How long have you had pso?

Posted Tue 31 Jan 2012 18.50 by Eloise88

Hi, just wondering how long everyone's had pso? Mine's stuck around most of my life, had it since I was about 15...

Posted Tue 31 Jan 2012 18.55 by Pete (edited Mon 21 Sep 2015 12.01 by Pete)

I've had psoriasis for about 30 years but only recently went to the doctor and got it diagnosed.

Posted Thu 2 Feb 2012 09.46 by smdcme (edited Fri 20 Sep 2013 12.05 by smdcme)
Have full body and full scalp psoriasis

I've only had mine 3 years. I have it full body and full scalp and I hate it. Full body I can cover up the my scalp is a different matter and it looks awful

Posted Sun 5 Feb 2012 10.31 by lynesweb (edited Mon 22 Jun 2015 09.38 by lynesweb)
Suffered from P for 20 years and its never got any better.

i've had it for nearly 20 years and its never let up, i've tried all kinds of treatments over 2 different health authorities, but never found the right treatment for me. :(

Posted Fri 9 Mar 2012 22.54 by mystery246 (edited Wed 18 Nov 2015 00.53 by mystery246)
life changing, at a very early age

hi, ive had my psoriasis for about 7 years give or take and im now 20. Until this year it was coverable and still able to enjoy things like playing football or nights out, however for the past 6 months its become more noticable and can be restrictive especially as a young adolecent :(

1 Posted Mon 12 Mar 2012 09.51 by Mia_Sohma (edited Thu 22 Jan 2015 14.53 by Mia_Sohma)
I have psoriasis all over my body and psoriatic arthritis. I have suffered with it for about ten years now, approximately. I'm making progre

I've had my psorasis for about 9-10 years. I feel like I've always had it. I developed psoriatic arthritis about 7-8 years ago as well (I think...) but I spent most of tose 7-8 years getting told by my GP that i didn't have psoriatic arthritis... When I first developed plaque psoriasis I had a tiny little disc on my elbow. Needless to say it just spread and now I have massive patches on both elbows, my left knee and a smattering on my face, back, arm and stomach. I class my psoriasis as moderate, and at the moment it's fairly under control. I go through stages of managing it effectively before it goes all haywire again...

1 Posted Mon 12 Mar 2012 11.04 by gott1 (edited Wed 18 Nov 2015 00.54 by gott1)
badly in the past, but now have beaten it

I have had psoriasis for 21 years, it ruined my what should have been happy uni years - no swimming or hanging out on nice summer days, as you get older you learn to deal with it, my advice is NEVER get involved with steroids they cause more harm than good - especially Dovobet which is very nasty and causes terrible 'bounceback' - treat yourself to a cheap hoilday in the sun with plenty of time in the sea, and when back home in this colder climate you can't beat Exorex lotion! expensive but your GP should give you it on prescription

Posted Tue 13 Mar 2012 19.28 by cazzy10 (edited Mon 14 Sep 2015 19.42 by cazzy10)
i have psoriasis all over my body, face, hands, legs, arms, private areas etc, i feel awful going out in public. one time i was sat on a bus

I have only had psoriasis for 5months, (full body and scalp) i find it very hard to deal with the stares and comments :(

Posted Thu 15 Mar 2012 16.55 by geep2310 (edited Mon 14 Sep 2015 19.42 by geep2310)
it makes my life a misery. i feel like an outcast and i cant even bare to look in the mirror anymore as it upsets me so much. i have large p

ive had psoriasis for 12 years. im about to turn 20 and im starting to resent myself for having the condition. i have psoriasis in large patches all over my legs, tummy and all around my hairline. i wish i could wear my hair up, wear skirts and dresses :(

Posted Sun 18 Mar 2012 00.57 by Miller19 (edited Wed 18 Nov 2015 00.56 by Miller19)
Yes guttate p

I started with the teensiest patch on my scalp and then a five pence sized patch on my eyebrow seemed to flare when I was bullied at school, that remained the same for years barely unnoticeable years later when I got to 28 I went away to turkey and developed white blotched flay not plaques on my skin like reverse tanning after about eight months they faded but shortly after that my pso went crazy patch the size of a beer mat scaly and silver yet not itchy on base of my spine.....the worst are 100% guttate which rapidly appear and disappear on my tummy and torso legs and arms and hands, the itching scaly scalp is awful, I'm scared to get dressed for work as I have a good job and work in an office so I have to avoid black as I look like I have leprosy it's awful and very embarrassing. I am ok looking and I used to be relatively confident but this condition makes me feel sooooo less of a woman, it's a real confidence killer....awful, how are you doing? X

Posted Sun 18 Mar 2012 20.49 by Alexbw2008 (edited Tue 17 Feb 2015 14.05 by Alexbw2008)
I have it on my scalp, around eyebrows and recently spots here and there over the face And of course knees and elbows

I had mine since 1994, i feel mine is quite mild as dont have flaky skin but have lots red patches in eyebrows, chin, nose and scalp also have it on both eelbows and knees Tends to come and go i use e45 alot and the dead sea treatment's but the cream makes your face look very greasy so only use it when at home. Always concerned by it and my main getting ready to go out time is skint creaming the patches Does get me down sometimes

Posted Sat 31 Mar 2012 01.45 by fox

14 years arrived soon that summer on 1998.

