Posted Thu 21 Mar 2019 6.52am by Burygirl92

I’m 26 and had psoriasis for last 3 years now but I have it from head to toe I’m wanting to get back out there dating but so ashamed of how I look anyone feeling the same or have felt the same and had success in dating again

Posted Sun 31 Mar 2019 9.36pm by Lauz329


I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m just getting over my guttate psoriasis which covered me head to toe.

I too felt like I didn’t even want to think about dating due to how low I felt.

I believe that other people don’t see it as bad as us and I had a really successful date whilst totally covered. I’m now 5 dates in with the same guy so believe me you can do it.

Have you tried Dead Sea bath salts? They’ve been amazing for me!

Posted Tue 2 Apr 2019 11.54am by Karenlouise15
I used to be so confident and outgoing but now a shell of my former self due to psoriasis

I’m the same been single 3 yrs now since I split with my ex I’m covered in psoriasis and really don’t feel confident to date anyone mind u can’t see anyone wanting to date me whilst I have this horrible skin condition.

Posted Sat 6 Apr 2019 11pm by Psoriasisblossom

I'm 28 and have had psoriasis since I was 13

I have been single 6 years

I am covered head to toe

I don't feel confident either I did briefly meet someone but he decided that my skin was unattractive which therefore made me ugly

Posted Sat 18 May 2019 2.56am by CaraYO!

I'm totally the same I'm 28 tried everything to calm it down got it everywhere even on my poor downstairs muffin and inner legs I've had guys think it's an STD thinking they can catch try to explain its not and well never ends well makes me feel so unconfident how do you guys explain it don't think I'm ever going to blow away my cobwebs anytime soon. Then it makes my scalp and face look greasy and flaky skin all the time get bullied alot people dont think I wash it's all so sad it's ruining my life xxx

Posted Sun 19 May 2019 3.56pm by Jessicago @skndalive
Hello, I've had psoriasis all my life. I think psychological support for psoriasis warriors is fundamental!

Hey all,

I am 31 and have had psoriasis since I was 3. I have had some negative experiences with dating and people making horrible comments. I remember overhearing someone say "How can you like her? her skin is so gross".

I have been with my current boyfriend for 5 years and we started dating when my psoriasis was really bad. I'm not covered head to toe but I had really large plaques, including on my genitals and my hands were so damaged they were really swollen, constantly fissured in the articulations with large strips of skin coming off and the rest red and raw. It made me really self conscious and I used to say I looked like a leper. It was really hard to open up at the beginning and i felt really self conscious. This made me realise that a massive limiting factor was my feelings around my skin. He didn't seem to care that much, or at least never showed it. He's been one of my biggest allies and has been so supportive through the ups and downs. I started psychotherapy last year and that has really helped me deal with all the feelings about my skin and how it affects me. Don't give up! You're worth it! and definitely consider therapy if you haven't tried.

Posted Sun 19 May 2019 7.42pm by StephanieAlbax
Stephanie. 32 years old. Mother of 2. Nursing student.

I'm the same. Recently single and don't think I'll ever meet anyone again because of my skin. It's depressing af! I remember when i met my ex over 8 years ago and i had it bad and on my hands and i managed to hide it for ages, well i thought i did but he knew when he met me. I remember him asking what was on my hands and i wanted to be swallowed up. I'm different now tho and a bit more open about it but i still don't think I'll have the confidence to meet someone else.

Posted Sat 15 Jun 2019 3.07pm by psoriasis123

don't let psoriasis ruin your life, I just try to ignore it and hope that most people won't really care. Cause most people don't care and are not that shallow. Sex for me is the thing that concerned me the most, but if you act like nothings wrong, then usally people are to polite to say anything, and if they ask I just explain what it is. In my teens it really effected me, but I was tired of letting life go by in front of me just because of one thing about me, sure I find it embarrassing sometimes, but I just ignore it.

Posted Sat 8 Feb 2020 3.35pm by asiddburrn

I've been single now for over three years since it's started covering most of my body.

I just can't bear the thought of people touching me and taking their hand away covered in scales, or greasy creams and scales, or waking up in a bed of scales.

