Psoriatic Arthritis fueled patellofemoral

Posted Wed 20 Mar 2019 4.07am by WilliamTi

Ive been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and an "unorthodox" case of patellofemoral which is extremely sensitive to any stress put on my knees. I have only ever had tendon symptoms, no joint issues from my arthritis (until this). I was wondering if anyone has had a similar thing go on and how it was delt with

Posted Mon 1 Apr 2019 8.30am by joe
50%-ish psoriasis coverage, scalp, elbows, shoulders, back, stomach, calves, toes

I had joint pain everywhere until I started blending vegetables and fruits for breakfast every day. Years of pain vanished in a matter of weeks. I know this won't work for everyone but in my case my diet must have been missing something critical that my body was craving.

Posted Thu 23 May 2019 1.45pm by Trish17

I’m amazed that these symptoms can be eradicated with diet - can you tell me if you actually eliminated anything from your diet. Just started a trial course of steroids to see how I get on, pretty painful joints this morning, I’ll be ecstatic if I can get rid of it with diet - I’ll eat anything if it works!

Posted Thu 23 May 2019 10.14pm by joe
50%-ish psoriasis coverage, scalp, elbows, shoulders, back, stomach, calves, toes

Hi Trish17,

When I started with my diet changes back in January I started with a daily morning shake / smoothie alone with no other changes to my diet. I'm still on the same breakfast smoothie every day now and admittedly I have cleaned up my diet further over the months since January. I had great success with pain management via dietary changes alone it has spurred me on to go further.

My daily morning smoothie consists of the following ingredients blended in a regular blender:

1) 2-3 celery sticks

2) a small handful of spinach (about a cup measure)

3) 4-5 slices (or a cup measure) of pineapple

4) lemon juice squeezed from half a small lemon

5) a sprig of fresh mint leaves

6) one apple

7) 2 large heaped tea spoons of organic turmeric

8) a pinch of black pepper

9) a pinch of cayenne pepper

10) about 200ml of filtered water to make all the ingredients blend into a reasonable drinkable consistency

These are the base ingredients and some days I'll add a banana, some days I'll add blueberries, some days I'll add a couple of activia yoghurts etc.

Blend for about a minute and you'll end up with anywhere between 1-2 pints of smoothie depending on the exact measures / size of fruits and vegetables used. The good news is that it tastes pretty good.. to me at least ;)

I'll be honest and say that I haven't seen a noticeable improvement in my skin yet but my bones and joints do feel human nowadays. I can get up in the morning and I have no pain, my fingers and wrists actually work. After literally years of popping anti-inflammatory pills I was able to stop taking all pain killers after about a month.

I'm going to caveat this once again by saying this probably isn't going to work for everyone but I've found some super-food here that really does work for me and personally I call this a huge success.

Posted Thu 23 May 2019 10.30pm by Trish17

That sounds great Joe - to be honest I always struggle to find a breakfast that I will enjoy but also help with my condition. I’ll certainly give your smoothie recipe a go and let you know how I get on. I love smoothies for breakfast anyway, easy to digest and can be sipped throughout the morning - looks very healthy!

I’ve just started a course of steroids as my GP thinks I have polymyalgia - after one dose I’ve got a massive relief from the pain and stiffness - still looking for something to reduce the psoriasis, organic aloe vera gel is what I’m currently testing.

I hope you continue to make great progress with your condition, it isn’t easy to live with - and thank you for taking the time to give me your recipe - that was really kind of you, I’ll let you know how I get on 😊

Posted Thu 23 May 2019 11.55pm by joe
50%-ish psoriasis coverage, scalp, elbows, shoulders, back, stomach, calves, toes

Good luck Trish17 I really hope it works for you too. I had pain everywhere, feet, knees, lower back, neck, elbows, wrists, knuckles. Some days were worse than others, sometimes the pain would move around and it was quite movement limiting.

If I had to guess what the most potent element of these ingredients is that helps eliminate inflammation I'd say it's the Turmeric. My personal preference is to dry out fresh organic Turmeric root and grind it to powder but it can be bought in powder form too.

If you were to stick with a smoothie a day every day for a few weeks, hopefully that would be long enough to know if it's having any positive effect. As you say it's a healthy mix of natural ingredients and there's nothing to lose but everything to gain. It even feels good when doing the shopping filling the basket with all the fruit and veg.

Please do drop a message back ;)

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