Guttate psoriasis but no sore throat

Posted Fri 8 Feb 2019 8.45pm by Cooper03

Hello everyone,

Hoping to draw on your knowledge please?

I have just been diagnosed with Guttate psoriasis.

At the moment it's on my back,upper arms,stomach,chest and neck.

So I've been looking online and I've seen that this is so frequently in common with strep throat. I haven't even had a sore throat?! Do you think I should get this diagnosis checked? Not doubting the dr so much it's just they told me I had hives first!

Thank you in advance

Posted Sat 9 Feb 2019 9.17am by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sat 9 Feb 2019 3.56pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

I have had plaque psoriasis to varying degrees since 1980. Just about 11 months ago I suddenly had an outbrak of guttate psoriasis over my trunk, scalp, and a few spots on my legs.

My GP seems quite well informed, and he explained that it is often, but not always, associated with throat infections. He also said that I could have a low-level infection with no obvious symptoms. He gave me a 7-day course of antibiotics to take "just in case".

I think that even what you have read indicates that it is often/frequently (but not always) associated with strep throat or similar, but I do not think lack of such a throat condition would be automatically indicative of a misdiagnosis of guttate psoriasis.

He also observed that the guttate psoriasis could have been triggered by a recent hip replacement - with the body's immune response reacting (incorrectly) to the trauma of the operation and the new hip.

I used topical treatments (non steroid) and took some vitamin supplements, My GP had suggested that it might go away in about 6 months anyway. It did recede after 6-8 months.

Posted Sat 9 Feb 2019 11.12am by Hollie07

Hi I’ve suffered with psoriasis since a young age and always have flare ups. However I got strep throat 6 weeks ago and I’ve now developed Guttate psoriasis. My whole body is covered. I’ve been back and fourth from the doctors and nothing seems to work. He said it’s one of the worst cases he’s seen. Even though I’m better from the strep throat he’s given me a antibiotics in case the infection is still present in the body. I think you have have it with no symptoms as I’m guessing the symptom would be the Guttate psoriasis? I would go back and get you’re bloods checked because that’s how they diagnose it properly. Now I’ve been referred to a specialist at the hospital however I have to wait 6 weeks. 6 weeks is a really long time to wait when you’re getting no sleep because it feels like sunburn and you’re constantly itching all day. Not to mention having to wear clothes that hide it! I was wondering whether sunbeds with uvb and uva will help? I need something to relieve it! It just seems to be getting worse if that’s even possible!

Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 3.25am by elkinscha

I have had guttate for about 3 weeks now. I had my tonsils out when I was a kid so I rarely have sore throats. I have been running a fever of about 100 for the past few weeks. Has anyone run a fever with their psoriasis? Should I have a strep test despite my lack of sore throat? Could clearing up the strep infection help clear up the guttate psoriasis?

Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 6.10am by OhNo_NotAgain?

elkinscha: it might be that your fever is a sign of an infection and that the infection has triggered your psoriasis.

Psoriasis seems to be regarded as a symptom of other conditions rather than a cause. I have not read or heard of psoriasis causing a fever - but I should stress I am not a doctor.

I would certainly suggest that you see a doctor - a fever of 100 over an extended time does not seem "normal" even without the psoriasis.

Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 2.33pm by Hollie07

I’ve been perscribed another week of antibiotics in case I have strep throat still. And he been given a vitamin D/steroid foam. It seems to be working. So if definately get tested for strep. I’ve had a temperature with it even though I’m better.

Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 9.03pm by Al1234

I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis at the start of December last year, it started out on my legs as multiple red spots that were incredibly itchy (especially at night time in bed). I went to the doctors and at the start I was given an antibiotic, but it I was back twice before guttate psoriasis was even mentioned and I never had a sore throat. By the 3rd time I visited the doctors, the spots had spread onto my stomach, arms and back. I was prescribed Enstilar foam which helped really well at the start however I was cautious not to use it everyday as I was told it was a steroid and I didnt want to rush the treatment for the psoriasis to come back as bad again. I have also been referred for light treatment which apparently should help. Presently, I still have some spots of my back and arms however majority of the spots have cleared up rightly.

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