Mar 2014 8.50pm by viffanytu
I have psoriasis all over my body since I was about 5. I'm 16 now so it's been a while.

I've had it since I was about 5 and now I'm 16.

Posted Tue 11 Mar 2014 7.14pm by Anita
I have had it for many years and sometimes it has made me very depressed, I have had so many different medications the latest being methotre

I have had psoriasis over 30 years, it started when I had my first baby, I have been able to control it up until recently when I developed psoriatic arthritis and the put me on methotrexate, the side effects of this terrible drug were horrendous and I had to come off it quite quickly since then I have had the worst flare up of psoriasis I have ever had !! I am considering taking a biologic to treat the psoriasis and arthritis together as after researching the new biologics I think they are the way forward for this awful illness. In the usa the biologics are the first thing they use as they say they are the best and the only reason they don't use them in uk is COST, that is why you have to have tried everything else (including the nasty cheap methotrexate which I call poison by the way ) before the doctors will give you a biologic drug.

Posted Wed 26 Mar 2014 5.50pm by Georje
I have had all types of Psoriasis and I now have PsA

From reading all the posts relating to the heading it would appear that I win the badge holder for the longest with psoriasis! My age is 60 nearly 61 and have had PsO since the day I was born, so my immune system has been shot to pieces since then, I also have IBS - D, another auto immune disease and was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2010. I have had all forms of the skin disease and it looks as though I am getting all forms of the bone disease. I am currently taking Entercept by injection per week and Leflunomide by tablets. It was supposed to clear my skin as well, which it did to start with unfortunately it is now back. I have taken it that this skin disease will be with me until the day I die as all medication appears to not want to clear it any way. As to the PsA that has been reduced from 0-10 to 0-5 on the scale for pain. Fatigue is still a major concern as I can only do a little bit at a time. I had to give up work completely as I could no longer cope, it was bad enough trying to get out of bed in the morning without trying to work on top of that! Thank you for reading and getting to the end.

Posted Thu 27 Mar 2014 8.12am by Boog
Had it since I was about 10, am grown up now and still up and down with it, bored now… Had lots of help including psychodermatology which h

Feels like a 100 years some days… started about 10, am 54 now, so 44 years and have tried everything there is. Drugs gave me my life back for a short while when I had totally had enough, but I love life more than my vanity and decided to tough it out because drugs are also a huge compromise. Being without it was a wonderful break though...

Posted Wed 2 Apr 2014 8.56pm by isy9512
Psoriasis mainly on my arms, self-conscious especially in summer, embarrassed which prevents me from taking my hoodie or jumper off when I'm

Hi I'm 18 and I've had psoriasis for roughly around 8 years. I used to have it on my back and legs and it just disappeared suddenly and so now I just have it on my arms and a bit on my face, I would like to get to know and chat with anyone who is a similar age to me and perhaps lives in the same area as well (Oxfordshire) my email is if anyone around my age or the same area would like to chat :) we could also chat on face book if your interested, let me know Isy xxx

Posted Tue 27 May 2014 1.31pm by susan191052
Calves elbows 7 scalp particularly affected

I believe I first had psoriasis when I was about 15 (though it was diagnosed as being allergic to my own earwax as cylindrical pieces of skin came out of my ear canal! It real started up when I had my second child when I was 33. Since then it has been an ongoing saga. My psoriasis is currently the worst it has ever been and I have had psi arthritis for 2 years now.

Posted Wed 28 May 2014 5.26am by Deejay
Hello,im deejay 32 and have had it since i was in college years,i get it on my scalp, back and legs,have tryed many treatments but the effec

Keep it up sarah. Cheers!!!

Posted Mon 2 Jun 2014 12.27pm by wani1981
how? dont know? :)

