Where is Wendyloish ?

Posted Wed 6 Feb 2019 11.24pm by Jeannette50

Hope you are ok and have not left this forum. You had much intelligence to impart (and more i'm sure). I did intend to respond to you at some point but my life is extremely stressful at the moment so I only came on the forum and responded to easier to reply to posts. Hope to see you back here soon but I no longer see your posts so I guess you must have left.. Thank you for your excellent info.

Posted Sat 9 Feb 2019 1.57am by wendyloish

Hi Jeannette50,

Yes, I have left posting on the forum.

When people put their time, their money and their faith into something, the longer and more they do this, the more they are invested in it. Someone who has spent years and money on doctors visits and traditional medications is not going to easily give this investment up, even though their faith has been misdirected. Even more so, someone who has gone through the pain and suffering of a hip or a knee replacement to alleviate arthritic pain and deterioration, in pursuit of their investment in traditional medicine and pharmacology.

If I have a message which basically says , on the basis of sound research, everything you have invested in is and has been unnecessary, the natural response an invested person gives is that I am wrong, my research is flawed, my personal story cannot be relied upon. The response is that of denial in defence of the investment. It is one of the most important aspects of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, the number of years, the monetary cost and time it takes to become a doctor. Even more investment is needed to become a medical specialist. With this in mind, it is no wonder that here on the forum there should be someone who is invested in the medical status quo.

I came on the forum to help others. And I have found that my integrity has been attacked, my research questioned.

You are newer here, but you will already have found the problem with invested individuals. Over time the response I have had has became personal. So I am gone. I will continue to read on the forum, but my contributions cease. I already said goodbye. You must have missed it.


Posted Sat 9 Feb 2019 4.19am by Jeannette50

Hi Wendy,

I did miss your goodbye :( I understand why you made your decision. I would (at some point) like to continue conversation on this subject with you but there is nowhere to leave you a private message here. Your perspective is important I only wish others would inform themselves equally. I do not have your scientific background - but I have a naturally investigative mind I think (albeit time to do this is often too limited). You can find me on Facebook (if you are on it) Surname Richardson - image of me on a skateboard in a supermarket aisle - my Daughter took the pic - we had fun that day :) If you do message me just leave a message so that I know it is you. If not, good luck with your efforts to make the best of your health. Just out of interest: my Husband's father was in bomber command like your father.

Posted Sat 16 Feb 2019 0.40am by wendyloish

Hi Jeannette,

I have been watching for the last two weeks. After seeing what happened on the blueberry stream, I have weighed up whether I may have made a mistake in dropping out of posting on the forum. I thought you might be there to take up the mantle for lifestyle and diet importance, but I have see that you have ended up being targeted.

I have asked myself, if the forum is just a way of promoting traditional medications, what purpose does it serve, as the "Psoriasis and Treatments" section of the website already does that. So I think it is to extend what may be useful to people beyond that.

So, if you are happy to keep posting, I will come back.

FYI, my go to on biochemical information is the International Student Edition of "Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry" by Bettleheim, Brown and March. I own the 7th Edition, there have probably been a couple more since I acquired it. It is a 1st year university level text. Not Google. Not Wikipedia. Over 750 pages of detailed chemistry and biochemistry. I thought it hubris to quote a text that only a biochemist would know. I have changed my mind. But I will not refer to anything like it again, as no one on this forum would ever be likely to read it.

I don't do facebook.


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