Bio medical drugs for psoriasis

Posted Tue 19 Nov 2019 7.44pm by KatenicolW

Hi everyone I’m 23 years old, I have tried all of the steroid creams and potions nothing worked for my psoarsis then I started getting really bad pains in my hips. Then about 2 year ago I was put on methotrexate because I got diagnosed with psoarsis arthritis and really bad psoarsis.... the methotrexate didnt really work much so in April this year they put me on humira?Everything went within 4 weeks!! I was amazed it was amazing I got my life back. But then I took poorly and ended up in hospital because my immune system got so low. At the time everything had cleared so I just said il come off everything it might have gone. Few months later and now I am covered head to toe :( with huge spots of psoarsis everywhere. Getting to the point now where I can’t wear dresses. Getting it on my face. My scalp is probably the worst place, but my body is going to be the same soon. It’s so painful! I Don’t want to leave the house or anything. I’m going to ask to go back onto a different bio Med drug I was just wondering has anybody tried any other ones and what were the results like? Any tips or anything please let me know :( Thankyou

Posted Tue 19 Nov 2019 10.30pm by Hannahjohnston

Hey! I feel your pain. My psoriasis has really really flared up recently and it's really beginning to get me down. I'm 26 and I feel like it constantly controls what I wear and how I feel about myself. So you're not alone. Some days are fine, others I want to give up entirely. Keep your spirits high, you'll get back to that good place again.

I've been on methotrexate in the past but I've been off it now for a few years. I need to see my GP/dermatologist and ask for something else because the ointments aren't cutting it these days. So if anyone has a response, I would also be incredibly greatful aswell. Thanks.

Posted Tue 19 Nov 2019 10.41pm by KatenicolW

Thanks Hannah! Hope you get sorted to! If you are keen on trying another drug, Try asking about bio med drugs when you go to your dermatologist because when I went onto 1 type it cleared instantly within a month x

Posted Tue 19 Nov 2019 10.43pm by Hannahjohnston

That's great thanks for the tip! I will! Hope you get some help from your GP/dermatologist too! X

Posted Wed 20 Nov 2019 10.46am by scc

Hi Kate/ Hannah,

I am sorry to hear this is placing such a burden on you, unfortunately like yourselves and many on here I have been in a similar position and can only empathise with your position. This disease is so much more than skin deep so I hope you find a treatment that works for you.

For the last 6 months or so I have been on Amgevita (a Humira bio-similar) and have found it to be really good with no side effects. I appreciate this may not be the one for you Kate due to your history with Humira however I thought I would mention it as we are all different and so can react differently to the different medications out there.

When I was offered the injections my Dermatologist went through a list of all current medications and went through bits like the average effectiveness (PASI scores), average people who remain on treatment after a year, how long the drug has been available for etc to allow me to make an informed choice which I found really useful. I went for the Humira bio-similar due to the lower cost to the NHS than the reference drug and the fact that TNFa inhibitors have been available for a while so doctors generally have a good idea of the safety profile. Perhaps you could ask your Dermatologists to do a similar thing?

I have also found taking the meds every two weeks has freed me from the daily grind of creams/ ointments or taking the pills (cyclosporine etc) which again helps me move on with my life without constantly thinking/ worrying/ itching/ treating P.

I hope you both find something soon.

All the best,


Posted Wed 20 Nov 2019 1.03pm by KatenicolW

Thankyou! I know how good the humira was when I went onto it I was gutted when I came off it cause now I have it even worse! Il have to ask my dermatologist about the one your talking about see what they say! Thankyou again, I hope too ur psoarsis stays away! X

Posted Mon 23 Dec 2019 9.28pm by Sizzy

Hi all. I've had chronic psoriasis for 35 years. Over the years I've had topical day care treatments, sulphasalazine, PUVA, UVB, cyclosporin, methotrexate then on to humira for 5 years. Humira was wonderful for me with 99% clear skin within 6-12 weeks. Was taken off humira 6 months ago by my neurologist/dermatologist as developed vibration feeling in feet and hands and body constant pulsings. Am currently in the middle of a big flare with small/medium but 100s of very itchy patches from toes to top of my head. Just had an abdomen scan result showing I now have a fatty liver. I do not drink. It seems if you have psoriasis you are more likely to developed other issues due to our crazy immune systems. I've been offered a new biomed similar to humira but so unsure of what to do. I feel for you as coping with psoriasis is very hard. I find citrus fruits and things like tomatoes make it worse. I don't drink or smoke but I eat lots of chocolate!

Posted Mon 23 Dec 2019 9.45pm by KatenicolW

Yeh I totally agree, I would never turn to these harsh drugs either if I could control my psoarsis. What drug have you been offered now? Hope you get something sorted it’s so hard!

Posted Sat 8 Feb 2020 6.28am by Sizzy

I've been offered Stelara this time and am going to have to go with it. No let up from the psoriasis which is resistant to topical treatment.

I did have some hope a month ago when I changed my diet. I cut out all gluten, nightshade veg (potato, aubergine, tomatoes etc) and most refined sugar.. (10 maltessers in the evening).. lots of non citrus fruits and veg. My skin started to really clear and I got excited! Then had a flair! Gutted!! Let's just say I'm still eating blueberries every day but does bot work for me!

I have also just resorted to Dermalex scalp treatment. Anyone tried it? 1st night last night but woken up really early feeling sick. I assume it's not related.

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