i had it for last 6 years, for first few months i thought its just my dry skin. then gradually it became worse. only my joints (knee n elbow) got effected 1st, then my skull , my ears, palm, back. i started my treatment with allopathic medicine (doctor). these creams include steroids, which are only temporary relief but when you leave them , psorasis sticks back 2 to 3 times more the actual one, then after 1.5 year i shifted to homeopathic. used it for one year, my psorises got improved but my over all immune system got weaker, i started facing huge pimples on my skin, on my eye in my nose. very painful. i left the homeopathic medicine and that pimple never came back. one day my wife told me that there is a cure in herbal medicine in china. i had a customer in china so i asked him about this. he gave me a positive answer. normally once or twice a year i do visit china for business reason, so i decided that this time i will visit the herbal doctor. last year april 2013 i visited them , i stayed there for 3 years, that doctor sits every sunday. he gave me medicine for a week and after one week he checked me and then gave me medicine. he also gave me a diet plan (what not to eat). i gave back to my country with 2 months medicine,. i stayed with the diet n medicine for 7 months. 95 % psorises where gone. doctor told me that this psoriese is stubborn skin disease, it will take time but it will go. after 7 months i stopped the diet n medicine. for next 3 months all was good, then i had to go to germany for business in feb. i stayed there for 10 dayz , due to cold it came out again. my skin was effected, but its not like i had in start. its limited, now this april i when to china again and now im using herbal medicine again, its almost 2 months im using the medicine and now its getting better again. its 100% herbal, you have to boil the herbal and filter the water and have to drink the water twice a day. this is my story and i would love to share this in more detail if someone wants to. my email is

Posted Wed 4 Jun 2014 12.07pm by emloujenki
I've suffered with psoriasis since I was 10 and I am now 32. I have and still do suffer from depression and have no self confidence. I feel

Hi I've recently join this forum and thought I'd share... I've had Pso since I was 10 years old, which is now 22 years ago! It's never gone and made a massive impact on my life. I suffer with depression and other health issue because of it.

Posted Mon 30 Jun 2014 1.49am by Slcjam3
I have it everywhere, but the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet are the worst. They are very painful most days. There's days I just w

I have had what I will call baby flare ups for several years, but it would clear up. Then about 6 years ago the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet started to break out. I have had good days and bad since then, but this past year has really been terrible. My job requires me to be on my feet and the use of my hands all day. The itching is horrible and they are very painful right now. There are times I just want to cry and times I just do.i have been to a dermatologist and been diagnosed and have used just about every cream out there most don't help they just make them dry out more. I am willing to try anything. HELP........

Posted Wed 30 Jul 2014 3.11pm by Suki-87
I have had psoriasis on my scalp since I was 14 years old

I have had it since I was 14 on my scalp and now I am 27. its not as bad as it used to be, I have learnt to manage it better. it has gone on to my eyebrows now, causing the hair to fall out. dreading what will happen when I am left with no eyebrows! I use pure coconut oil on scalp it does help me so if you haven't already given it a try I deffo recommend...

Posted Mon 4 Aug 2014 1.06am by charlotte
pustular psoriasis

Like another commentator I have only recently been diagnosed with palm and planter p after 37 years! 1st it was eczema and 2 years ago athlete's foot (even I knew the GP got that wrong). Recently it became v bad and I found it had moved to my right foot and hands as well so went to visit a new GP who diagnosed it in a second. I've been given Dovobet cream, but only intend to use it for a month, once daily and I will wean off it in the 4th week because I know frequent use of steroids can be harmful. I have thought that trying a gluten free diet might help. Certainly my condition has become worsened since the removal of my gall bladder which is all connected to the gut. As a hairdresser it is difficult to keep my hands moisturised because the cream would transfer to the clients hair. also I have seen clients with the most awful flare ups on the face and head so, for me having it on my hands and feet doesn't seem so bad compared to some who, must suffer so much more than me. I am certain that there will be a complete cure and probably sooner than later in the form of stem cell treatment. One thing is for sure; I'm not going to let it get me down.

Posted Tue 7 Oct 2014 9.46pm by lilycole786
Yes I have it on my scalp and I have lots of hairloss with it ....

Im 19 now and it started from the age of 4 so for 15 years

Posted Sat 18 Oct 2014 2.01pm by NaomiRDaw
I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis since I was 3 years old.

I've been diagnosed with psoriasis since I was 3, I'm 19 next year. So 16 years.

Posted Wed 22 Oct 2014 9.48am by Thombears

I've had psoriasis since I was 14 years old. I am now 47 and have only been psoriasis free for 3 short periods during the past 33 years: once when I was 15 and had phototherapy, once when I was pregnant and once 2 summers ago when for some reason it just went away on its own for around 4 weeks. I usually get it on my elbows and knees like most people but this year I have been covered from head to foot and so flaky I feel like a sausage roll!

Posted Wed 22 Oct 2014 2.43pm by David67
I am a mild suffer but it sometimes stops me going out and enjoying swimming which I love.

