New member - mother of an 8year old daughter recently diagnosed with psoriasis

Posted Tue 13 Mar 2018 2.16pm by FiandStormT
I am a mum of a daughter who has psoriasis

Hi. I've never joined a forum like this before, so please forgive me if this is the wrong way to ask for help and guidance.

I am a mum of an 8 year old daughter who was diagnosed last year with psoriasis and her symptoms just seem to be getting worse and worse. We are now finally under the hospital, but her next appointment is not until July and trying to get an appointment in the meantime with the skin specialist at our GP surgery is not proving to be very easy.

I thought at one point we had got the condition under control, but over the last week or so it has flared up really badly on her scalp and is now all over her chest, back and bottom too.

I put cream on her morning and night, but bless her she is really struggling with it. Should I be stressing to the GP surgery or hospital that she needs to be seen as an emergency or should I just continue with the medication we already have and accept an appointment for about 3 weeks time??

In the meantime, I don't know whether to get a repeat prescription of the Dovobet, Aquamax, hydromol ointment and dandrazol shampoo, as we are running out, even though these don't seem to be working, or if I should try something different until I can get an appointment with the GP. Has anyone found any other treatments to be effective??

My daughter is a sensitive soul and does get anxious and stressed which I know doesn't help. We are trying meditation, self-esteem and confidence building techniques to try to help her too. The teachers at her school are fully aware of the situation, but I can't help worrying about how she is dealing with the comments from other children in the playground.

I try really hard not to let my own worries for her show through, but I am struggling to know what to do for the best for her.

Any guidance or tips etc for someone treating a child with psoriasis, or coping with having psoriasis yourself would be gratefully received.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and apologies again if this wasn't the correct forum to use for my situation.

Posted Thu 15 Mar 2018 8.21pm by Beckie1986

Hello , I am new to here too . I have literally just joined this evening. I haven’t really got anything constructive to add tbh but I just wanted to say I am in the same situation with my son . He is only 6 . He was diagnosed back in December and given various creams , shampoos and lotions . None of which have worked . He seems to get more and more daily and they are getting more and more red and angry :( I have a GP appointment tomorrow and I am going to push for a dermatology appointment. I know the waiting time around here is about 8- 12 weeks . I feel utterly helpless and I have no idea what I can do to help him . Tbh no one seems to know !! They just keep throwing creams at us in hope . I dread to think how bad it will be by the time we see the consultant.


Posted Sat 17 Mar 2018 3.38pm by ohwell

Look it is a bit of a lottery. I have been seeing a consultant for 2 years. And yes it is all steroids, pain killers and "sleeping pills". But I have a guy that seems to know. Beckie, when I went through the process I said 6 weeks was not good enough. Sent to a London teaching hospital, very quickly, don't know where you are.I can deal with pain,I don't like it.6 year olds do not know. The creams are steroids, Oh bad news ,if it is psoriasis, it is for life. You do not push for a skin specialist, GP doest what it says General Practioner. They do need to refer the patient. Get a referral.And don't take no.

Posted Sat 17 Mar 2018 4.33pm by Ingmar (edited Sat 17 Mar 2018 4.34pm by Ingmar)

Hello FiandStormT. Sorry that it happened to you too. I am fighting psoriasis with great difficulty almost 6 years... and It hasn't really improved.

You push and then it comes back and again and again. Steroids, light treatment, a huge amount of money spent on cosmetics and all effects are temporary. I even created a website with relevant information for people that suffer like me: But the most important thing - If your daughter is sensitive soul - and I think all children are - you need to talk to her, make her understand that it is illness just like anything else and there is no need to be afraid. Yes, there is a public stigma associated with psoriasis and that is why we should TALK and end the stigma and change the conversation. Yes, it looks bad but so the scars you can have. Keep fighting!

Posted Tue 19 Jun 2018 8.49pm by Kiff (edited Tue 19 Jun 2018 9.05pm by Kiff)

Hello Everyone,

My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed at the age of 5 with P. After 8 long years of nothing that the doctors or dermatologist could prescribe to help, without horrible side affects and not helping either! I chose to look into CBD products. We have had Amazing results!!! No scary side affects either! That is your child, and I'm sure you only want to help her, and feel helpless at times! As did I! I am soo happy I tried a Full Spectrum CBD lotion for her!!

It was immediate relief from the pain and itch, and in just a couple weeks she has only pink skin where the patches were. I highly recommend trying!! Bonus! She has had a great boost in her self confidence!

Good Luck!! I wish you all the Best!! It is tough to deal with!

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