A dietary solution worked for me

Posted Sun 15 Mar 2020 6.59pm by Petits Chênes

I just thought I'd add to the discussions with my experiences if it helps others.

I've suffered from Psoriasis for the last 15 years which came on following a serious fall from a ladder when aged 55. The weals covered by thighs, lower legs, back of forearms. Itching and bleeding. All over my back spreading to my chest. Constant itching and unable to swim or use the gym with confidence. My scalp psoriasis beginning to spread to the temple areas.

I've tried everything under hospital dermatology dept. guidance from initial coal tar treatment, steroids, Dithrocream, Soratinex, all sorts of topicals and strong light treatment all with short term improvement but no long term affect.

Finally in 2018 I was told that Methotrexate was the only solution left and assured this treatment would work for me with few side effects. After researching I wasn't prepared to take the chance..... rather to go down the dietary route after having researched books by Adam Enaz, Dr John Pagano and Hanna Sillitoe ('Radiant') all concentrating on curing "leaky gut". I thought why put topical stuff on the skin if the problem is due to a deep rooted cause coming up to the surface of the skin.

Following Hanna Sillitoe's book to the letter I started an initial diet in October 2019 concentrating on lots of dark green leaf vegetables; celery, cucumber, spinach, avocado and apple home-made juice every day. I cut out all dairy products, gluten, the nightshades family (potato, peppers, tomato), processed foods, sugar, pastry, alcohol, red meat, caffeine, spices. oranges and certain acidic nuts such as walnuts.

Substitutes include goat's butter, goat's cheese, almond or coconut milk, sweet potato and plenty of almonds. Plenty of fish and vegetarian dishes and gluten free bread, together with lots of exercise.

I had to concentrate on alkali foods and cut acidic foods.

Supplements including daily slippery elm bark powder, selenium, zinc, vitamin d3 and milk thistle tablets.

This was my last move.... it had to work. My wife and I were both committed and all credit to her for very creative shopping and cooking.

Lo and behold after an initial increase in irritation after approx 6 weeks the sore, itching flaky weals started to clear up.

After 12 months of strict diet I started gluten with no bad effects and after 15 months tomato. So far so good!

Now nearly 18months later all the itching has gone, the red weals have vanished and clear skin in their place. There is the odd flake which is quickly controlled with Enstilar foam. I look forward to restarting further foods after 18months.

Unfortunately this diet doesn't seem to have had any effect on the scalp but Diprosalic scalp lotion keeps it in check.

It's been a long haul but certainly worth it as every month along the way I've seen an improvement albeit with the odd setback!

I hope my experience may help others.

Posted Sun 15 Mar 2020 7.01pm by Petits Chênes

That should say I started the diet in October 2018.... not 2019!!

Posted Fri 29 May 2020 3.56am by psoriasislivin

HI Petits Chênes,

I'm glad that diet cleared you. May i ask if you have experienced any spots returning since? You didn't mention poultry, did you eat any turkey or chicken at all? What about lentils and beans?

I got her book recently and have started following her diet the beginning of May with lots of modification (I add fish and chicken to most recipes). I slipped up a couple times, ate something i wasnt supposed to but tried to stick to the regimen as closely as I could. However, I did experience flaring about 2 weeks into the diet. Did you experience psoriasis worsening before it got better? Could you tell me your signs of healing? I'm not sure if mine is healing or just progressing worse. Thank you.

Hoping I could achieve results like yours.

Posted Fri 29 May 2020 8.18am by Petits Chênes


Interesting to see you're having a go with this diet.

I'm still OK- there are a couple of irritating small patches on upper leg and back I just can't get rid of but they are so small I keep them in check with moisturiser and a squirt of Enstilar steroid foam from time to time. I also do this when I now see the tiniest patch starting to form elsewhere.

Yes, just as you I did suffer setbacks in the first 3 months and thought was it worth it. I remember a couple of times much worsening condition with it all flaring up.

I'd say after making this effort stick with it- that worked for me. You're only 4 weeks in and it took me 12 to really begin to see a huge difference. Eventually the patches begin to stop itching, bleeding, then fade and unbelievably vanish.

Diet- I ate/still eat white meat(chicken & turkey) but limited; mostly fish, fish, fish... but definitely no shellfish such as prawns. I've had the occasional liver as red meat but that's meant to be OK. I also slipped up or treated myself to a slice of pizza with tomato base which seemed to be OK.

I've recently started tomatoes/tomato sauce in recipes in moderation and maybe I'll allow myself strawberries (as we're growing loads of tomatoes and my strawberries are just ripening to eat- unbelievably early this year!)

Be interesting to hear and see if yours follows the same path as mine.

All the best with it- strong resolve needed!

Posted Fri 29 May 2020 8.35pm by Vikesh

Hi since 3 weeks before lockdown started I stopped my Methotrexate injections which had been keeping my psoriasis under control.

I was scared that as my wife works in a hospital and we have two children aged 3 and 1 that I got Covid19 I was prepared to stop treatment to make sure that I wouldn’t get seriously ill or worse.

Anyway may psoriasis Has come back with vengeance I have it most places (but not so much my PSA)

I have been following loosely the ‘radiant’ book. I have cut out all diary and no potatoes and follow a gluten free diet as much as possible.

I have done this for around 5 weeks now and nothing has changed so far. I’m pleased that you say that It took 12 weeks and you still ate chicken as I’m doing now. I find her diet very strict but I’m trying to adapt things and keep to her general mantra.

