Unsupported by my GP.

Posted Sat 8 Feb 2020 3.01pm by asiddburrn



I wonder if anyone else has experienced this or if I'm just unlucky? I feel like a fraud, but I KNOW I'm not, and my symptoms are gradually becoming worse month on month, year on year.

I seem to have guttate and plaque which has gradually spread from elbows and knees to over the years arms ( particularly badly and mixture of both types) to legs, lower first but now creeping onto my thighs, torso, in blotches, always my scalp, but controllable, torso in patches, eyebrows, eye lid, which is now affecting my eye which is sore, gritty, reddened and light sensitive, ears, again just about controlled, face in patches and around nose.

When I went to see my doctor after an animal bite/ chest infection/ high stress episode which I realise now triggered the body psoriasis ( I'd always had the scalp and nose, but never realised what it was) it was almost dismissed, my GP almost eye rolled, I was given some cream, which when it didn't work I was treated as a time waster and given a different set of creams which ran out quite a while ago.

I'm too ashamed to go back, I was made to feel as though I was making it up, but I can't hide the evidence of my own eyes or the mirror, I don't wear short sleeves now, I don't wear skirts, I use thick foundation ( makes it worse) I'm very single as my body and all the flakey skin fluttering off it shames me.

Over the past two years, and this last few months especially, I've noticed my aching joints are far more achy, my elbows and hips lock, my pincer grip is becoming poor and I can't stay in one position long as the interminable ache is always there, my nails are flaking and ridged, I'm falling apart.

Do I go straight in and ask my GP for a referral?

I'm lost, sorry, such a long post, it's all just blurted out, it's really affecting my self esteem, my mental health, my diet, my relationships, everything.

I'd like to point out I rarely go to the doctor unless I am really really unwell, I've seen my actual GP three times in 5 years. ( Twice for the psoriasis).

Do I need to just woman up, and get on with it and stop internally whining?

Posted Tue 11 Feb 2020 12.53pm by Zephyra


I'm so sorry you're going through such a tough time. My advice would definitely be to go back to your gp and ask for a referral to dermatology. Your gp should never ignore such symptoms!

Posted Wed 12 Feb 2020 9.23pm by Mac

Hi Asiddburrn.

If what you say about your GP is true, i'd be looking to see a different one.

By the sound of things not only should you see a dermatologist, but also a rheumatologist from what you say about your joints.

Posted Fri 14 Feb 2020 1.04am by asiddburrn

This is a relief to read, I'd started to doubt the veracity of my condition, but your comments have given me the encouragement to make another appointment, so that I can ask for a dermatologist referral - and maybe a further investigation into my aches and pains everywhere else.

Thank you.

Posted Mon 24 Feb 2020 4.27pm by leejacks

Definitely get a referral to the dermatologist. You may have a fair wait. Its about 9 months here. Do see your gp and try the treatments he recommends as what works for one person doesn't for another.

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