Posted Thu 24 Oct 2019 9.24pm by JD

sorry if this has been covered i am new to this and have suffered psoriasis since 19 . My psoriasis is only now on my elbows and a little in the scalp >, Soon as i gave up drinking alcohol it started to go away. if i try to have a beer or a glass of wine it immediately comes back its a major trigger for me . Has anyone else experienced this ?

Posted Fri 25 Oct 2019 8.16am by mike andrews

If I go alcohol free for one month. My Psoriasis disappears only to return with the consumption of wine.

Posted Fri 25 Oct 2019 9.41am by JD

Yes I wonder if it might be worth setting up some control groups to try the various remedies and gain some accurate figures and results and formulate a best practise list of things to do to reduc the symptoms without medication

Posted Sun 27 Oct 2019 1.23am by wendyloish

I thought the Psoriasis Association was looking into the diet connection in their research programme. About the alcohol, JD, it might be the other things in beer, particularly, that are the trigger. An easy way to test this might be to try a non-grain based alcohol like vodka and see if the effects are the same as with the beer.

About the wine, Mike, red wine has abundant histamines, so it might be possible to avoid the problem by taking an antihistamine after drinking. Failing that, you could try drinking white wine as it has not the same histamine content. I found that switch was good for me.


1 Posted Wed 30 Oct 2019 4.43pm by JN

Is lager likely to be better than bitter/real ale?

Posted Wed 30 Oct 2019 10.10pm by wendyloish

Sorry, I am not a beer drinker so someone else will have to answer that one.


Posted Fri 1 Nov 2019 11.38am by Mac

High JN.

Keep in mind everyone is different, and what works for some doesn't work for other's. Sadly trail and error applies.

In my case lager is the worst, ale's aren't too bad. Thankfully Guinness (stout) is the best out of the lot for me :). In saying that too much of even Guinness, and things will go south :(.

Posted Thu 7 Nov 2019 10.48am by desennuis

I am 70 yo. Diagnosed at age 65 with psoriasis, mainly on legs. Spread to forearms and lower back ever since then. Used UVB light twice with some +ve results but returns easily. Used several emollients and continue with moisturisers every morning which helps.

I have been in the wine trade for almost 50 years. As an experiment I have decided to have an alcohol free month this November. After the first week (tomorrow) it looks like the redness has dissipated slightly but my plan is to see if at the end of a month there is significant improvement. Should that be the case then I plan to consume only one of four forms of alcoholic drinks. (Wine, Spirit. Fortified wine. Beer.) The test will be to establish if a certain type of alc drink promotes the psoriasis condition.

If the condition does not improve at the month end then I will continue enjoying the wines and Cognacs etc that I have enjoyed for 50 years.!

Posted Thu 7 Nov 2019 10.38pm by wendyloish

Hi Dessenuis,

I think that is a great plan and would encourage you to post the results of your experiment.


Posted Thu 7 Nov 2019 11.51pm by JD

Yes I think that alcohol has more than one effect

1.the alcohol is the irritant the body treats it as a poison

2. It causes poor quality sleep

3 which leads to stress

4 it reduces motivation which means things don’t get done

i used to drink a fair bit but now realise iit definitely causes a problem with my condition

1 month is probably not long enough

My self treatment plan includes

1. No alchohol

2 no processed food only home cooked

3 use simple olive coconut oils as moisturiser

4 avoid stressful situations

5. Now eating blueberries

6 taking regular breaks in the sun

7 mindful ness yoga jogging and regular excessive

Although my psoriasis isn’t that noticeable to others .

I thank god I have it as it’s an external warning that my body is not in balance and that my engine is under stress and it has forced me to change my lifestyle .

I am always looking to add to my list and really enjoy reading everybody’s comments jd

Posted Sat 9 Nov 2019 5.10am by wendyloish

Hi JD,

Looks to me like a great plan. One thing though that I would do - EAT the olive and coconut oils, don't just put them on your skin.

I wish I had known what you do and done what you are doing forty years ago!


Posted Wed 4 Dec 2019 7.27pm by The Ginger Bread Man

I first got guttate psoriasis 9 years ago aged 37 and an obese Chef. 4 years ago I quit alcohol and put myself on a diet to help our chances with IVF. I went from 18 stone to 14 stone in under 6 months, and my psoriasis almost cleared up. Our daughter was born and I returned to alcohol, and sadly my weight returned. After years of putting it off I've now decided to go back on my life-changing diet...

I've quit alcohol and gluten including most other carbohydrates, refined sugars and processed foods, also nightshades and condiments. Reduced red meats, and like others I'm eating more fruits like blueberries, but also more oily fish and multivitamins to help boost my immune system.

Like I said life-changing...

(I'll keep you updated as and when I notice the changes.)

