Allergy testing

Posted Mon 26 Aug 2019 2.11pm by Billy2018


I am wondering if anyone has had an allergy test from their GP to relate to what is causing their psoriasis?

I have been suffering for around 5 years now, I seem to find alcohol is the big one that flares up my scalp psoriasis. I want to know whether I am allergic to something in beer.

I use Enstila foam which does clear it up as in the plagues but not the redness. The only thing that I have found that clears it is sun light when I have been out on a nice day.

Thanks Billy

Posted Tue 27 Aug 2019 11.03am by Hernehillbilly

It sounds like you could be gluten intolerant, common amongst psoriasis sufferers. My scalp improved tremendously when I gave up eating gluten - and drinking beer, which contains it. It’s worth the sacrifice!

Posted Wed 11 Sep 2019 5.31pm by ChinaBlue
Psoriasis worrier-warrior - using nutrition to become psoriasis free, medication free, symptom free. 1/2 way and working on it.

Could also be grains.... gluten raises your histamine levels so it can be good to cut out. But if you find gluten free products no better, I'd cut grains.

I've reduced both along with sugar. I'm way better for it, but I'm still not exactly sure what all my triggers are. I have the odd flare up just way less ofen. I'm going to the docs soon and asking to be tested for gluten and other intolerances to be sure.

But, my doctor didn't understand the connection between diet and psoriasis last we spoke. This time I'm letting him know that 1 in 4 people with psoriasis are triggered by gluten. I want to know whether I'm included. It's hardly an unreasonable request. Then it's up to him to decide whether I see a nutritionist or allergist, but in the long run I want both. I'm so sick of topical treatments and I'm building resistance to them like they're going out of fashion. There won't be any left for me soon and I'm not yet 3o, so food is my focus.

It's been more effective than anything else so far., but I've researched everything myself. 2 years in I've more than halved my psoriasis, but I'm reaching into scientific research that's somewhat over my head.. I need a specialist or a MA in nutrition to get further....

Posted Wed 18 Sep 2019 8.57am by OhNo_NotAgain?

ChinaBlue: from where is the statistic that "1 in 4 people with psoriasis are triggerred by gluten" ? I am interested to read up on that.

Posted Mon 23 Sep 2019 8.54am by Mapoc97

ChinaBlue: I have just joined to forum, so you may have already seen your doctor.

However with everything I have been going through over the last few months (loads of testing), I can say that if you are not eating gluten the blood test will not pick up any reaction gluten.

Posted Mon 23 Sep 2019 7.38pm by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Tue 24 Sep 2019 3.36am by OhNo_NotAgain?)

What I HAVE discovered mentioned in more than one place is that " 25% of psoriasis sufferers also have an intolerance to gluten." That is not exactly the same thing are saying their psoriaisis is "triggered" by gluten. It could conceivably be the other way around.

I'll keep searching for more references.

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