Psoriasis and Gluten Intolerance

Posted Tue 14 Jan 2020 9.12pm by hainiej
Cannot go swimming any more

Hi there, is anyone noticing a connection between the two. If so did a gluten free diet help your condition?

Posted Mon 20 Jan 2020 9.49pm by Sizzy

I've tried to cut out gluten, eat blueberries and cut right down on refined sugar. Started to clear at first but just having a flare up. Scalp is especially bad at the moment x

Posted Sat 1 Feb 2020 6.40am by hainiej
Cannot go swimming any more

Try Synalar ointment for scalp, it works for me

Posted Sat 1 Feb 2020 10.54pm by PonkieG

Hi both,

I have had bad psoriasis since I was 2 years old. About 6 months ago I was diagnosed as coeliac. Since cutting out gluten my psoriasis has completely calmed so I now just have little patches.

If you feel ill after eating gluten / flare ups in your skin it may be worth getting a blood test to check for coeliac disease. Both disorders being auto immune diseases, they feed off one another!

Hope you get on ok

Posted Wed 5 Feb 2020 9.03am by LukB


I also tried to avoid gluten for one year and it helped a little. But since four months I completely avoid all food which contains starch and it helped a lot. Psoriasis was nearly gone sometimes - but it's hard to accomplish this kind of "Keto-Diet" (no wheat, potatoes, rice, alcohol, ..).

Would be great if anyone else has good experience trying it.

Posted Thu 6 Feb 2020 8.59pm by hainiej
Cannot go swimming any more

Thanks for feedback. I’m now 6 weeks gluten free, alcohol, coffee, sugar and dairy free, yes thats right, none of above but psoriasis has not improved and itch remains intense, so wondering if I give up and go back to a normal diet, very depressing but trying to keep positive

Posted Fri 7 Feb 2020 6am by PonkieG

Hmm I’d say alcohol deeeefffinitely makes psoriasis worse. Alcohol and smoking are really bad for it. They are things to give up for sure (or at least cut back on booze)

It does take a while for the changes to be felt, so 6 weeks in your body may still be flushing through? It’s a big adjustment when you’ve given up all that!

It’s always a toss up in terms of treatment. If you go cold turkey and give up all those things all at once, life is more miserable, and psoriasis loves misery! Sometimes I wonder whether it is worth letting it dictate everything! If I were you I’d be inclined to give up one thing at a time for a few months to see the true effect for you - it’s annoying though as it requires patience. But that way you can isolate if your body does react to gluten or dairy or caffeine or sugar.

Because I’m a coeliac I’m bias, but gluten is the devil!! If you give it up it has to be strict in terms of contamination risk (don’t have chips that have been fried in the same oil as breaded products etc.). Obviously there’s a medical reason that giving up gluten worked for me, but I have milkshakes and yogurts every day now and my skin is 1000 times calmer than when I was on the bread! Took about 10 weeks on a strict strict gluten free diet and my skin just started calming.

My dermatologist once said to me don’t let psoriasis take all the fun away... easier said than done that’s for sure!

I’ve heard lots of positive things about the Keto diet but can’t find much about its link to psoriasis - would be good to hear how you get on, LukB!

Posted Sat 8 Feb 2020 6.34am by Sizzy (edited Sat 8 Feb 2020 6.37am by Sizzy)

Hi. I'd be very cautious with the keto diet. Psoriasis lend to other health conditions and we are more likely to also get fatty livers and heart issues so high fat diets long term can source these. Saying that I'd still try things short term.

My psoriasis tends to react quickly, but that is both ways! Small areas clear fast but come back faster. I also find what may help for a week becomes useless the following week.

I've gone gluten free, blueberries every day, cut out refined sugar, not nightshade veg, low fat etc. Skin started to clear 1st week, flared the next! Have been losing some weight though so happy with that

Posted Tue 11 Feb 2020 9.11pm by hainiej
Cannot go swimming any more

Thanks for sharing your stories folks, I will persevere and report back in a said above after 6 weeks the body is still flushing out toxins. Best to all of you

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