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Posted Wed 25 Mar 2020 10.10am by aliceb

Hey everyone,

I'm a 21 year old female and I was diagnosed with PsA few months ago, despite having no psoriasis. The diagnosis made me a bit sad, to say the least, mostly because of the lack of answers on the internet and a daunting possibility of developing psoriasis within the next two years.

I've been trying to find out how "crippling" the disease is and how fast it progresses. I was put on sulfasalazine 2 months ago, and it worked wonders, but now some pains are back. Maybe someone knows if sulfa stops the progression of the disease? If I keep taking it for the rest of my life, should I expect more pains and deformations? If no, are there any drugs that completely stop the progress?

I keep telling myself that the really bad testimonies of people on the internet or instagram are a very biased sample, but maybe I should be expecting to use a walker in 10 years time?

My pains have never been terrible, but a lot of my joints are affected by PsA, mostly the sacroiliac joint. I'm really scared of the possibility of not seeing improvement despite taking drugs. How serious is PsA and how possible is it to have full remission while taking drugs?

Thank you :)

Posted Wed 25 Mar 2020 6.51pm by Mac

Hi Alice.

I wouldn't believe all that you read on the internet, unless from a credible source. A good lot of those questions you should ask your rheumatologist, and they should have gave you information on PsA. If caught early and treated it can be kept under control. Is there a cure sadly not.

Every one is going to have different experiences with PsA, and the same goes for the medication. The medication won't be a miracle cure, your still going to have flare ups, though it will tone it down greatly.

I'm no medical expert and these are from my own experiences.

Make a list of the questions that you need answer's too, and take it with you next time you meet your rheumatologist.

Posted Wed 25 Mar 2020 7.39pm by aliceb


Thank you for your answer!

From your experience, would you say that the disease progresses over time? Even with drugs?

I’m just really worried that if I already have it at the age of 20, and if it progresses, I’m worried what my life will look like in 20 or 30 years, when, to be fair, I’m gonna be 50 which is still a pretty young age.

Thank you!

Posted Wed 25 Mar 2020 8.04pm by Mac

I'll put it like this, I was in pretty bad shape when I went to my GP, had been suffering for years, so not the best person to answer what the meds do if caught early enough (personally I would think it would be better). For me the medication has helped big time.

As I said earlier your rheumatologist could answer your questions better than me, as they will have an idea of how severe your PsA is.

I do know one thing though, worrying what things will be like in twenty or thirty year's time isn't good for you.

Posted Wed 25 Mar 2020 8.06pm by aliceb

Alright, thank you so much! I guess you’re right, worrying won’t help me much :)

Posted Wed 25 Mar 2020 8.13pm by Mac

Honestly worrying is PsA worst enemy.

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