Posted Sat 25 Aug 2018 11.42pm by Hayley2512

Hi I have had this for 15 years and tried every lotion , I have been offered these tablets , but am worried about side effects , would love to hear any reviews positive or negative before I make my mind up , I have from top to bottom and if this tablet could Change not only my life but confidence I would be over the moon x

Posted Sun 26 Aug 2018 8.58am by diceman
Hi. Blessed with psoriasis since 40 y/o. Think I now have PA too!

66 y/o bloke. Have had P for about 25 years. Started on Methotrexate just 4 weeks ago. Dose at the moment 15mg weekly. Haven't noticed much difference to be fair but I do believe I am now detecting some very slight improvement. Scared the s@@t out of me when I first took them having read all sorts of negative (and lots of positives!!) stuff on www and the list of potential side effects in the notes that come with the stuff itself. When I take them I feel marginally 'odd' for a couple of hours but then, no problem. Will persist with it, because I don't see I can be any worse by not doing so !!

Posted Sun 26 Aug 2018 10.05pm by Sue P

Hi Hayley

Everyone is different & has a story to tell. Taking this drug was the final straw for me, looking back I was in a bad place with work & they were threatening to sack me if I didn’t go back to work. ( I was on the sick due to my chronic psoriasis on hands & feet) The side effects were horrendous & brought me to the decision of ceasing all medical treatments. I decided my sanity was most important.

Good luck x

Posted Tue 28 Aug 2018 10.23am by Gerry Gregory

I am 81 years old and had psoriasis since I was about 10. I have had I think every ointment that they have for it, been hospitalised and had light therapy. I have been on Acitretin for 10 weeks and dermatologist recommended I go on Methotrexate in 3 weeks time if no better. Has anyone on Acitretin had chest infection more than normal

Posted Tue 28 Aug 2018 10.56am by Loops

I was on MTX for around 12 years (10mg weekly). I came off it earlier this year as I have other medical issues that now make is unsuitable. I didn't realise how effective it was. Although I still had some areas of psoriasis, I am now covered, and due to start biologics imminently.

I would occasionally feel sick after taking the tablets, but if you take them with food they are fine. You should also be prescribed foilc acid. I didn't suffer any other side effects and the benefit far outweighed anything.

Posted Tue 28 Aug 2018 3.37pm by Helen

Hi, I have been prescribed methotrexate for psoriatic arthritis in hand and both feet and psoriasis (worst area scalp). I am very scared of trying the tablets and what to expect. I am tearful just thinking about it. I am starting a new job as well next week so I am very worried about being off sick from side effects or from the pain from the arthritis. NSAIDS help pain but I know I can't take them long term either.

Any advice from anyone's experience of taking the tablets for the first dose and what to expect, gratefully appreciated.

Posted Tue 28 Aug 2018 8.26pm by Loops

I took them before going to bed so I would sleep through any immediate side affects, so apart from the occasional feeling of nausea (resolved by eating something) taking the tablets didn't cause any issues. They do help with both Psoriasis and Arthritis and I am suffering now having been off it for 8 months.

The tablets are tiny and I assume you will only have to take them once a week. The Folic Acid should also help alleviate any side effects.

I took the tablets for 12 years and there are many other people on them, please don't get upset at the thought of them, look at the positive, they will hopefully clear your Psoriasis so that you can have a 'normal' life again,

Posted Sun 2 Sep 2018 1.42pm by Kul

My son Started them about 5 weeks you can definitely see the change he had gutate psoriasis all over his body and now nearly 90% has gone and his only 16 years old but he said it’s bet than the pain and itching he has a blood test every 3 months.