Posted Mon 2 Apr 2012 12.19 by grumpygroo
Had p for about 35 years now. Guttate, spread fairly evenly over my body. Use Elocon or Dovobet when it flairs up. Most annoying when it fla

Hi all, just joined the forum. I have had psoriasis for the last 35 years or so. Guttate spread fairly evenly over my body. Been through the mill as far as the treatments are concerned, done most of them, smelly, greasy, stained clothes etc. None has cleared it. Had UVB treatment a couple of years ago, which has reduced it to the extent that I can keep it in check with a strict regime of moisturising and bathing with E45 bath oil. Except on my face which is always a problem.

Posted Sun 8 Apr 2012 12.06 by Mark (edited Wed 19 Feb 2014 20.44 by VIKINGENOK)
Had Psoriasis since i was 13 -mainly on either side of torso, sometimes on Scalp. A little elsewhere. Usual issues of embarassment with fla

I've just joined, saw this thread and realised it's my 30th Annivesary. It's worse in winter with Centrl heating on and no sunlight to help it. Roll on the summer!

Posted Mon 21 May 2012 17.14 by judith65 (edited Wed 18 Nov 2015 00.57 by msmoneypenny)
from head to toe and for 39yrs

i had psoriasis for 39years now and have seen off all treatments to date with no real effect. the only good thing to have come out of all this is i did the worst years at school (name calling) and my skin and hide is tougher than a rhinos now. if i want to go swiming etc i will and dare anyone say anything then i shall tell them straight. Ignorance is no excuse as far as im concerned so why put up with it or hide away. Be brave i say take back your life and do what you want to do. the only people that really get me mad are the government who send you for assessments, then inform you your not ill and have to work, where i say, someone show me an employer that allows you time off regularly 3 times weekly to attend hospital in working hours. ive had to give up my job which i have 10yrs service in as they only paid sick pay for 6 months and due to my condition i couldnt do me job so the government had to paid me sick pay but said i had to return to work and stopped all monies coming in my employer refused to let me start work as i was in no condition to return, so stuff them all i started me own bussiness and work to suit myself and with people who understand me.

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2012 19.50 by Clairebear2410 (edited Mon 14 Sep 2015 19.43 by Broadbent)
Psoriasis of Scalp and Nails Psoriatic Arthritis

How old are you now Eloise? Im 27, struggling to find anyone around my own age:(

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2012 22.11 by matthew
i have been affected for the past five years. mainly i just have large areas on both elbows and from my knees down to my feet but i do have

i have had it all my life but that was just a small patch on my elbow, it has really got worse over the past five years.

Posted Thu 21 Jun 2012 20.05 by Bina_94
I've had psoriasis for 3 years now, but i was diagnosed with eczema for a year, since being given multiple amouts of ointments it has calmed

i've had mine for 3 years, it started on my scalp, and it used to crack and bleed all the time, then i got it on my stomach and now it has spread to my neck, back, shoulders and behind my ears, but im slowly learning to deal with it xxx

Posted Sun 24 Jun 2012 14.36 by ian
i have lived with it for 49 year

Hi everyone, I haved had pso since i was 18 months old...48 1/2 year....and it has affected relationships and limits what you can enjoy in life as the majority of people dont understand what it is and distance thereself through ignorance.

Posted Tue 26 Jun 2012 13.33 by LondonLad
Guttate psoriasis

I have had Guttate psoriasis for around 3 weeks. I've never suffered from psoriasis and neither has any member of my family. Being initially diagnosed as having a histamine an allergic reaction I was advised to take anti histamine My condition got worse so after two weeks I got a second opinion and was told I had Guttate psoriasis. I have been prescribed steroid cream. I know that I should get better in the next couple of weeks but it has really knocked me for six and I've felt very self conscious and experienced peoples silent reactions to seeing it all over my hands. I've kept my arms covered and my body was affected all over. I've not even wanted my wife to see me uncovered and quite frankly it s made me rather depressed. I didn't realise what an emotional effect it would have on me but I'm glad to say that now I can see the treatment working I'm beginning to regain my confidence.

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