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Posted Sat 20 Jan 2018 6.42pm by melanycamille


I just signed up today and this is my first post. I've had psoriasis since I was 23 (half my life), but only on the back of my neck for many years. A couple of years ago it moved to my scalp. Then yesterday I noticed a small patch on my face. Can anyone recommend creams that have worked for them for the face? I'm currently using Aveeno.

Thanks so much!

Posted Sat 20 Jan 2018 9.25pm by Letim84

Hi. I've only joined today too 👍

I have psoriasis / eczema on my face. I use eumovate cream on it. I usually use a small amount twice a day to clear the flare up (morning and night) and then every morning to keep it at bay. Hope this helps.

Posted Mon 22 Jan 2018 6.11pm by Stacey

I recebtly developed psoriasis on my neck (which weeps) on my eyes and forehead and in my ears. My scalp crusts so badly and get this heat coming off my scalp..it mists my glasses if I put them on my head. I have had psoriasis for years on my body which I always had under control. I have been given 1st dobovet for my neck and body and they then changed the medication to Elocon last week. It had just cleared and now with the switch my scalp is so bad again. I am not sure at this stage which cream is better. I am thinking of going back to Dobovet??any advice would be appreciated. Also does anybody else get this intense heat from their scalp?

Posted Thu 25 Jan 2018 6.13am by Steveo22

Hello....I suffer from blotchy face & used Child’s Farm moisturiser & within an hour it had virtually cleared....you can get it in Boots,it’s a baby moisturiser,worth a try

Posted Thu 25 Jan 2018 6.18am by melanycamille

Thanks for all the good tips. I live in Canada (and wish we had a Boots!) but I will be travelling in the UK in the summer and will pick up some of the Child's Farm moisturizer.

Posted Fri 26 Jan 2018 7.05pm by Jade

Can someone explain what they actually do when following the soratinex treatment plan

I just worry when applying the oil after cream ur almost rubbing away the cream

Jus wanna make sure im doing it correctly

Posted Fri 26 Jan 2018 9.21pm by Steveo22

Because I’m such a lovely person I looked on the Canadian amazon & it’s available on there...:-)

Posted Sat 27 Jan 2018 2.52am by melanycamille

Thanks so much Steve!! You've made my day.

Posted Mon 29 Jan 2018 11.07am by Nicolewalsh99

I’ve just joined today! I’ve psoriasis with 5 years and I’m only 19 years old I have it on my face, neck chest, back, legs, arms and even private areas. I’ve had light treatment and it cleared everything up for me which it good l! But then suddenly it all came back worse than ever! I wouldn’t mind having it anywhere else but my face is the bestest problem because everyone can see my face! I would recommend using La Roche Posay shower gel and cream I found they took the itchiness away and kind of got rid of some of it

Posted Mon 29 Jan 2018 11.16pm by Steveo22

I’m with you 100% Nicole,on your body you can hide it but when it’s on your face it just kills your confidence & I feel so self conscious....I hate this disease

Posted Tue 30 Jan 2018 9.18am by Nicolewalsh99

I absolutely hate it I was with the doctor yesterday he gave me ensiltar. I got bullied for a whole 5 years while I was in secondary school. I don’t go outside the door because people call me horrible names and they just look at me in disgust when they see me

Posted Tue 30 Jan 2018 11.49am by Amelialouise

I recently got diagnosed with guttate psoriasis and I feel your pain, it’s covering my face and I just can’t even bear to leave the house. I can’t wear any makeup because it makes it worse, what’s the best cream to help heel on face?

Posted Wed 31 Jan 2018 11.27pm by ANJI

I'm female 43 & had face psoriasis since Apr 2016 but on/off. However have been diagnosed properly in Dec 2017 by dermatologist. He's prescribed dakacourt?? Its useless. I was using a chinese cream but have been advised the reason it was working was because it had the highest amount of steroid in. Protopic works but brings with it acne. Very difficult trying to figure out what cream works - have been using dovobet (know i'm not supposed to) but its the only thing that seems to make it less visible. I wouldn't go out without makeup now. I'm wondering if anyone has used aloe vera gel or anything across the counter that might help. Am desperate and a bit depressed. I'm also a sun worshipper but the sun now makes it worse so am looking for a good sun cream for summer 2018??

Posted Thu 1 Feb 2018 2.41pm by Nicolewalsh99

For my body I’m using Enstilar prescribed from my doctor which is clearing up since Monday the difference in amazing, for my face I’m using La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Repairing Balm which is very good

Posted Thu 1 Feb 2018 8.51pm by ANJI

Thanks. After washing my face tonight and moisturising with Clinique my face feels on fire. I’ve now put hydrocortisone cream on but even that is burning. Have got a new itchiness round my chin too- I just hope it’s not spreading. Will maybe purchase some la Roche-anything is worth a try.