I feel PSA and psoriasis can at times get me down. Being at home means at the moment the cosmetic appearance bothers me less but it’s the lack of energy that gets me down most. I feel that sometimes especially with young babies I should be more energetic especially as I’m 36years old.

I have seem to see that the diet has improved my weight lost around 1kg and less bloating after meals. I wonder if I have sub clinical Irritable bowel syndrome and/or Celiac.

I wonder what people think to me stopping methotrexate it’s a risky move but at the same time I’d love to be rid of P and PSA without such a crude and powerful drug.

Congratulations to you for finding what works for you. All the best at keeping it at bay. Best of luck to anybody else too.

Keep going.! vik

Posted Mon 1 Jun 2020 4.05pm by Petits Chênes

Well done Vik. Good, sensible decision!

Hope the diet works for you too. Worth keeping it going now you’ve done 5 weeks- I’m sure you’ll see a difference circa 3 months.

The medics thought my plan

a) to work on diet alone would not have lasting results,

b) to give up most things from day one was a ridiculous idea rather than dropping one food at a time.

I’ve proved them wrong on both points so far.

All the best,


Posted Tue 10 Nov 2020 0.31am by Jane (edited Tue 10 Nov 2020 8.50am by Jane)

Hi Jerry

l am thinking of starting the Hanna Sillitoe diet shortly, just trying to make sure I have everything that I need. l didn't see the supplements that you mention but might not have looked properly so will need to have another look before I go for it. Good to hear that you proved the Medics wrong! Jane

Posted Thu 12 Nov 2020 9.41am by Petits Chênes

Hi Jane

The book ‘Radiant’ seems complicated, but not really as most of it is recipes.

The vitamins and supplements are listed from page 24.

I tried to stick to everything from the letter from Day 1 except the detox drinks only in the morning. I used a gluten and oat free breakfast mix and then have a cleansing juice (spinach, celery, cucumber, apple with avocado and lecithin) in the afternoon- seems to work for me that way.

After a year I went back on gluten which was a big change.

Proper wholemeal bread!! This summer (18months in) I’ve started Tomatoes and Strawberries- the tomatoes and tomato sauce has opened up a whole list of possible meals! I’ve pretty much stuck to the rest of the diet though. It has not affected my energy levels at all- even healthier really. I do a lot of exercise and cycling (55 miles y’day for example)

I still keep off all beef and pork products but eat some lamb (very seldom!) No alcohol or caffeine!

To be honest, though, I’ve got a feeling that keeping off Dairy has been the big game changer- I’ve got no evidence to prove it though.

I hope it works for you, Jane. You have to be committed but for me the results have been worth the struggle.

All the very best with it Jane.

Posted Wed 18 Nov 2020 4.08pm by Jane

Hi Petits I have that book and her other one Skin healing expert, I am on day 2 I have stuck to the 3 juices a day no problem. Don't really feel tired or low energy at this point but at the moment I am not risking going out with all that juice Ha! finger crossed all goes well from here on! I can't wait to be able to have a soup or salad roll on day 4. Jane

Posted Sun 3 Jan 2021 3.14pm by MrsP

It's great to read how this diet is working for people. I started it in August 2019 and my skin got worse initially but after around 8-10 weeks things suddenly started to improve. I am slim so didn't do the juice cleanse, just started on the alkaline food, using Radient as my guide. I've since bought Hanna's second book and still stick to her advice, although I don't exercise anywhere near daily!

The only adjustment I've made is I have salmon once or twice a month.

Until recently I'd missed cheese but have since discovered Violife strong 'cheddar' and it's pretty good - and nightshade free, unlike a lot of others. Lovely with Nairns gluten free biscuits/rosemary flat breads.

If you are considering trying this diet I'd wholly recommend, it has absolutely worked for me... I was literally covered and now my skin is 99% clear. Good luck!

Posted Thu 7 Jan 2021 7.46pm by Roosteroo

Give the book ‘Radiant’ a go - it worked dramatically for me! I fell off the wagon and my skin has never been worse so I’ve just started again, will keep you posted

Posted Sun 10 Jan 2021 11.51pm by JK47

Mrs P - all violife products contain modified starch in the ingredient list which includes potato. So not nightshade free unfortunately. I made the same error and couldn’t figure out why I was itchy! You can make your own with cashews quite easily!

Posted Mon 11 Jan 2021 6.22pm by MrsP (edited Mon 11 Jan 2021 6.23pm by MrsP)

JK47... now that explains the couple of new spots that have popped up! Violife as a treat only from now on 😔 Thanks for the info. Do you know of any 'cheese' without it?

Posted Mon 11 Jan 2021 by JK47

There is some vegan soft cheeses in Asda and Sainsbury’s made with soy but I am unaware of any grateable or sliceable ones as yet. Will post up if I find some!!

Posted Fri 15 Jan 2021 2.22am by Jene.JP

I've been following this diet since I was 19 (I am now 26) so about 7 years and feel like I have been able to keep my psoriasis relatively under control, but it has never gone away. I am a very healthy active young lady and really beleived in this diet until this year. I am so tired of having to cook every meal, never eat out with friends, not be able to drink alcohol when I want, and every time i get stressed out or sick my back still flares up like never before.

I do reccomend trying this, but after 7 years I think I am ready to try oral meds. I can't do this anymore.

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