Gutatte Psoriasis--Help

Posted Thu 12 Apr 2018 2.11pm by lynno

If you have Gutatte can you comment on how long the full body rash takes to clear up.

This is my second outbreak at 47 years old. Had my first one at 38 and was unaware. I was traveling in 2009 and developed the rash in the hotel. Everybody assumed bed bugs so I never looked for a further explanation. The outbreak then was less severe back then. I forget how long it took to clear.

My outbreak now is full body, huge red spots covering everything except face, palms of hands, soles of feet. They gave me a topical cream and a topical steroid but I swear every day it looks more red and pronounced. I just started phototherapy but no idea if this will help. I feel so defeated as I pride myself on looking good and taking care of myself in my daily life.

Does this rash really go away in a few months? How do you know when you are healing? Does the redness fade, or scab over? Any advice on how to get through this without losing it. Even wearing clothes is uncomfortable right now. People are looking at my rash and turning away. I look sick and contagious.

Luckily it has been a cold April, or else I couldn't hide this.

Posted Thu 12 Apr 2018 3pm by Hanna ☀
Early years practitioner 🌸

I started with it when I went through a traumatic birth with my son. After a few months went by I started to notice them the doctor said it was brought on by the traumatic experience.

I have been having baths with baby oil and a bath moisturiser which I think helps SO much. Also my diet has a big role in it, lots of fruit and vegetables.

Posted Fri 13 Apr 2018 12.43pm by Metarie1985
Beauty standard ignorer, unapologetic P sufferer for 10 years, determined to stay positive!

Lynno - Phototherapy will help I hope, but don't expect to see any results until you've been in the sunbed thing longer than 1 minute, it takes a while to start to change but once it does you should see fairly steady results. I had it last summer and was going for about 4 months, but started at 11 seconds (!) and worked up to 4 mins, by which time I was super tanned for the first time ever and 100% clear for a month or so before it started coming back slowly. This was my 2nd round of UVB in 10 years following a flare up last February. Unfortunately my skin has flared up again and I have a feeling that the UVB phototherapy isn't going to work as well as it did the first time - I was really hoping it would be a once in a decade thing :-/

The way my psoriasis heals, it tends to stop being flakey, flatten out (almost like it's melting), then fade into a light pink mark almost like a bruise which can take a while to go completely but the skin texture is normal. You won't scar unless you scratch and break the skin, but you may have pink patches where the P was, they usually are most visible when you're too warm or too cold - mine are super visible in the bath, but generally unnoticeable in daylight, for example.

Honestly, the best way to cope is to join boards like this, research the hell out of it and have a bit of a sense of humour about it. I know that is very tough, especially coming up to summer when you want to shed the clothes and get a tan. But there is a chance you're going to have to deal with this again and regularly throughout your life, and being able show your skin and to confidently say to people 'Oh yeah, that's just psoriasis, it's not contagious, my skin is just a bit enthusiastic' is SO empowering to you and the rest of the community. The more confidence we have as individuals about our condition, the more we can raise the confidence of the newly diagnosed and show them that life doesn't stop. There's a wonderful campaign called Get Your Skin Out which had people sharing their photos and it made me cry with joy to see so many beautiful, confident people sharing their stories and photos. You're not alone.

I really hope the phototherapy works for you. Fingers crossed and the best of luck. Please don't let your skin stop you from doing ANYTHING you want to do. Life is too short. Yeah, you have psoriasis but you also have a life to lead, beaches to sunbathe on, work to do and asses to kick! Don't let this sh*tty condition stop you being you.

Posted Fri 13 Apr 2018 3.37pm by lynno

@Metarie1985 thank you so much for that positive post. This has been my second outbreak in 9 years so praying it stays away that long again.

4 months seems endless, but I guess all I can do is wait and pray!

Posted Mon 16 Apr 2018 12.01pm by LC

Hi I had strep throat over Easter and have had a flare up. I had it last Jan after a throat infection and it lasted until around April time.

It gets me really down especially as the weather is going to be nice this week.

Am just hoping that the cream I use will help have it under control soon.

It's the psychological side of it that I don't think people understand.

You just have to try and stay positive and get control of it.

Posted Thu 19 Apr 2018 0.27am by MsGutted

Hi this is my 2nd outbreak of guttate psoriasis following a sore throat, the first time I wasn’t given any treatment my GP said to just use emolients to was in and moisturiser, it stayed for 5 nearly 6 months. Following another sore throat it’s happened again only the palms of my hands and soles of my feet are also covered my new doctor offered me a steroid cream today which iv refused as I was always under the assumption that you weren’t suppose to use it over large areas and this outbreak is over entire body except face I’m so uncomfortable and itchy could do with some advice please

Posted Thu 19 Apr 2018 3.10pm by lynno

I actually got some sun on my psoriasis past few days and it already looks like it is helping! I am drying out but this will take time I can tell. Got stopped at the airport security asking if I had measles or poison ivy. Lovely.

I don't feel like the topical creams or steroids do anything @MsGutted, I also stopped using them.

I did recently stop hiding this as I think exposure to sun is better, and pants and tights itch me, So now I am flaunting my cheetah spots.

I am dying to shave my legs properly though I won't lie.

Posted Thu 19 Apr 2018 7.48pm by LC

MsGutted I feel your pain. It would be bearable if they said it goes away within 2 to 3 weeks but some say 8 weeks some say months.....i don't actually think they know.

The sun does help. I found that last year.

It's just braving getting my speckled legs out which at the moment I don't really want to do.

Posted Mon 28 May 2018 3.45am by January

My tips for healing, and it goes fast and my body was covered all the way in to my ears...!

I still can get some "monsters" in my scalp or face when/if I get sick or get a cold, but they will never break out totally.( I think my immune system is much better after this diet)

Go free from this stuff as much as you can:

Red Meat







"Nightshadow" Fruits/Vegetables

Dairy from Animals

Try to get as Vegan as you can, AND you will see your body healing !

And use products without any strange chemicals, or perfume get one with good pH( myself I only use really good quality coconut-oil as hair mask and for my body)

Alepo soap is also something to try*

Good Luck!

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