Posted Fri 2 Feb 2018 7.18am by Amelialouise

One thing that’s brought down the psoriosis on my face is baby bepanthen nappy rash cream!!! I saw someone posted it somewhere and thought I’ll literally try anything.. give it a go x

Posted Fri 2 Feb 2018 9.55pm by ANJI

Yeah I do occasionally put sudacream on as the hydrocortisone doesn’t sometimes work. Will buy bepanthen too. Washed face with Simple moisturising facial wash tonight and didn’t sting as much but still did when I moisturised. Might have to try n find a gentler moisturiser?

Posted Sat 3 Feb 2018 8.16pm by Peter S
I have psoriasis on about 1/3 of my body...have had it for over 2 years and its getting worse.

They say don't use Dovobet on your face, but i sometimes use a TINY bit on my eyebrows...which get bad psoriasis...and that tiny amount in one application completely removes the psoriasis for weeks. I do the same with my ears. Nowhere on my body is a single small application so successful or long lasting. On the rest of my body Dovobet reduces the plaques but never totally makes them go away.

Posted Sun 4 Feb 2018 11.57am by Amelialouise

Where can I get dobovet from?

Posted Sun 4 Feb 2018 12.35pm by thin-skinned
Irascible septuagenarian fed up with the psoriasis constantly at me :wink:

It's labelled POM so you will need a doc's prescription and then a dispensing pharmacy.

Posted Sun 4 Feb 2018 4.16pm by ANJI

I too only use a tiny amount on my face as soon as it starts appearing again. The on,y time it seemed to totally clear was with the CHINESE cream that I’ve stopped using. I have the odd wee bit on different parts of body and dovobet clears them for a few days but then reappears. I did have one small circle of psoriasis under my arm pit for years that I just lived with. However a few weeks ago it just vanished. I am hoping for the same on my face but nothing so far. Dermatologist said psoriasis is in the genes but no1 in my family has/had it. At least us women can try to cover with make up but for ,men no such luxury.

Posted Sun 4 Feb 2018 5.11pm by Peter S
I have psoriasis on about 1/3 of my body...have had it for over 2 years and its getting worse.

You have to be careful with Dovobet, because ( as any user will tell you ) it takes ages and ages to come off....even with soap or shampoo. It's incredibly sticky stuff. That is why its not recommended for the face, as it can thus end up in your eyes. So if you do use it on face, apply only a tiny bit and don't keep touching the area.

Posted Fri 9 Feb 2018 8.12am by Doodles

Hey I’ve found dermalex psoriasis cream helps for my face, i found it at boots ...I still haven’t found anything for my scalp though! I hadn’t noticed the heat but I will keep an eye on that as it does heat my arms up. I hope everyone is ok and not getting too down about it. It isn’t easy and it drives you crazy but at least we are not alone!

Posted Fri 9 Feb 2018 8.39am by Amelialouise

I’ve found the answer!! Any of you ever heard of Arbonne nappy cream? I ordered it from a girl on Instagram she said it helped with her exzema and to try it. I’ve been using it for the past week and the majority of my psoriosis has gone from my body! It was £26 but I’ve ordered 2 more as it was so good. They don’t sell it in England I don’t think, I think it’s American but I would Deffinately recommend it xxx

Posted Sat 10 Feb 2018 1.09pm by SarahK
I'm 44 and somehow managed to get Psoriosis late last year. Within weeks I was covered top to toe.

Hi everyone. I broke out so rapidly at age 44 it just completely knocked me for six. I have a public facing role and it was so hard to pull myself in to work. I was given Dovobet by a colleague. I was reluctant to try it due to the skin thinning but it worked. At the same time I bought Dream Cream from Lush. It is really really good, I use it on my face every day. Dermatologist recently gave me Enstilar for my body and Protopic for my face. My face is still relatively clear but my body is slower recovery. I get the psoriasis in my belly button and in my female region, it's hellish. I still have some Dovabet in case my face breaks out again as in profile pic. As for my scalp, I'm still searching for the thing that works for me, tried all the medicated shampoos. Dermatologist gave me Betacap but I'm not liking that much. I use the Majik Dead Sea Shampoo, Scalp mask and Serum but I wouldn't say it works wonders justs costs loads. Any recommendations welcome.

Posted Sat 10 Feb 2018 2.24pm by Peter S
I have psoriasis on about 1/3 of my body...have had it for over 2 years and its getting worse.

I've never found anything that completely removed the psoriasis from my scalp. A small amount of Dovobet works extremely well on my ears or on the top of my forehead or nape of neck...but where the bulk of hair is, various things may lessen the severity but nothing has removed it completely.

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