I've had it for 47 years - so all of my life. I think I am a mild sufferer with the occasional patches here and ther but Over the last 10 years or so I have had a ridiculously persistent patch on my left shin which is approx hand sized. I've used Dovobet and am now using Silkis. Neither of which seems to be doing the trick. It's gettign me down at the moment.

Posted Wed 3 Dec 2014 2.21am by Jimin26

i have had it for 14 years now i was diagnosted when i was 9 years old and i still can't accept the fact to have it

Posted Wed 3 Dec 2014 2.44am by nensianne
Hi. I'm Nensi. i have this skin disease for 9 years now. Because of this i can't wear clothes that shows off my skin. It started in my sculp

I've had it for 9 years now. It started on my sculp like a dandruff and now it is all over my body. The sad thing is i can no longer wear clothes that shows of my skin and can no longer join pageants unlike before. The doctor said this disease is called psoriasis vulgaris.

Posted Sat 6 Dec 2014 12.40pm by donthogtheblog
I have suffered with it since I was about 12, and Still do till this day. It mainly affects my scalp. It hasn't just been the physical issue

I have just done a blog about Living with Psoriasis. I am 22 in a few months time and I have had since I was 11!

Posted Sat 6 Dec 2014 12.40pm by donthogtheblog
I have suffered with it since I was about 12, and Still do till this day. It mainly affects my scalp. It hasn't just been the physical issue

I forgot to add the link

Posted Mon 15 Dec 2014 10.05am by Jewels
I have had it on my scalp for about 30 years before that in my ears and the nail of one thumb.

Hi, Ive had it on my scalp for about 30 years, I remember having it as I left school and maybe had it before. When I was young (junior school) I had it in my ears and before that on one of my thumb nails. I think Ive now got proriatic arthritis which Ill be disusssing with my gp at my next appointment.

Posted Wed 17 Dec 2014 5.32am by AraceliFranco
I have been told that. Its just egsima..its in my mind I just want pain meds and that I just want attention...:'( :'(:'( I'm at my wits end

I NEED SOMEONE TO PLEASE HELP ME..ABOUT 5YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS PREGNANT about 6months into my pregnancy..and put on bed reset due too complications..I begain getting these burning red bumps on my back by my hurt so much for even my shert to touch.. My doctors assistant when I showed her she freaked out..stressed me out emberised the hell out of me and almost broke up my marriage...she yelled "eewe hurpies" it took her a week to find out it was shingles.. So a month later when I got these scailey patch's on my arms I was too scared to even bring it I never brought it up..It went away on its own and I had my Medicaid expired and I wasn't able to get it back..iv had joint pain for long b4 all of this but I had older brothers who beat me up and was a big tomboy growing up so I never put the two together... But about 3 year ago my joints hands feet knees ankles shoulder started swelling up ...and about 1year ago my dad was diagnosed with P. So I started looking into it..I started getting these scals in my scalp my hair is falling out and it hurts and itches...I have no way to get a real diegnosis I don't have money for insurance or appointments.. I'm in a lot of pain..everyday.. I feel like I'm going craz ..and at times I just want to "let go" :'( :'( :'(

Posted Fri 19 Dec 2014 6.27am by Edbad
I've had it since birth. My father suffered worse than myself but i suffer from outcrops on my arms, scalp, chest, back, shins, genitals, fe

I've had it since birth. My dad was a worse sufferer than me and it does seem to run in the family as my brother and two cousins also suffer but I seem to have got the worst. It keeps springing nasty surprises on me however, at 18 I got arthritis and at 24 it broke out on my face. I turn 30 in a couple of months, i just hope it's not planning another surprise!

Posted Sat 20 Dec 2014 4.08pm by 47psoyrs
I never wear dresses. It's jeans or slacks to church & every where else. I don't mind cause it's more comfortable & I've never been a "fancy

47 yrs. Look at my user name!

Posted Thu 25 Dec 2014 3.59am by 47psoyrs
I never wear dresses. It's jeans or slacks to church & every where else. I don't mind cause it's more comfortable & I've never been a "fancy

New to this site. How can I start a new thread? Is it possible to change my user name & password?

Posted Thu 25 Dec 2014 4.06am by 47psoyrs
I never wear dresses. It's jeans or slacks to church & every where else. I don't mind cause it's more comfortable & I've never been a "fancy

My user name says I've had pso for 47 yrs. Let's see, I was 5 mos. pregnant in 1967 when pso showed up. Drs. said it was just stress from my pregnancy but I knew better since my uncle had it. As time went on it became worse, & I was referred to a derm. by my GP.