Posted Sat 8 Sep 2018 9.30am by Ashley

Hi, I have had P for 20 years and tried most creams and ointments to no avail. I had UV treatment 2 years ago which worked very well but very time consuming. 3 days a weeks at the hospital for 1 min treatment. I recently had a knee op and afterwards my P pretty much covered my whole body! I looked like I had chicken pox and I wasn't able to sleep for the itching and pain. I got an emergency referral to dermatology and the suggested Methotrexate I was very hesitant but decided to give it a go as I really needed some relief. Been on the 7 weeks and gradually each week my dose increases. Not change in my P as yet and the side effects are pretty awful. I am going to continue for a few months as other people have said how amazing it works and they are now P free. I only joined this site this morning and have just read the thread on the Magic Blueberrys so I'm off to supermarket to give that a go.

Posted Thu 20 Sep 2018 10.42pm by Becky0303
Scalp psoriasis sufferer for 10 years

I take them before going to bed so don’t have any side effects. If you forget and take them in the morning I do feel a bit sick to be honest but nothing major. I also take folic acid once a week which stops me feeling sick too. Again if I forget to take this I do feel sick sometimes. I have regular blood tests and am fit as a fiddle :)

Give it a try!

Posted Fri 21 Sep 2018 9.24am by Kul

Becky what dosage are you on and how long have you been on them please

Posted Sat 20 Oct 2018 11.19pm by WorkingMumOf3

I am 46 and have PsA in fingers, toes, hip and lower back for 7 years. Nail psoriasis for 32 yrs. I took methtrexate for 7 weeks but stopped due to significant hair loss which affected me psychologically. It was 4 weeks before I noticed it though. My entire front hairline receded about 1cm and my whole head was significantly thinned. No bald patches but the rate of loss was so rapid once it started I decided to stop. Whilst on this drug I was very emotional and tearful. I had mild nausea for first 24 hrs after taking it. I wasn’t on it long enough for any perceptible benefits but I did notice that a few months later my finger nails improved significantly. Within 3 months of coming off it, I had a major flare and was off work for 20 weeks. Maybe coincidence or maybe not. Now on day 12 of Otezla.

Posted Sat 20 Oct 2018 11.24pm by Hayley2512

Thank you for all your reply’s , sorry I have not been back on here I wanted to start treatment and then get back to you , I have been on 2.5 for one week and 10 mg for 3 weeks , my bloods show that my levels are up and down so being monitored , my biggest fear out of every thing was losing my hair which has not happened and not had any nausea but the night I take them I am so tired and my skin itches , I have not noticed any improvement as yet x x

Posted Wed 24 Oct 2018 9.50pm by Holly1
Has psoriasis since 2001

Iv just been given MTX and also worried about the side effects especially hair loss.... iv just come off of cyclosporine as this was no longer working although I did notice hair growth with this so not sure if this means I would be prone to losing hair too. Workingmumof3 I see you stopped taking this due to hair loss, do you mind me asking has your hair started to grow back? Just wondering if I notice I'm loosing my hair and stop will it eventually go back to normal?

Posted Fri 26 Oct 2018 2.36pm by WorkingMumOf3

Hi Holly1. I noticed new hair growth around the hairline within 6 weeks of stopping MTX. My hairdresser confirmed this throughout my head. This was 10 months ago and my hair is now back to normal.

But I have to say this - all the new growth was grey! I had started to go grey anyway a few years before but had dyed my hair to keep my brunette look. I was about 10% grey before MTX treatment. When I started losing the hair, I stopped dyeing it. When the new hair started to grow back, I was afraid to start dyeing again. So I bit the bullet, sported ‘the badger look’with contrasting regrowth for a while, had my shoulder length hair cut into a short bob and now reap the compliments of going grey naturally! I’m now about 35% grey but my hair has never been so soft and bouncy. I love it! And it’ saves me a fortune

Posted Tue 30 Oct 2018 8.50pm by Chris

Hi I have had psoriasis since 18 yr, psoriatic arthritis diagnosed around 43yr, for 18 years. I started Methotrexate, 3 Tabs with 1 folic acid daily then increased to 4 Tabs or 10mg and taking 2 folic acid around day I take Methotrexate which really helps with the laxative affect it can give me the following day. Been on Methotrexate for 18 years! I feel like my joints have been oiled every time I take it! I do feel tired the day after taking so planned accordingly when I worked and would take it at bedtime. No hair loss, blood tests every 3 months good. I currently had to stop UVB Panasol light treatments I did at home due to recent diagnosis of squamous skin cancer. UVB very helpful for psoriasis as well as vacations to tropical climate every winter. I know of many who have done well for long periods on Methotrexate, so do not worry. It's worth a try.