Mindful not Mind Full ♥️

Posted Wed 4 Dec 2019 8.18pm by JD

just thought i would test out my alcohol theory once more , with a couple of nice glasses of cool of savignon blanc. really nice , but almost immediately itchy skin , and has now taken 1 week to calm down .. Why couldn't i be allergic to cabbage or something , why does alcohol have to be the trigger.....

Posted Sat 7 Dec 2019 2.41pm by Mk

Hi, I am new to this group and desperately need advice. I am a 47 year old woman and was diagnosed with psoriasis 5 days ago as my Dr was treating me with anti fungal cream for 2 weeks but no change. It is extremely bad because I have it on my face and scalp and cannot take it anymore. I drink a bottle of white wine almost every evening after stressful day at work but my GP didn’t mention anything about alcohol being the cause? As I said any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Posted Sat 7 Dec 2019 7.05pm by The Ginger Bread Man

Hi MK,

You need to find your triggers, and yours alone. And it can take weeks to do so. Mine are alcohol, gluten and work related stress. Firstly I'd advise you to quit alcohol, even for just a month. Then work out it's effect of leaving it out of your diet. If it cures you then put a complete stop on it, or you could introduce a glass or two just on a Saturday night? With me I have an outbreak, I then eat and drink the wrong things to comfort myself, stress, then get an even worse outbreak. The real answer is to break the cycle. And STOP all triggers...

p.s I'm a classically trained chef, and have 5 years training in nutrition in palliative care. I should know better.

Hopefully I'll stick to my 'life long' plan this time 👍💪♥️

Posted Sun 8 Dec 2019 10.52pm by Mk

Firstly Thank you so much The Ginger Bread Man for your advice and I wish you well with as you said it ‘life long plan’. The thought of having to cut wine completely out of my life really scared me because that is one extremely difficult task and as for JD.................why couldn’t my trigger be cabbage not alcohol 😱😩

Also any advice on removing the Enstilar from hair greatly appreciated, it looks so greasy and dirty it’s awful and I’ve washed it 5 times today 😩

Thanks guys

Posted Wed 11 Dec 2019 5.57pm by tonto

M&S do an alcohol free wine!

Posted Wed 11 Dec 2019 9.05pm by Mk

Day 4 no wine and I wait in hope each day for symptoms to ease but it will be a long month I think but I am willing to try anything at this stage.

Posted Thu 20 Feb 2020 1.59pm by Seano

Did you manage to stop for while Mk ? I'd be interested to know if it helped. I sometimes stop for a week or so, and don't notice any improvement and when Ive asked doctors, even the specialist, they didnt think alcohol was proven to have any effect, but a few people on here have found it does, So would be good to find out if it helped you before I go on the wagon!

Posted Thu 20 Feb 2020 7.51pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Seano: it is different for different people. Cut it out for at least a month and see what changes for you.

Posted Fri 21 Feb 2020 11.45pm by Lasttime (edited Fri 21 Feb 2020 11.45pm by Lasttime)


Think your correct

Many years ago when on methotrexate i had to stop drinking

Came off it but never really had a drink since may be 4 or 5 times in 20 years since

Never noticed any improvement

Posted Sun 23 Feb 2020 10.23am by OhNo_NotAgain?

I am in my 60s, had psoriasis since age 22. Drank a lot through my 20s and 30s.Hardly drink at all now. Had periods of regular daily heavy drinking, and periods with no alcohol for 2-5 weeks followed by a 2-3 day binge. I have never seen a correlation between the severity or extent of my psoriasis and my drinking pattern. However, my psoriasis did suddenly appear for the very first time the morning after my 22nd birthday when I woke up after a massive and marathon drinking session to celebrate my birthday.

I was at University and in my final year, and my Father had just been diagnosed with cancer - so there were also psychological stresses going on at the same time.

However, some people report on here that if they drink little or nothing for a while and then have a heavy night or two - their psoriasis flares up. Some people have reported that it flares up worse or only after certain types of alcohol.

I think each person needs to try and see if something works for them.

Posted Sat 28 Mar 2020 6.03pm by Jane

Hi Yes I didn't think of this until some one else mentioned it to me to try and see if mine went away, I haven't had any alcohol for 8days now and it seems to be fading in colour so I am going to carry on and see if it disappears all together.

I do use a lot of creams has well still at the moment !

Posted Tue 31 Mar 2020 3.21pm by Mk

Hi Seano, apologies for delay in reply. I only managed 2 weeks without alcohol and did not notice any change to the severity of my psoriasis however for me I believe the 2 weeks was not long enough to determine the effects. In February I stayed off the wine but again I only lasted just under 2 weeks when I had wine.again. Did you try to stay off it and did you notice any change? MK

Posted Tue 31 Mar 2020 4.17pm by JD

you need to alcohol free for about 3 months, do not even touch low alcohol ..

When i was recently in Spain i really wanted to go have a couple of beers in a lovely tapas bar . Someone suggested i take anti hist-ermine tablets , and surprisingly my psoriasis was much calmer after the alcohol .