Posted Thu 25 Dec 2014 4.12am by 47psoyrs
I never wear dresses. It's jeans or slacks to church & every where else. I don't mind cause it's more comfortable & I've never been a "fancy

I've had pso for 47 years. I first showed up when I was 5 mos. pregnant with my first baby. Doctors said it was just stress from the pregnancy but I knew better since my uncle had it. Mother had it also but just on her scalp.

Posted Thu 12 Feb 2015 12.47pm by Psoriasis Association (Admin) - from
Digital Communications Officer for the Psoriasis Association

Hi all, my name is Dominic and I work for the Psoriasis Association. Having read through the thread, I just wanted to take the chance to respond to a couple of the more recent queries and comments in here. Firstly, for the younger posters in this thread, if you're looking to chat to/share experiences with people of a similar age, we have another website, Psoteen, which is specifically for young people. The Psoteen website has its own forum which can be found here: Secondly, simmons86, to respond to your post directly, to find information and/or support groups for Eruptive Xanthoma, try contacting the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD). I'm assuming you're based in the UK? They will be best placed to direct you to the support you are seeking. Here is a link to their contact information: Thirdly, AraceliFranco, to respond to your post directly, try contacting our helpline by email at for information or advice. I notice you mentioned 'insurance' in your post which leads me to ask, are you based in the USA? If so, try contacting the USA's own National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF). They may be better placed to advise you about treatment options available in the US. Here's a link to their contact details: Finally, if anybody else reading this thread would like to contact us for information, advice or support, here's how to get in touch: Call our helpline on 08456 760 076 or email us at The helpline operates between 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday, and between 9am-4.30pm on Fridays.

Posted Fri 13 Feb 2015 7.20pm by Hunter84
I had psoriasis during ages 12-17, it then disappeared. I then was diagnosed with psoriatic athirtis in 2012 after a big flare up after ru

I was diagnosed in 2012, after a big flare up after running. It only affects my knee joints at the moment.

Posted Sat 14 Feb 2015 1.21pm by eli_gwyn
I developed a rare form when I was a teenager. I was hospitalized by the condition. I recovered and, since then, it has been a relatively mi

Hello! I've just signed up here while searching for treatments for ear psoriasis. I developed a rare form of p when I was a teenager and ended up in hospital for a couple of months. Since then, it has been a relatively minor problem, although often very tiring. All told, I've been a sufferer for around 29 years.

Posted Sat 14 Feb 2015 11.40pm by
Had psoriasis for 37 years! Recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Happy for any help I can get or give.

Hi, Just joined on here. I've had psoriasis for 37 years now. I've had all the treatments, but they either mess you up or if they do work it's only for a limited amount of time. I gave up having treatment about 10 years ago and just use moisturiser to keep it from cracking. Winter is always toughest for me. It can virtually disappear in the summer especially if I go in sea water! I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis about a year ago. Having severe issues with mobility now. I just try to keep active to keep it at bay. Cycling helps. I would swim, but my skin doesn't like the chlorine. I'm looking for a local support group in the Nottingham area if one is available.

Posted Sun 15 Feb 2015 9.08am by Sahana Subramaniam
Don't know I got it when I was 2 years old

I am having pso for over 11 years now Even I am a new member

Posted Wed 4 Mar 2015 8.45pm by mike
currently living with inflammed psorasis

Hi , I have had psoriasis for the past 2 years after a change in my housing circumstances.I have increasing patches over my body, and I have seen my GP once who prescribed a steroid cream and i have purchased various moisturisers to no avail. i am feeling very low in mood and unsure which step to take next,,,,

Posted Sat 7 Mar 2015 11.27am by ganj_chishtiya
I have solution of Psoriasis!

Hello everyone! any person who is effected by Psoriasis I have a great solution for them I have used "Jungle Herbal Ointment" I brought it from this website you never believe this it is working 100% for PSORIASIS ... I just want to say that you should use once. Thanks

Posted Mon 9 Mar 2015 4.58pm by rosieclements42

Had it since I was 8 years old.

Posted Thu 19 Mar 2015 9.13pm by Rachel
I have psoriasis.

Hi I've had mine so far for around 8 years however I'm only 14. It's got incredibly bad recently and covered a lot of my face which it has never done before. I take methotrexate which I did about 4 years ago as well and so far it hasn't been working and honestly my psoriasis has got worse more than anything else. If anyone has any advice id really appreciate it. Does food or anything effect it?

