Unsupported by my GP.

Posted Sat 8 Feb 2020 3.01pm by asiddburrn



I wonder if anyone else has experienced this or if I'm just unlucky? I feel like a fraud, but I KNOW I'm not, and my symptoms are gradually becoming worse month on month, year on year.

I seem to have guttate and plaque which has gradually spread from elbows and knees to over the years arms ( particularly badly and mixture of both types) to legs, lower first but now creeping onto my thighs, torso, in blotches, always my scalp, but controllable, torso in patches, eyebrows, eye lid, which is now affecting my eye which is sore, gritty, reddened and light sensitive, ears, again just about controlled, face in patches and around nose.

When I went to see my doctor after an animal bite/ chest infection/ high stress episode which I realise now triggered the body psoriasis ( I'd always had the scalp and nose, but never realised what it was) it was almost dismissed, my GP almost eye rolled, I was given some cream, which when it didn't work I was treated as a time waster and given a different set of creams which ran out quite a while ago.

I'm too ashamed to go back, I was made to feel as though I was making it up, but I can't hide the evidence of my own eyes or the mirror, I don't wear short sleeves now, I don't wear skirts, I use thick foundation ( makes it worse) I'm very single as my body and all the flakey skin fluttering off it shames me.

Over the past two years, and this last few months especially, I've noticed my aching joints are far more achy, my elbows and hips lock, my pincer grip is becoming poor and I can't stay in one position long as the interminable ache is always there, my nails are flaking and ridged, I'm falling apart.

Do I go straight in and ask my GP for a referral?

I'm lost, sorry, such a long post, it's all just blurted out, it's really affecting my self esteem, my mental health, my diet, my relationships, everything.

I'd like to point out I rarely go to the doctor unless I am really really unwell, I've seen my actual GP three times in 5 years. ( Twice for the psoriasis).

Do I need to just woman up, and get on with it and stop internally whining?

Posted Tue 11 Feb 2020 12.53pm by Zephyra


I'm so sorry you're going through such a tough time. My advice would definitely be to go back to your gp and ask for a referral to dermatology. Your gp should never ignore such symptoms!

Posted Wed 12 Feb 2020 9.23pm by Mac

Hi Asiddburrn.

If what you say about your GP is true, i'd be looking to see a different one.

By the sound of things not only should you see a dermatologist, but also a rheumatologist from what you say about your joints.

Posted Fri 14 Feb 2020 1.04am by asiddburrn

This is a relief to read, I'd started to doubt the veracity of my condition, but your comments have given me the encouragement to make another appointment, so that I can ask for a dermatologist referral - and maybe a further investigation into my aches and pains everywhere else.

Thank you.

Posted Mon 24 Feb 2020 4.27pm by leejacks

Definitely get a referral to the dermatologist. You may have a fair wait. Its about 9 months here. Do see your gp and try the treatments he recommends as what works for one person doesn't for another.

Posted Tue 3 Mar 2020 1.49pm by ArranDp

Hi there,

I'm in the same boat as you, with extensive psoriasis all over. Like you, I'm very single indeed, not because I am ashamed of the condition or anything like that, but because it saves having to explain it to a potential partner and saves them the embarrassment of pretending it doesn't matter! I digress. Just wanted to send my support to you really, please let us know here how everything goes with your treatment, and please, PLEASE don't let it get you down. There are worse conditions that folk have to live with, that's how I try to think of it. The arthritis I could do without though, quite happily!

All the very best to you. Arran. X

Posted Sat 28 Mar 2020 10.09am by horace77

Katie. I know the feeling however there is possibly a solution. First you are looking at the right website; read as much as possible. Second put "dermatologist near me" into google, write down all those that come up and put each name with "profile"into google. when you find one that you like contact him/her and discuss your problem; they may be private and charge! But this is serious ! My Psoriasis is induced by a beta blocker Bisoprolol that the cardiologist has stopped. I realise all pills they recommend reduce your immune system and I fight shy of steroids for that reason. Terbinafine Hydrochloride helps a little , but for me I am going to try a light it seems the best if not the most inconvenient treatment; but whats a little inconvenience? I also have daily hot baths with dead sea salt in it (£20 for 25 kg from Amazon) and that helps. Good luck.

Posted Tue 31 Mar 2020 6.34pm by Jane

Yeah I had it for years and didn't know what it was until I took my son to a skin specialist and they made myself and my husband strip of which was when I found out that we had it. I only got bad in 2010 but every time I went to doctors I kept forgetting to tell them which was only 4 months ago. I have my own swim school and they put it down to being in the water to much, I have been told some many times to give my job up I have lost count!

The last 2 doctors I have seen have been great and one of them actually has this condition him self, I know longer have it on my arms only on my legs now but it is starting to fade in colour I know longer feel I am on my own when it comes to my psoriasis! Yeah (with what has been going since Friday our pool has been closed so not been in the water either) some thing else I have done just this week is stopped drinking Alcohol! Keep and eye on what you are eating and drink has I know some food and drink can cause a flare up! Good luck let me know how you get on.

Posted Tue 31 Mar 2020 6.42pm by laurmtfd

Hi there,

I’m 24 years old I developed Guttate Psorasis after suffering from tonsillitis and then a respiratory infection. My body went into overdrive trying to fight the virus and ultimately resulted in me covered head to foot in Psorasis, from my scalp down to my feet. (In particular my torso and back were the most covered, to the point where I couldn’t even see normal skin!)

I also went to my GP who told me it would clear up in 2 weeks, it didn’t! It only got worse and worse to the point where I couldn’t look at my body without being startled by what I saw! I then went back and spoke to a different GP who prescribed me with a mild steroid cream, it helped to an extent but I noticed the more I put on the worse my psorasis got. (My advice with the steroid creams would be to thinly put it on the plaques rather that smoother yourself in it!)

I began drinking water regularly and I found the Innocent smoothie juice range helped clear it! The juice itself is called “Citrus Shield” and you can get it from any supermarket, it’s designed to support your immune system and personally I felt it helped clear up my plaques.

I know it’s difficult and I completely understand how you are feeling, I used to cover mine in foundation too and the thought of wearing anything that showed a bit of “skin” would make me cringe, but please don’t give up hope! You will recover and you will come out stronger at the end!

Definitely go back to your GP, follow a healthy diet with plenty of water and immune supporting foods (blueberries especially!) and try to stay positive!

My psorasis hasn’t completely gone but it is much more manageable than what it was.


Posted Tue 31 Mar 2020 7.13pm by horace77

I do not know where you live or your financial status. In your position I would phone a private hospital and ask for an appointment with their best dermatologist. It might cost you anything up to £200 BUT you start to solve your suffering. If you cannot afford anymore appointments then hopefully he or she will refer you to their NHS secretary for an NHS appointment. This way you have short circuited your rubbish GP.

If possible change your GP; there are lots of bad ones as well as bad support staff running their surgeries. Do not be afraid they have a contract to look after you. Read all you can on the internet and become knowledgeable. This website is a very good one, learn your best treatment; topical (creams) are very limited, talk to your Dermatologist about UVB or UVA, it might be inconvenient but hehe what does a few bus rides to hospital matter? Good luck!

Posted Sat 23 May 2020 1.24am by Londoner

To the original poster: it sounds like you might have Allergic Contact Dermatitis, as I've been definitively diagnosed with also. You need to speak to your GP to push for a referral to a dermatologist/allergist for patch testing for chemical allergens. I have just posted my own story about my experiences with the same on the "Treatments" discussion page of this forum. Good luck!!

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