7 years now without Psoriasis

Posted Thu 6 Sep 2018 2.17pm by Raelene (edited Thu 6 Sep 2018 2.19pm by Raelene)

Anyone with Psoriasis knows how debilitating it can be and like me would have tried anything to get rid of it! My heart goes out to anyone who is suffering and I couldn’t help but sign up to this site to share what was to me the holly grail. For years I’d had it. It just seemed to come out of no where and I was covered from head to toe. I live in QLD, Australia where it’s very hot and I kept myself covered because I was so ashamed (which of coarse made me more hot and the Psoriasis even more worse). I went to multiple doctors and tried all the tricks and lotions but nothing worked. The sun did a bit but it always came back. Then one day I got told to have tea tree oil baths! Tea tree oil!!! I thought of coarse! It’s a natural product, it’s an antiseptic and it will add moisture to my body (as opposed to things like calamine lotion and sun that just dried my body out and caused the sores to get more aggravated). I put just a couple of capfuls in the bath and felt my skin tingling the moment I got in. I would sit in there till the tingling stopped then get out. I did this every third night for 2 weeks and it was gone! No seriously... GONE! 7 years later I have never had it come back. I’ve never needed any more treatments. I have a small spot on my right elbow that stayed that I’ve never worried about. It’s just dry and not itchy at all and just never bothered me in the big scheme of things. I am so thankful I’m not covered in Psoriasis anymore! I worked in a bar/restaurant and met a few customers who when I saw they had it I couldn’t help but share my tip and each time they came back to find me and show me how much better their skin was. I hope this works for others too!

Posted Thu 6 Sep 2018 7.40pm by Olivia Douglas 95

Where can you buy this tea tree oil?

Posted Fri 7 Sep 2018 1.31am by Raelene

Hi Olivia in Australia we can buy it from the supermarket but maybe if not you can buy it online? Wendy I found just dabbing it on was ineffective and I would only recommend it as I described diluted in a bath and I believe it only worked because I soaked in it for a time. I loved that I could feel it working and I think soaking gave it time to penetrate through the scabs. I only covered myself up in public and didn’t stop doing that until it disappeared. I worked in a bar/restaurant and thought all the scabs on my arms would be off putting to customers whilst serving their food and drinks. Otherwise I was constantly in the sun sun baking. I can take a lot of sun as my father is Sri Lankan and we have darkish skin but the irony wasn’t lost on me the risk that I could be replacing Psoriasis with skin cancer lol as I said though it just kept coming back. I understand your concerns but I thought it is a natural product and it couldn’t dry your skin out any more than the cortisone creams the doctors kept prescribing me. By all means people should/could talk to their doctor first.

Posted Tue 11 Sep 2018 5.59pm by Tungaa

Hi Raelene, thank you for sharing,my husband has gotten psoriasis recently and he has some serious outbreaks at the moment. I have the body shop tea tree essential oil in my cabinet, how many droplets should I put in the bath and how many minutes should he soak in it?

Posted Wed 12 Sep 2018 11.11am by Raelene

Hi Tungaa I’m sorry to hear that.

Depending on the size bath you have as to how much. I used 1-2 capfuls in a standard size bath depending on how much water was in there and I lied down as it was from my neck down to my toes. I did this for as long as I could (at least half an hour) every third night for 2 weeks. I wish him all the best please let me know how you go!

Posted Fri 14 Sep 2018 1.38pm by Tungaa

Thank you raelene, sorry im a bit confused by the term capful, i only have a tiny 10ml bottle which comes out in drops. Seems it is quite strong pure 100% tea tree essential oil

Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 2.16pm by Raelene

Hi Tungaa i see and I should probably first say I think it’s best your husband only use as much as he feels comfortable using. I am hesitant to give advice as well I’m not a doctor and all I can do is share my own experience. When I say I used 1-2 capfuls I meant from a 200ml bottle. I think it was a water soluble solution, not pure. I too was a bit confused when you said how many droplets :) Maybe with the pure oil you could just use a couple of drops and see how you go?

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