I hate this!

Posted Tue 22 Jan 2019 14.34 by wy_chrls

I hate this. I have tried many things and nothing works. Here it is, winter, and I feel like I am snowing everywhere. I live bits and pieces of me behind everywhere I go. I just feel disgusting. I look everywhere...in my car, home, bedroom and I am embarrassed. All the meds I have taken make me sick, and since I am in IT and touch all kinds of keyboards and mice I cannot afford to lower my immune system. I lifted up my sleeve to look a my watch and I snowed everywhere. Does anyone have any tricks or anything over the counter that I can use to stop flaking?

Posted Tue 22 Jan 2019 18.57 by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Thu 24 Jan 2019 06.42 by OhNo_NotAgain?)

The only thing I can think of is frequent mosturising of the skin. I use Doublebase Dayleve Gel - I prefer it over the standard Doublebase Gel. When I have a bad flare-up last year, I applied moisturiser every 30 minutes or so. Different people swear by different moisturisers - eg some use Aveeno. Have you considered long sleeved cotton/silk underwear? Something that fits snugly (but not as tight as burns garments) MIGHT reduce the flaking (reduce the amount of flakes falling off during the day), I have not tried it myself.

Posted Thu 24 Jan 2019 01.40 by Jenaf1

Skin so soft by Avon helped me a bit, it’s a spray so no rubbing in and having that slightly icky feeling. I know how you feel, I had a black fabric steering wheel cover and used to give myself the boak when I saw it (I’m Scottish btw so that means feeling a bit sick, if you didn’t get that 😀) aveeno Hand cream for me is an absolute godsend. You can get that on proscription if you’ve been diagnosed with a skin condition. The thing that used to get me (and still does) is that I’m in sales and to welcome, seal a deal or say goodbye is a handshake. People don’t understand that I can’t cos it really hurts me. I do shake hands but I have been told “you have a really girly, weak handshake. You need to work on that.” That really hurt my feelings (and my hands)

Posted Fri 25 Jan 2019 18.08 by cazzie

hi. I got shares in dirt buster hand held hovers lol.. oh god I sit in a taxi and have to quickly push the flakes off , he gives me a quick look in the rear view mirror properly thinks … cheeky moo my car ant dirty... i love and use daily hourly if I could "soap and glory body butter it smells so nice and rich it tames the flaky beast for a while.. its from boots. my family no where I am in the house ...follow the flakes and she will be found... cant play hide and seek with the grandbabies … to easy to find me … hugs every1

Posted Sat 1 Aug 2020 13.28 by J squires (edited Sat 1 Aug 2020 13.32 by J squires)

Hello I have just joined this I am a new member. So sorry to hear about your skin but please be cautious of the skin so soft spray It made my skin flare up but then the Avon 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is ok for my scalp it's hit and miss what the individual can use. My Psoriasis is from my chest up and at the minute is really bad and so sore on my neck, face and scalp I am not on medication I was on methotrexate years ago but it made me ill so I stopped it I use umguentum cream as a wash on my face and then we a moisturiser but as I say everyone is different a d different products may help some but not others sorry to be so vague on that but it's true.

Posted Tue 18 Aug 2020 17.58 by Dysania

Hi Chris I hope you're a little better. Also very new here, but you articulated how I felt when I reached crisis point a few months back. I didn't have a diagnosis then (which, looking back, is absurd). For the flake stuff, my personal choice is regular cool baths with emollient and (plain) bath salts. It's been the most helpful thing for me, and so much more effective than showers. As for embarrassment at work.... I've been working from home until this week (Jan 2019 seems a lifetime ago!). My manager is aware of the pain problems and she saw me at my worst. The skin flaking is aesthetically awful (and I can't wear watches now), but I just be honest about me. Weirdly, I find this gives me something to talk about.

Posted Thu 20 Aug 2020 16.46 by LJeffersonJ

Hi, I am sorry that things are tough for you at the moment. When my condition came out of nowhere a year and a half ago it engulfed my body and the worst bit was the dryness. I felt embarrassed and was constantly shaking my clothes, bedding and whipping off of furniture after I had been sat down. What made things worse was I needed to cover up as much as possible and a lot of the clothes I have are black (classic James Bond turtleneck) so it showed up on there too. I couldn't look at people in the face so they didn't see and I became more and more reclusive which is very unlike me. I have to agree with Dysania, the only thing which worked for me was bathing in the evenings. I put Double-base lotion in a warm bath and some Epsom salts and just exfoliated and exfoliated and exfoliated. Sometimes I did this for my face and arms over the sink in the morning if needed. At my worst I was doing this every other night but it was the only thing that made it more bearable. I also still need(ed) to moisturise A LOT! I hope some of the things in this thread help, we know it's such a rough ride and are all behind you! :) L

Posted Tue 3 Nov 2020 22.56 by Jane

Hi Try the following it has worked for me Hydromol ointment spread this all over your body use a babies brush and brush all over the body then rinse but not for too long. Let you skin air dry. Jane

Posted Fri 13 Nov 2020 21.56 by Amin Bhola

I do feel the same as i have tried countless medications which have many side effects and i do not really see any changes and having it covering half my body moisturizing does get exhausting. But the goal is not to give up as stress does trigger inflammations so Dont give up we can get through this together

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