Posted Thu 23 Apr 2015 7.32am by richard
I suffer quite bad at the moment with psoriasis

I have had psoriasis since I was involved in a accident about 22 years ago

Posted Wed 20 May 2015 2.47pm by Dutson71
Since I was 5yrs old

Hi, I am 44 now and have Psoriasis since I was 5 and Psoriatic Arthritis since 21. I am guessing it will be with me for the rest of my life, well the PA anway, thats a given now,.

Posted Tue 9 Jun 2015 9.41pm by Mrs K
My hubby has had P for most of his adult life. I hate seeing him feeling down about it and have been reading up on treatments, coping mecha

My hubby has had P for most of his adult life. I hate seeing him feeling down about it and have been reading up on treatments, coping mechanisms and on how to support him.

Posted Wed 29 Jul 2015 1.10pm by Louise1989
23 Years

I've had Plaque Psoriasis for 22 years since the age of 3. Just broke out in Guttate recently within last few months. Covered head to toe including hair and face with both types of Psoriasis. I am now 25 nearly 26 and I never thought it would effect me but I am really feeling low and tired at the moment and it's making me really ill. I have been referred finally to the Dermatologist after trying 3 times to get an appointment( My mum came with me in the end). Does anyone have any anti-stress advice or any creams they can recommend until I hear back?

Posted Fri 21 Aug 2015 11.17pm by J7d
Plaque psoriasis 30 yrs

I have had plaque psoriasis for 30 years but it is nearly gone now after 14 months on the Pagano diet (Healing Psoriasis, a Natural Alternative by John Pagano). The diet recommended in this book has really worked for me and there is no looking back now, it has removed the fear of the disease together with the unsightly itchy patches. I advise you all to buy the book and try it for yourselves.

Posted Mon 7 Sep 2015 7.20am by dougie
i have it all over my body

hi all diet IS the answer i have given up eating wheat altogether if it has wheat i aviod it also i have given up cows milk and use almond milk which lasts longer as far as im concerned cows milk is for cows i also have a nutri bullet and have a healthy smoothie most days which include fruits of the forest,spinach and carrot with other fruits including banana you can buy frozen fruits including spinach so its fresh one other thing i do not drink tap water im sure that flouride is poison now the results of this prosess is my psoriasis is fading everywhere i believe if i keep this up it will go altogether i would definately recommend my fellow sufferers to give it a go it wont cost that much and could be the best thing ever let me know how your getting on god bless dougie

Posted Mon 7 Sep 2015 7.23am by dougie
i have it all over my body

hi all diet IS the answer i have given up eating wheat altogether if it has wheat i aviod it also i have given up cows milk and use almond milk which lasts longer as far as im concerned cows milk is for cows i also have a nutri bullet and have a healthy smoothie most days which include fruits of the forest,spinach and carrot with other fruits including banana one other thing i do not drink tap water im sure that flouride is poison now the results of this prosess is my psoriasis is fading everywhere i believe if i keep this up it will go altogether i would definately recommend my fellow sufferers to give it a go it wont cost that much and could be the best thing ever let me know how your getting on god bless dougie

Posted Mon 14 Sep 2015 12.35pm by LauraLeigh8415

I have had it since I was 18 Months old I am now 31 n half. it comes back and fore when I get stressed or excited about something like Christmas!! I think I also have Psoriatic arthritis but am awaiting a diagnosis!!!

Posted Mon 14 Sep 2015 7.40pm by ValerieBevan
I've had psoriasis since I was 10 years old. I'm now 30. My oldest son also had an out break of it around the time my second son was born.

Mine started when I was 10 I'm 30 next month. I've tried everything from light steroid creams to Methotrexate. I now only moisturise and I'm learning to just accept it and not torture myself trying to make it go when it's not going anywhere. ????????

Posted Wed 16 Sep 2015 7.09pm by Scotslass
10 years

I've suffered with psoriasis for around 10 years now. I've tried various lotions and potions but not much is helping. The best thing for me definitely seems to be sunshine. I've just returned from holiday and I've noticed a great improvement while away. Unfortunately this year was the first year I've felt really self conscious about my condition and found it very difficult to deal with people staring at me... They are so rude. So sadly after a few days I covered myself up while out in public and sunbathed on my balcony where I had privacy. I'm due to start my third lot of light therapy sessions next week which I'm sure will help and the dermatologist has recommended I have one block of sessions a year for the next 10/12 years. Hopefully this will help me manage the condition better. After reading lots of comments on here, I'm also going to try a gluten free diet to see if it improves my skin.

