fantastic treatment you must try

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 10.27am by victoria

Hi there, I am new to this site and been suffering for over 12 months with psoriasis on my scalp, no joy from doctors at all I was left with it after shingles, at first i thought it was head lice tried the method of riding them there was no lice at all it was the itching driving me mad of a night, T/gel was awful to strong coal tar made it worse, doctor prescribed Capasal therapeutic shampoo same again with coal tar awful irritating, my brother said T/gel has Lauric acid in it same as Capasal when he read it that was invented by a man who invented it to clean oil from garage floors no wonder I felt like my skin was being ripped off, I was in Home bargains store and seen X-pel therapeutic shampoo at £1.99 for a 300ml bottle wow I thought bet is no good at that price it was worth a try also it does not contain coal tar and Lauric acid, it was quite good but not marvelous as my scalp still was red raw and only scabbed over when I used e45 moisture lotion which was good, 9th August 2018 yesterday I visited an old friend for her birthday she said when she gets itchy scalp she uses coconut oil, as I was going sopping and in Home Bargains again I came across a tub of just coco

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 10.36am by victoria

rest of above the coconut oil as a bronze top solid coconut inside 99p could not believe so when I got home put a teaspoon in a mug of hot water to make hot then a side plate just took a thin layer of popped on plate melted got my fingertips and massaged into the affected area as it read gently left in on overnight and bingo this morning the scabs had dropped off to be safe I used Johnsons baby shampoo washed twice no need for conditioner as I am mixed race with curly hair the coconut oil obviously made it soft so brush just swept through it, which I scrubbed after and poured boiling water over after, touch wood and don't boast feels fantastic no itching I have put it back on scalp will keep you updated hope it helps some of you i feel for you all was :( now :)

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 10.46am by victoria

X-pel therapeutic shampoo is a treatment for dandruff/psoriasis/itchy & dry scalp it has a good read up on Amazon but very expensive home bargains as I said £1.99, but to be safe and gentle with my scalp this morning johnsons baby shampoo was very very good, I do hope others get relief from this simple remedy you can wear shower cap overnight and a towel or towel as mine is at top front of head no need for any, please let me know if you try would love to know it has helped some one else

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 12.21pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Victoria: just two quick points - Lauric acid is not listed as an ingredient of T/Gel anywhere that I can find (nor by any of it's alternate names). Lauric acid occurs naturally in coconut oil, which is of course in Capasal.

I am not sure what product or ingredient your brother means was invented to clean oil from garage floors- but it sounds interesting.

By the way, X-pel contains 2 ingredients: potassium undecylenoyl hydrolysed soy protein, and undecylenoyl oat amino acids. These are both derived from lauric acid.

That said, of course like many of us you have found treatments that have been successful for some others are not suitable or successful for you, and it is good to read that you have found something that does work for you. Thanks for sharing that.

X-Pel has somewhat mixed reviews on, but then probably every shampoo or product that people on this forum have tried would also attract mixed reviews.

I have a Home Bargains 2 minutes from my house so I have picked up a bottle of X-Pel to try.

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 12.54pm by victoria

jolly good try it out the coal tar was too much for my scalp, pick up a pot of coconut oil as well, hope it helps you, I have tried all sorts the pain is awful and could not help but scratch it, making me more stressed, thank you for the reply i will check with my brother which chemical he was referring to, he has recommended I take a spoonful of Suma Organic sunflower oil twice a day helps repair skin inside out, tried for just two weeks so no results as yet, also he said try Vitamin E pure oil on scalp I did for two weeks it just made my scalp oily and was if no help to me at all, it has cleared his eczema which I am pleased about for him, ope X-pel gives you some relief let me know

yours Victoria

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 1.04pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

I have used Body-Shop Vitamin E intense night cream and vitamin E oil on small patches of psoriaisis on my elbows (when everywhere else was in remission for a while), and it helped a lot (applied 2-3 times a day)

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 2.37pm by Kay01

Hi Victoria

I had scalp psoriasis I used benovate and that cleared it still free from scalp psoriasis now , benovate is a scalp application you put it on once or twice a day, your should try giving it ago , it even cleared the back of my neck too. I got prescribed it from my doctors.

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 2.48pm by victoria

Thank you so much doctor prescribed for me , it did not help me I stuck with it for over a month. As my other reply said some things work for different folk but thank you all the same. Washed my hair with baby shampoo at 8am this morning after a night with coconut oil in and touch wood seems fine applied more after wash see how it goes over weekend now

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 2.53pm by Kay01

Oh ok that's what helped me but like you said different things work for different people , I've been battling with psoriasis over my body for 15 years now I'm currently trying a new diet to see if it helps , yeah I found washing with baby shampoo seems to help before when I had psoriasis in my scalp.

Posted Mon 13 Aug 2018 3.38pm by victoria

Hi Kay

Being new to site was not allowed to reply last week. I feel for you and hope diet works for you, the coconut oil is not to bad but need to see my doctor again as not sleeping with the itch awful it calms down them flares up again Victoria

Posted Mon 13 Aug 2018 5.16pm by Kay01

Hi Victoria

No worries thank you i hope my diet starts working soon if not I still need to find out what is triggering even through no cure has been found , yes see what your doctor's say , I bet it is awful with ichy it's not right if it's keeping you up , maybe you should try child's farm baby hair wash to see if that helps , child's farm is suppose to be really good I'm currently using child's farm baby wash and moisturizer cream.

Posted Tue 14 Aug 2018 12.01pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Victoria: I am sorry to say that X-Pel did not work for me. In fact only 3 hours or so after using it for the first time my scalp begain itching. By next morning it was driving me mad and just placing my hand close to my scalp I could feel that it seemed "hot", although looking in the mirror I could not see any visible inflammation.

I assume that there is some ingredient to which I am sensitive. I have never had a similar reaction from any other product.

The x-pel has a pleasant smell, but does not lather as readily as other shampoos that I have used. It can be hard to tell if you have worked a shampoo over all of the scalp areas without a good lather to use as a guide. I had to use much more of the product volume than I normally would, so longer term the cheap price might be offset by using a larger volume each time you shampoo your hair. However, it was worth £1.99 to try it out.


Posted Thu 16 Aug 2018 7.15pm by CharlotteH

I am honestly sick feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing is helping me, I was only told that my scalp flaking was psoriasis last year but this has been ever since I had bleach blonde hair years ago.. I currently use betnovate which I pretty much put on every single day and I’m still flakey, I also tried that xpel shampoo from Boyes but hasn’t made my flakes any better.i haven’t tried coconut oil so I will definetaly try everyone using solution and shampoos to try and treat I worry that am I using too much and should I just be using the doctors scalp solution and just a normal shampoo instead.

I have got the longest hair nearly down to my bum and I feel like shaving it off I’m that fed up as I always have to just wearing it tied up.



Posted Thu 16 Aug 2018 9.21pm by victoria

Hi Charlotte don't do that bless you. Try the coconut oil it has helped me. Doctor now saying mine is bit of eczema and to keep scalp oiled. Also Johnson's baby shampoo is soothing Tesco at moment got 3 for 2 on offer. Also I am now back on the Dandrazol shampoo from doctor leave in for t mins while in shower. Also when it itches me of a night I put e45 lotion on to sooth it. It creates a scab but takes pain away. I can not dye my hair any more that kills me but when I have back in poytale with bit organic sunflower oil covers grey up , I also have two teaspoons a day been taking for 3 weeks supposed to heal inside out we will see. Keep your chin up

Yours Victoria

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