What were your early signs of PA?

Posted Thu 22 Feb 2018 10.03am by Taipan

Hi to you all,

I have suffered from plaque psoriasis for 8 years, the last 3 years I have been experiencing tendonitis in multiple joint areas, my hip, elbow and knee. At first, I put them down to gym injuries and my age (45), but I have been forced to rest for the last 8 months as I felt like I was falling apart at the gym, I planned on having a few months off and let my aches and pains heal, it has now been 8 months and I still have all the aches and pains, I don't seem to be healing! Which lead me to think I may have PA. I do not have any swollen joints or feel heat in the injured areas, I do however have 2-3 pitted nails. I have had my blood checked for raised inflammatory markers and my levels were good.

So my question to all you unfortunate souls who have been diagnosed with this horrible condition, what were your very early symptoms? and do you think what is happening to me is the onset of PA? Also, I'm not sure when people refer to their joint pain if they actually feel it in their joint or the tendons around the joint, mine is definitely in the tendons and my range of motion with joints is very good.

Anyways, I would be grateful to hear what you guys have to think about this, hope to hear from you soon.

Posted Wed 28 Feb 2018 5.55am by Audrey

Hi, Taipan

I have had psoriasis for about 25 years but was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis last year. It started as severe stabbing pains in my ankle joint, first one, then the other. I don't know how I would tell if the pain was in the tendon or in the joint, but it definitely felt as if it was in the joint. The doctor told me he thought it was psoriatic arthritis and tested my blood to check if there were any rheumatoids in it (which would indicate rheumatoid arthritis). There were none and he concluded that i had PA.

It flared up and was painful for a few weeks, but painkillers (Tramadol and paracetamol) and anti-inflammatories (Celebrex) were prescribed and the pain subsided.

A week ago, I started experiencing a sharp, extreme pain in my hip. The doctor said it was PA (after an X-ray and blood test). It is still extremely painful and the painkillers, including Tramadol, are making almost no reduction in my pain levels.

Apparently, psoriasis in the nails is a strong indicator for PA developing. I have it, too. I hope you don't have PA. It is a nightmare to be in so much pain and be able to do nothing about it.


Posted Wed 28 Feb 2018 8.41am by Taipan

Audrey, thank you for your reply. I'm gutted for hear you're in so much pain, This last 2 weeks I've been doing so much reading about this terrible disease and how people are struggling with it. I feel for you.

I have immediately put myself on the AI Paleo diet, which isn't too far away from my original diet, and hope to gain the results others have. I've done some stupid diets over the years which definitely brought on my Psoriasis in the first place, so if I brought on my Psoriasis with a bad diet I can correct it with a good diet!

I really hope you find your way to getting on top of the pain you are suffering with.

Posted Thu 22 Mar 2018 7.09am by ChipButty
I have has psoriais for 20+ years. Psoriatic arthritis developed in 2003.

For me the first indication was clicking ankles which was where my PsA started. I too had pitted nails.. After a year or so swelling and heat around the ankles and soreness in the mornings.

Posted Wed 28 Mar 2018 10.28pm by Daniel-99

My first signs were pains in my feet /ankle. I stopped training legs in the gym and rested for about 6 month but it didnt improve . Was forst diagnosed with pttd but after 6 months of physio still no improvement and my wrist also started getting painful . I was also seeing a podiatrist and he flagged up the possable PA which was later diagnosed by a rheumatologist

Posted Thu 29 Mar 2018 8.36am by Taipan

Thanks Daniel-99. How're you getting on now, are you able to train?

Posted Thu 29 Mar 2018 9.25am by Daniel-99

Yeah can train but some shoulder and arm exercises make my wrist hurt so im a bit selective in what I do . Cant really do any cardio at the mo . My feet are my biggest problem. I was on methrotrixate but it made my liver funtion go up so now im on leflunomide ( 2 weeks so far ) . Hopefully once its kicked in i will be able to train a bit harder.

when I came off the methrotrixate I had a flare up feet,wrist,knee,hip,back so couldnt train for about a week. Got some steroid pills from the hospital which has helped loads while im waiting for the leflunomide to kick in .

Posted Thu 29 Mar 2018 9.57am by Taipan


Posted Thu 29 Mar 2018 7.26pm by Dmort

Hi there. I’ve very recently been diagnosed. For a while I had been having pain in the joint just in one finger, then overnight became very swollen/inflamed affecting toes now also and tmj pain too which may also be due to the p arthritis.

Posted Thu 29 Mar 2018 7.48pm by Daniel-99

Could be but im no doctor ha ha . I have had 2 swollen fingers and 3 swollen toes all due to PA . I would ring the docs. Whilst the joint is swollen it could be doing damage so for the sake of a phone call i would do it .