Posted Fri 18 Sep 2015 11.27am by Sehar khan
i dont exactly know

i have psoriasis for about 3 years and i am 15 years old

Posted Mon 21 Sep 2015 12.01pm by angeladodd29
i started getting psoriasis a small amount on my scalp last year now its eveywhwere even in the intmate places, this is getting me down so m

i only started getting P last year a small bi ton my scalp and now im covered, at 32 it has really got me down and im usually upbeat happy person, my sister has had it for 15 years and has had every treatment possible my GP has only given my lotions and postions at the moment but im in so much pain, can hardly wash my hair and just in general really lowering my self asteem x x x hope to hear from similar people or any other recommendations for the hot and painful areas x x angela x x

Posted Wed 23 Sep 2015 12.13pm by Quostone
1990 St Thomas' - 3 weeks - Guttae & Plaque Psoriasis Controlled via self treatment 2014 Attack, Medway Maritime Hospital re UVB treatment

I was diagnosed with Guttae and Plaque Psoriasis in 1989, at the age of 27 and a year before I got married. On my honeymoon I recall walking along the beach and the skin tearing at Psoriasis patches and bleeding ...and this was while it was sunny. 1990 it was bad enough that I was admitted to St Thomas' for intensive UVA / Tar treatments and remained there for 3 weeks. Subsequently I have mostly managed the condition myself, but for UVA treatments when it gets particularly bad and trips to my consultant. Sadly I am also disabled with Muscular Dystrophy, have Cardiomyopathy, twisted stomach and have had complete respiratory failure twice. Yep, been dealt a dud hand of health...its just as well i've family and friends who care. Currently Scalp Psoriasis is driving me to distraction. Its been bad for a couple of years, and i'm nearing the end of my tether. I've read all this site's advice...and will see what to try next. Helps to get it off my chest. Jon

Posted Wed 21 Oct 2015 5.10pm by maureen1310

had it for 50 years

Posted Tue 17 Nov 2015 8.19pm by nickymasterton07

Im a honours student that is creating a website for Psoriasis i have also got Psoriasis which is streptococcal Psoriasis.I would like you to fill in the survey so i know what i need to implement into the website to help the users thanks Nicholas

Posted Tue 17 Nov 2015 8.20pm by nickymasterton07

Im a honours student that is creating a website for Psoriasis i have also got Psoriasis which is streptococcal Psoriasis.I would like you to fill in the survey so i know what i need to implement into the website to help the users thanks Nicholas

Posted Fri 27 Nov 2015 8.18pm by Molly_259

I've had Psoriasis for 10+ years, most of my life in fact. It's never bothered me until recently. Every day it just keeps getting worse and worse!

Posted Mon 11 Jan 2016 7.54am by patchy
I have had it since I was about 1, all over my body at varying degrees. It comes and goes but in my head it is constant and drives me mad as

I am 64 this year and have had p since I was about 10 years old. (My father had it since he was a boy). It started in the groin area and then elbows, over the years I have had several really bad episodes where my whole body has been covered with lesions. Had the coal tar cream, UV treatment and different creams over the years. I now mainly have it in my scalp, ears and tummy button. I have 3 children and the eldest also has it, he started with it when he was in his teens. It is a vicious circle as stress makes it worse but the fact that you have it makes you stressed. Until they find a cure, we have no choice but to live with it the best we can.

Posted Tue 19 Jan 2016 5.04am by Nixie84
I've had psoriasis since the age of 12 and psoriatic arthritis since the age of 14. Every joint from head to toe, plus every muscle and tend

I'm almost 32 and I ve had pso for 20 years and psa for 18 years.bI'm currently on weekly methotrexate and fortnightly anti tnf Humira. I frequently end up in hospital with sever flare ups and infections. I almost lost my life due to an infected cyst in my calf muscle which has caused permanent damage. I use a wheelchair when going out and crutches indoors.

Posted Mon 25 Jan 2016 10.10am by tiggy1959
I have had the condition for twenty years. Worse in winter.