I am back on the tee total , life of a monk in order to get this back under control , and i am pleased to report its barely noticeable . Repeat this treatment . No stress purge yourself everyday of things on your mind with brutal honesty you may need a very close friend that can handle it with no judgement , no alcohol , yoga, fitness walking , no smoking , avoid processed sugar ,blueberries , natural oils for your skin( olive oil) and try the hay fever tablets , i am fairly certain if you do then all properly they will work , i have passed my experience to many sufferers advice like this and they have all seen big improvements . And at the very least you will be fitter , slimmer , and happier , and less stressed .

Posted Tue 31 Mar 2020 6.26pm by Jane

Hi Seano

I have only been doing it for about 2 weeks so far but I did notice when I use to have a drink I would end up having a bad flare up.

I rely on creams, wash's and a mouse at the moment which seems to help me get through the day with out to may problems.

Posted Wed 1 Apr 2020 11.33pm by Mike Quigley - 53 from

Hi everyone.

Just to add to discussion that Alcohol is a definite trigger .I have drank all my adult life and having been a brewery executive for almost three decades I can say with some certainty that when I slow down or stop drinking alcohol I see a vast improvement in my psoriasis,but in the past i used alcohol to help me sleep and cope with the itching which helped at the time but eventually made my condition worse.

It really is wicked cycle which if I'm honest still have not totally controlled.

Keep safe everyone at this difficult time over coronavirus .

Posted Fri 17 Apr 2020 8.58am by CBMan

It has been said earlier in this thread, but it is worth saying again - there is no panacea. Both in terms of triggers and cures, what helps/hurts for one person may have no impact for another.

My solution was to keep a food diary noting everything that I ate or drank and also noting whether my symptoms were better or worse. Then by selectively removing things from my diet over a period of many months I was able to work out what were triggers for me.

The main ones turned out to be:


Dairy (particularly milk and yoghurt)

Citrus Fruits (particularly grapefruit)

Even with none of these things in my diet anymore I still have significant psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, but I believe controlling my diet helps.

Posted Fri 17 Apr 2020 12.43pm by JD

some great tips on this and i shall add some of your suggestions to my holistic routine , of which the list is growing . Seems that as psoriasis sufferers our skin becomes external sign and symptom of the deeper problems that lie with in the human body and mind , and for that i am grateful in the same way i am grateful for pain since the absence of pain would cause more problems .. So now i have no alcohol, no smoking, fresh vegetables , watch intake of citrus fruits , be fit be healthy and remove yourself as much as possible from stressful situations , and engage in mindful practise , such as yoga and meditation , use natural oils on skin such as vegetable or grape seed or olive , some time anti hist ermines work a little sunshine and Epsom salts in the bath and definitely eat blueberries , have good sleep hygiene, and keep mind healthy and positive.. i have been doing all of those lately and after 30 years of psoriasis its almost gone.. good luck love to hear your stories. ps . If you try to short cut it , your mind and body will know and that its self causes inner stress.

Posted Fri 17 Apr 2020 1.04pm by Jane

Hi Jd So please that you seem to have got on top of you Psoriasis & found some thing that works for you, it is all about try stuff and getting a routine together that works for you has we are all different and know to people will be the same with this skin problem,

Like your self my Psoriasis if almost completely gone buying a couple of spot about the size of a 5p coin, with what is going on in the world today you would have thought our skin would have got worse not better.

One other product i have started to use when i can get hold of it is Johnson baby oil with Aloe Vera which i put in the bath (can be hard to get).

Stay safe every one!

Posted Fri 17 Apr 2020 1.23pm by JD

Thank and for the moment everybody is in a similar boat which in some ways is a bit of a leveller ,I work as a financial adviser which has its challenges since the market has fallen by nearly 30 per cent , but again with every disaster comes new opportunity and certainly if we ever get back to life as we previously knew it , then this would have been a good period of reflection and re evaluation and time to remove unnecessary distractions. I will try the john sons baby oil with aloe Vera , put that into the mix, thank you once again for the nice suggestion

Posted Fri 17 Apr 2020 1.38pm by Jane

You are welcome JD if i can help make some one feel has i so call it normal in their own skin it is a plus for me, has i have only just recently myself found this site and it is nice to talk to people with the same problem with in one way help you feel that you are not on you own. I am lucky has my Doctor has this problem so when i go to see him i know he under stands what i am going through which also help has i have have other Doctors that have not been help full at all and have told me that i needed to give up my Job (I own my own swim teaching school). If i am in the water to many hours it will start my skin to flare up! If you go onto the general chat section you will be able to get other idea's from other people who have posted what has worked for them. Good luck !

Posted Fri 17 Apr 2020 2.59pm by JD

love swimming i have done some iron man competitions keep up the good work , that is a great type of exercise especially open water or in the lovely sea

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