Posted Tue 3 Apr 2018 11.34pm by jk76

I was diagnosed with psoriasis Just last year. When asked by the dermatologist if I get joint pain I realised the pain in my knee that I have had for a few years, was possibly arthritis. Dermatologist said that was common. I now experience foot/toe pain. GP has sent me for 2 X-rays now and nothing has showed up. I now have to wait for another appointment with dermatology. GP doesn’t seem interested. At the moment I am coping with the odd naproxen and a decent pair of shoes. I’m 41 but feel like 81. Have any of you been referred to rheumatology? What can they do other than painkillers?

Posted Sat 14 Apr 2018 5.44pm by Gaming Empty Nester

hi all, I have had plaque psoriasis ( ears, head, genital) since the age of 11. As a teen I experienced severe growing pains and the consultant thought I had RA.

I had many years of physio and before I hit 30 my plaques had calmed down but my little fingers started to become painful and swollen. GPs were useless. So as a pharmacist I continued to self medicate with OTC drugs. I saw a GP multiple times for my hands were they did nothing,

So now in my 50s my genital and ear plaques are a constant but the reason for this post is that a month ago I while sitting I experienced a dreadful pain in my right little toe and burst into tears. It's so painful that I can't have a sheet touching it.

A week later I saw my GP who immediately sent me for an XRay that day and an appt for an ultrasound. I didn't fancy waiting 7 weeks so I went privately the next day and was referred for an MRI which I had on the same day.

I saw a Ortho consultant last week and pushed to see a Rheumatologist and I am so glad that I did.

I saw the rheumatologist last night and he immediately asked me the right questions he was interested in helping me!

So I have been prescribed a month of a Cox -2 inhibitor, and a PPI. The rationale for this is to see if the inflammation reduces. Because of the tendon pain, swollen toe, bone tears, bone marrow oedema and family history he believes it is Psoriatic Arthritis.

I am seeing the consultant in a month and will have bloods taken for the 27 marker too.

It was great to speak with someone who wants to help.

In UK GPs are gate keepers and are not in post to escalate to consultant if at all possible. They are budget holders and as such do us a diservice.

Posted Tue 19 Jun 2018 5.08pm by Tizer

I have had psoriasis in my scalp for around 3years. 3 months after having my baby I genuinely thought I had broken my toe! And then the pain spread. Diagnosed in February with Psoriatic Arthritis at the age of 34. It affects my inside ankles (throbbing?!), right shoulder, left wrist, and loads of toes. I am convinced it's affecting my jaw too (is this a thing?) Been on methotrexate 20mg a week since February. Tell me it gets easier?

Posted Wed 20 Jun 2018 11.43am by Gaming Empty Nester

Hi Tizer,

I too thought that I had broken my toe the spontaneous pain was unbearable but my foot never turned black like a usual break.

The tiredness and throbbing is definitely a sign. I had my bloods taken in April and am still waiting for the result of the (HLA-B27) result - at a private hospital in Surrey. It's meant to take a month and I have chased the Consultant's secretary because the result might affect my medication.

I don't think it gets easier, however we learn what is in and outside of our capabilites.

For example, I had to hire a manual car on Friday (to see Paloma Faith in a forrest!) I usually drive an automatic but my car is being fixed. I am 5ft 10 and the small manual car gave me severe cramps up my right leg so much so that I still am having difficulty walking.

Sadly we are not super human and its trying adapting to manage our pain. I use CBD when the pain is bad just to reax me. This is not THC (the opioid molecule - which is illegal - hopefully not for too much longer).

I also bought some arthritis gloves to keep my hands warm and I cant still type when wearing them. The finger tips of the gloves are exposed so I can feel things. I would recommend trying them. I bought a DISUPPO pair but they also make them with copper woven into the fabric.

Posted Mon 25 Jun 2018 7.06am by Tamcals86

Hi i was diagnosed with pa 1 year ago but had to suffer without a diagnosis for 2 years because my dermatologist said because i didnt have it in my knees i wouldnt have it but had pain in my feet,shoulder and back.

Luckily i managed to get a good gp at my practice to push it forward but had to go through numerous blood tests ultrasounds,x-rays before getting any medication.