Hello I have had it for over twenty years. Tried all the treatments and made some dietary adjustments but, always there for better or worse. Summer is better and I dread it when the clocks go back in December. Going to have another go at dietary stuff again. Whilst it never goes, cutting out nightshades does seem to help a bit. Also, drinking alcohol and smoking definitely makes it worse but that should be obvious anyway.

Posted Wed 27 Jan 2016 6.28am by Dannni
I have severe psorasis covering more than half my body. My back, belly arms legs and nails. Living everyday is a struggle. The pain can be s

Ive had psoriasis for around 8 years now n i am just about too turn 18. I thought id get used to having to live with it as i have for a good while now, and i dont think you ever do get used to it, even though its always there.

Posted Sat 30 Jan 2016 10.37pm by Stationmistress

40 years for me, got it when my parents divorced. Having a mega itching flare up at the moment and dreading going to bed, first one I've ever had.

Posted Thu 18 Feb 2016 8.08am by EmmaT
Have had it for over 20 years

I have had it since I was 50

Posted Sun 21 Feb 2016 3.07pm by susan191052
Calves elbows 7 scalp particularly affected

50+ years and more coverage now than ever, Hopefully it will lessen as I am now the proud owner of UVB NARROWBAND CANOPY - XMAS PRESSIE FROM DH

Posted Fri 26 Feb 2016 7.38pm by KennyKen
Psoriasis on face

Since November 2015 so quite recent and I'm 27. It seems to flare up every week or two and it's hard to concentrate, since it attacks all of my nose/upper lip and surround area.. so facial expression is painful and hard to eat. I'll have one day or two each month when it's finally all healed over time, then my body decides to bring the psoriasis back ! It's really annoying me now and I think it's related to a persistent throat infection yet my Doctor says nothing is wrong. Only thing I've found useful is Fucibet to counteract the inflammation. My scalp also flares up every week or so it's like the psoriasis moves around from my scalp to my face alternating, urgh it's really made the last few months terrible for me...

Posted Sat 19 Mar 2016 10.39am by
Ive had psoriasis in many areas in my body

Ive had psoriasis for last 10 years. Ive tried many treatment bt nothing worked. 8 months ago I bought a non-steroid product called Soratinex (upon the recommendation of a colleague) and used it for almost 9 weeks where all my psoriasis cleared. I have been clear now for almost 6 months. It is a bit pricey but definitely recommended. The site where I bought it is I hope this will help everyone like it did with me Mark

Posted Sat 17 Oct 2020 3.32pm by hidden6ix

i've had it since i was 4, always very enraged, by the time i was 10 it engulfed me totally, no creams helped, uv treatment helped but was only given it once , i eventually started smoking weed and it fell off me and was cleared almost completely Now i'm nearly 50 and have psoriatic arthritis and have never felt so bad all my body hurts and my shoulder is deformed , despite having chronic psoriasis my whole childhood they refused to acknowledge i might have psoriatic arthritis for over ten years leaving me in economic ruin since my thirties (having to much time off work with incapasity problems left me having to find new jobs once i recovered) now aside from my shoulder i struggle to walk, pick things up,stand, sit, dress and my eyes become bloodshot and sensitive to light for days ,i've had four kidney stones and have ground out my teeth to shattering and have had teeth rejected by my gums and my jaw hurts, all of this is psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis , pay attention to your aches and pains they may be telling you that your psoriasis is about to get much worse , check your nails, in my childhood no nail problems but now they are pitted and lined and grow thick very quickly hands and feet and have discolouration and extra kerotine that looks like nail fungus but is not, sore feet , everyone will tell you this is normal sore feet like they get ,IT IS NOT they have no idea, they are not "normal "aches and pains again they have no idea i have pressed on with physical work biting my lip about my pain dew to this mindset and now walking a mile is to much for me, take care of yourselves and keep seeing the doctors that understand pso/psa

Posted Wed 21 Oct 2020 2.54am by Snik

My pso started when I was 16, it's been 13 years. I have pso in my scalp, ears, face, back, chest, it's started in my scalp and then is progressing every since new places, starts small but grows over time. The worst part it's not the pso but the psa, on my 20 started and it's been 9 years with psa. I used to said in past that pso is the worst but psa is another world of pain, changing the daily life, to be hard to do simple tasks like dress or walk. I have psa in my both ankles, on my left fingers foot and hand, left knee, ribs, back and neck. The pain on the ribs is excruciating, it fells like they are broken in pieces, difficult to breathe and move. It's a hard life for sure, it's a harsh desease, hopping for better results

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