I keep covered up most of the time to avoid careless comments or staring.

It's affected my weight as I comfort eat, I don't go out much anymore unless it's work, I keep a brave face, outwardly I'm zero F's, you'd never know it affects my personality unless you were in my closest tiny circle of friends.

Posted Sun 4 Oct 2020 7.08pm by Viresh
Hi, Married for 13yrs. Suffering from Psoriasis for last 9yrs. One of the reasons for my marriage to end.

I have had Psoriasis for last 9yrs. Initially it was ok but gradually it was one of the causes for my 13yr old marriage to end. I started feeling depressed. I lost all my friends. I am looking for a site to date and meet someone who has the same problem because I feel that we can understand each other well both mentally and emotionally. I really feel very lonely at times as I have no one to talk to. I have Psoriasis on my scalp, shoulders and legs but this has kept me from meeting people. Can anyone help?

Posted Sun 4 Oct 2020 9.29pm by Viresh
Hi, Married for 13yrs. Suffering from Psoriasis for last 9yrs. One of the reasons for my marriage to end.

I love to cook for my son but a am scared that flakes of my skin may fall into the food. I sit all alone in my room. Sometimes I just want to go to a nature reserve and just lose myself into the nature. Just be to myself but I can't do that because my marriage ended but I have a 13yr son whose mother keeps blackmailing him emotionally and so many times i have to be there for him even if it is to hear him out. I am over conscious that the moment I go in front of people, they will notice my Psoriasis and will react negatively. With COVID-19 at least after wearing the mask I feel that people will not recognise me who I am. I miss being there for my son on the beach or a pool or for that matter, play sports with him because of my Psoriasis. I heard that there is something treatment called phototherapy. How useful is that?

Posted Mon 5 Oct 2020 3.49pm by AzureBlue

I feel for you. I’ve started dating a few times over the last 2 years but it inevitably gets to ‘that’ stage in proceedings and I can’t bear to go through with it and so I’ve ended the relationship.

It’s really upsetting every time and not fair on the other people so now I don’t bother and have resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be single forever.

Luckily, my face isn’t too bad so I’m able to hide it but the truth will come out eventually. Who wants to see red and crusty genitals?

Posted Sat 10 Oct 2020 0.27am by beth

I think it's important to remember that almost everybody without psoriasis has issues with their body too. The last person I dated (which was before I first had p) would always turn the lights off before getting undressed, always slept in proper pyjamas even when he was first visiting my house, which is a little surprising for a 25 year old guy. After a while I realised that he had loads of scars on his back from an accident he'd had in the past, he was clearly conscious of it and didn't want me to see. I didn't care at all about the scars, and after I knew about them it didn't change anything. If somebody really likes you, the psoriasis won't matter to them. It's tough for us in our minds, but 99% of our future partners probably aren't going to think twice about it!

Posted Tue 13 Oct 2020 2.47pm by imed - 41 from nabeul
je suis imed tunisien j'ai 40 ans j'ai le psoriasis depuis 15 ans sincerement cote morale c 'est tres penible.

j'ai 40 ans j'ai le psoriasis depuis 14 ans je suis marié père de 2 enfants bon psoriasis n'est stable mais depuis mon mariage ma femme me soutien fortement maintenant mon psoriasis diminue parceque moralement je suis en bonne état et en plus je mange tout ce qui est naturel et surtout huile d'olive et je fais du sport ca fait 5 ans j'ai pas visité aucun dermatologue .

Posted Wed 14 Oct 2020 1.28pm by TheRave - 36 from ireland

my confidence has been knocked for 6 by my condition too, but i want to get bk out on the dating scene again lifes too fkin short, dont let it take over your life, im onli beginning to love myself n my body again...

Posted Wed 14 Oct 2020 2.42pm by Viresh
Hi, Married for 13yrs. Suffering from Psoriasis for last 9yrs. One of the reasons for my marriage to end.

@TheRave ... I agree life is too short but one cannot deny the fact that in this short such blockades make you feel depressed. I am trying my best to get over the situation.

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