Posted Tue 7 Aug 2018 4.47am by ollysmum

Hi, I have had psoriasis for over 18 years, I started with severe pain in my lower back 16 years ago and from then on have developed shoulder pain, wrist pain , ankle and foot pain and knees, I have been passed around to different orthopaedics and had surgery on one shoulder 2 years ago which did nothing.. it was all put down to fibromyalgia. For six months now my knee has been swollen and clicks when i put weight on it, i can’t bend my leg much. I saw a different orthopaedic surgeon a month ago who xrayed and said he wasnt touching it and referring me to rheumatology... i also have hyperthyroidism so have regular blood tests and my imflammatory markers are always high. This will be the first time in 16 years I’ve ever seen a rheumatologist, oh and I’m also being referred to a dermatologist who I’ve never seen in 18 years. I am worried that if it is psa how much damage has been done. Fingers crossed I’m finally getting somewhere xx sorry for long post

Posted Sun 12 Aug 2018 11.34pm by AndyS

I'm now in my early sixties and recently discovered I have PA. I had noticed for a couple of years that I had become increasingly fatigued and had some joint pain and back trouble. Getting out of bed and 'coming round' to normal function in the morning seemed to take longer and longer. Oddly, I had noticed some inflammation in my fingers and a couple of nodules on some of those joints. After this was first wrongly diagnosed by my GP as Osteoarthritis, I asked for blood tests, which gave a clearer indication that it might be RA or PA ( small patch of psoriasis was first thought to be Eczema). It is a very difficult disease to diagnose, and GP's often miss it if the symptoms are not pronounced; the best thing is to see a rheumatologist ASAP .

Posted Sat 25 Aug 2018 3.29pm by cymrured

Hi there,

I'm 43 and suffered with PA about 8 years ago,It started off in my hands and feet at the same time,my ankles and feet would swell up and felt like they were made of stone,no movevment and really painful to stand up,it would take me about 30mins-1hr to stand/walk properly and get the feeling back in them,every morning,my hands were the same,i couldn't close my fingers into a clenched fist or hold onto anything tight first thing waking up but gradually through the day it would ease off.

I was put on methotrexate 15mg once a week,i lasted 2 years on it but i couldn't handle the sickness side effect,infact it got that bad it would take me ages trying to force myself to take it and even then,i'd be instantly sick,i took it upon myself to stop taking it.

Although it helped cure my PA (i've had no PA symptoms during or in the last 8 years) the downside was at the time methotexate wiped out my immune system,i got a common strep cold,which gave me septicemia/sepsis as i had no immune system to stop the cold from spreading through my body.

Anyway!! Like i've said,i no longer have PA symptoms but still get patches of psoriasis on my knees and elbows,i've used sun lamp treatment which worked for me or sunny holidays abroad,i've also stopped drinking alcohol on a regular basis and cut out carbs/sugar from my diet which has also helped.

Posted Fri 7 Sep 2018 9.21am by CPBII

Hello, my joint pain started about 8 years after being diagnosed with psoriasis. My ankles were the biggest problem. I found that soaking my legs in Epsom salt baths helped with the pain. About 25 minutes 3 times a week. Trust me when I say that it won't cure you but it may bring some relief. Psoriasis Sucks!!! Take care from the USA.

Posted Wed 12 Sep 2018 7.27am by BriannaFinocchiaro

I have developed a type of psoriasis on my ankles of all places, which can become quite itchy, scaly and red. I wanted to try an alternative to the steroid that was doctor prescribed. I started using Dermalmd psoriasis serum and I was quite pleased with the results. Then I started swabbing the areas with pure aloe vera juice before applying the serum. The results were even better. I have been using dermalmd psoriasis serum for about 10 days and what a dramatic difference. No new bumps have appeared and my skin looks almost normal. Hopefully, I can continue to use without the need of a steroid.

Posted Mon 29 Oct 2018 7.29pm by aceofspades

I have had psoriasis for 30+ years and really noticed PA in the last 10 years. I'm 52 and am stronger than at any other point in my life. I shifted from being a runner to a weight lifter on account my right achilles is always sore. In fact, nearly all my ligament point from shoulder, elbow, wrists are sore most of the time. I often find myself pressing in on these attachment points. And like someone else posted, I can wake up feeling like I'm 80 shuffling my feet. I tend to workout in the afternoon when I feel sufficiently "warmed up." Yes, ibuprofen can be a real help, but that's not a good long-term solution unless you want to stress out your kidneys. Physical therapy resulted in zilch for me. When I was on Humira, it did the best for treating my PA. I'm now on Otezla and it doesn't work as well for my joints. But I'm still in the game! There are some routines I just don't do if a particular joint is inflamed. Just remember, "an object in motion, keeps in motion."

Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 9.56am by edwards142 (edited Mon 11 Feb 2019 10am by edwards142)

I have rendered through this psoriasis issue in my toenail. It irritated me a lot and to cure it I have tried every possible solution I can. Sometime it’s more complicated than it seems. As, it causes several issues like, toenail or fingernail discoloration, cracking or separation from nail bed.

I had suffered with this a lot and start surfing for the ways to cure it. but now it's gonna and my nails are completely fine. If you want to grab knowledge on nail psoriasis then you can check this informative link.



Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 12.44pm by Scarlett.li


I'm 27 and suffering from scalp psoriasis for about 4-5 years now. It started off as a small itchy patch in the back of my head, and dermatologists said it was seborreia. It wasn't. I feel they didn't put much thought into that. 2 years ago, give or take, with a greater stress getting into my life, it started to spread to all the back area of my scalp, a lot of scabbing, itchingness and thick plaque. Always checking my shoulders, never wearing dark shirts. Tried many shampoos, ointments...nothing works. Really sucks. Now I also have it in my ear and elbows. Hoping UV therapy will help.

About 8 months ago I started to have a pain in my elbow that I ignored, didn't even know that such thing as PsA exists. It got worse and I went to an orthopaedic doctor who said it's a Tennis Elbow and that my options are either physiotherapy or a steroid injection. He was really unpleasant and rude so I went to see another doctor, this time not before reading online about PsA. The second doctor also said it's a Tennis Elbow and there is nothing to do about it. I asked about PsA and he dismissed it saying it wasn't that.

The same evening when I got home a pain in my finger started. I waited for a week or two and when it didn't go away I went back to the same doctor. He said it's a "trigger finger" and it's just a coincidence I have 2 joint pains, since "PsA doesn't look like that and does not appear in these joint". When I said my shoulder aches too, he said that that was because of the tennis elbow since I probably avoid from moving my arm. Even when I said I'm not doing that - he insisted it's just an orthopaedic pain and that he sees dozens of patients like me in a week.

In the following weeks more joint pain appeared - now it was an elbow, a shoulder, a finger, a hip and a foot.

So I went to see another doctor, a well respected orthopaedic doctor. He too said these are all well known orthopaedic pains and that they are all "classic". Classic tennis elbow, classic trigger finger, etc. That PsA doesn't look like this and that I should "stop reading online" This time I insisted and went to see a rheumatologist. It took her few minutes to diagnose me. She did a thorough physical examination and asked many questions. It is PsA. Sadly.

I'm a dental student, few months away from graduating and becoming a doctor. Not good news for me.

I'm on strong pain killers for about 6 months now. Started taking salazopyrin 4-5 weeks ago. No improvement yet.

So to make a long story short - first symptoms were aches in elbow alone for a long time, then finger, shoulder and eventually also hips, lower back and feet.

Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 8.53pm by joe
50%-ish psoriasis coverage, scalp, elbows, shoulders, back, stomach, calves, toes

At 49, I've had widespread psoriasis for coming up to 30yrs and general joint pain in shoulders, elbows, wrists, knuckles, back, knees and ankles for about 20yrs which strangely tends to move around. Pain appears to like going on journeys around my body picking new targets to pick on from time to time.

Cheap Ibuprofen has always worked better than any other painkiller for me but I recently decided to stop taking all pain killers and switch to a morning breakfast daily blend of all natural ingredients; the effect this has had on reducing my inflammation has been literally phenomenal so much so that it's forcing me to generally start cleaning up my diet.

I know for certain that my pain is directly to related to my diet, I'm finally starting to feel human again and my advice to anyone with psoriasis + joint pain would be think about your diet. I can post details of my magic morning shake here if anyone is interested.

Posted Sat 23 Feb 2019 5.04am by candida

I was hiking 5 years ago, after noticed red line in the middle of both palms, thought I touched something in woods, but it started to open and bleed..No not a stigmata but sure looked like it, bilateral bleeding and then the skin would dry up crack and have small cuts..then i noticed the bottom of feet started to dry very quickly and crack, same as palms then they started to bleed i would have openings half inch to an inch long almost quarter inch deep...feels like i am walking on glass. Been to many dermatologist and nothing has worked, there is one med that would be 1100 my pharmacy states so i wont be trying that I was told by two of the doctors to press the openings together and use super glue to keep them closed.

I wear gloves at night, i have cut off the fingers and put any kind of cream on and in the morning my palms look great then they start to crack and bleed in the day, I have to wrap feet with saran wrap and socks at night but same thing happens as the palms.

Due to a heart condition the med or injections i have been told is too risky. Oils, coconut etc tend to dry it our more. Recently had a cortizone shot for something else and my psoriasis cleared up for three weeks.

It actually started the same time i took Motoprol for my heart and i just realized that my mother, she developed it also in her 70s when she started to take Motoparol, ask Dr said rare but it has been known to trigger psoriasis but i can get off the Beta Blocker due to heart condition, anyone else start once they started to use a beta blocker?

I have used almost every solution that has been named in this forum to no avail..and now i knelt on my knee and a bump came up, it is psoriasis and i leaned on my arm by my elbows another little bump which the dr said is also it...just looking for help and answers, thanks for taking the time to read this story you are all probably familiar with.

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