Posted Tue 30 Oct 2018 9.09pm by Margaret W

Thank you so much Chris for that positive response to taking Methotrexate.

I start taking four tablets tomorrow so your comments are most appreciated and couldn’t have come at a better time!!


Posted Wed 31 Oct 2018 1.04pm by Kul

Hi my son has had his hospital app yesterday he has been on methotrexate for 3 months was on 20mg but back down to 15mg his symptons have gone down a lot had his blood test liver was a bit hi but ok got his next app in 3 months again with a blood test but he said he is fine and he is keeping fit and exercising so at the minute it is working well for him and he is happy and he is only just come 17 and has to deal with a lot in the past year wear his body was 70% covered in it now his got about 5% so it has done the trick so it is definatly worth a try to see if it helps will keep you updated with any other changes.

Posted Thu 10 Jan 2019 7.25pm by Lou88

Hello i have recently started on methotrexate 15mg weekly and to be honest ive had enough already i have head aches tiredness sickness intense itching i now also have a rash all over my neck and many more problems and on top of that my pain has become increasingly worse does anyone know the next steps if this does not work and the rash is concerning me im just having trouble getting in touch with my consultant

Posted Fri 11 Jan 2019 5.16pm by WorkingMumOf3

Hi Lou88. I Didn’t experience these symptoms on Methotrexate, just nausea and eventual hair loss at 6 weeksat which point I stopped taking it. But I was subsequently prescribed Otezla (apremilast) and after initially suffering nausea, stabbing pains in my joints over and above what I had previously, and diahorrhea every day, at day 16 I developed a horrible itchy rash around my neck and chest. I saw my Gp who liaised by email with the rheumatologist and they stopped the treatment immediately. I was given an ‘urgent’ appt with the rheumatologist and waited 2 months for it! I’ve been on no treatment since this reaction in October, just codeine and diclofenac while I await further scan results to see what they propose next. They are talking about Leflunomide which I’m not keen on as it too is linked to hair loss in some patients. The rheumatologist also suggested I had fibromyalgia so is also looking at treating that too. For the PsA I’ve tried sulphasalazine with no side effects but no benefit either, so that was stopped at 7 months. I would suggest seeing your GP as this may at least get you an answer from your rheumatologist as to whether you are having an allergic reaction like I did to the Otezla. Good luck.

Posted Sun 13 Jan 2019 10.53am by diceman
Hi. Blessed with psoriasis since 40 y/o. Think I now have PA too!

Coming on 5 months now since my first post. MTX has done one thing, reduced my age from 665 to 67!! That little typo apart, it does seem to work on what has been diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis. Seems to be having no effect at all on the psoriasis though. Initially, I did detect some slight improvement but that seems to have gone into reverse. Taking 15mg pw with no side effects of any sort so for me that one reason alone will see me keep taking it.

Posted Tue 15 Jan 2019 11.47pm by Holly1
Has psoriasis since 2001

Hi I started on 10mg upped two weeks ago to 12.5 started noticing head aches and so tired and finding it difficult to sleep at night did anyone experience this?

Iv just been told to up my dose to 15mg as its not working as quick as they had hoped tbh not seeing much of a change except it's not as painful. They spoke about potentially changing me to biologic treatments and that being in injection form (not sure if there are different forms or not). I'm totally new looking into biologic and wondered if anyone was told this and did they end up moving on to this and what's the main pros and cons to this....

Hope everyone is doing well!!

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