Recently diagnosed with arthritis

Posted Sun 10 May 2020 0.44am by Mollyd2003

Hi, I’ve recently found this forum and I thought I’d introduce myself.

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in February just before I turned 17. I was a dancer up until November last year, I began to get pain and stiffness in my right knee but didn’t take a lot of notice as I thought I had just injured it whilst dancing. I was then doing my show in November when my knee gave way whilst on stage which is when I went to a&e and was told that it was muscle damage and within a few week of rest it should heal. However it did not, so I then went to my doctor who referred me too rheumatology and I got an appointment within a few weeks and they diagnosed me straight away especially as both sides of my family suffer with psoriasis.

It has really affected me as it was so unexpected, just before I got diagnosed my left knee and right ankle also started to swell and got very painful becoming worse than my right knee, they started me on sulfasalazine which didn’t agree with me at all, so I wasn’t on any medication for around a month but in the mean time I had steroid injections into both of my knees which were like a miracle the pain and swelling improved so much within a few days, but obviously these only last for a few months...

I have since been put on methotrexate which is now starting to work and is improving the swelling. I haven’t yet found anyone who has it that is around my age as I think talking to someone with it who is younger would help massively as my friends don’t really understand it as they are not in my situation. It has also been worse since being in lockdown as I have been less active so my joints are therefore very stiff. I have good and bad days, I also get worried how it will affect me later in life as I am in my first year at college and have struggled quite a bit as it is a very practical course however they have been very helpful and supporting me as much as they can, especially as some days I just don’t feel motivated to do any work.

I was just wondering what age other people were diagnosed with it? How it has effected them? What medication they are on?

Posted Sun 10 May 2020 10.35pm by Tish87

Hi Molly! I’m quite new to the forum as well and I just wanted to say hi and that I’m sorry that u got psoriatic arthritis so young but it must be a silver lining that they have recognised it so quick and got u on medication to help reduce the progression of the disease :) I’m not as young as u but it’s always good to have someone to talk to when ur sore and need to vent so ur more than welcome to message me. I know it’s hard these days with lockdown etc but try to manage ur symptoms as best possible and hopefully things start to improve soon!

I was diagnosed at 31 after struggling with pain for about 2 years, it was actually a podiatrist that figured it out rather than a doctor. It all started happening within a few months of me having my first child but once I was finally diagnosed, rheumatology gave me the steroid injection (which I took an allergic reaction to lol) and sulfasalazine. I was doing well on the medication but had also started trying to have another baby and it was taking longer than it had first time round. I came off the medication due to a small infection and low and behold i became pregnant that same month so I decided that I would try to stay off the meds through the pregnancy. Luckily arthritis can improve during pregnancy and I had very little pain but was warned I would have a big flare up after giving birth but I planned to go straight back on the medication so didn’t mind. Fast forward to feb 2020, I had my sweet little boy and after a few weeks my symptoms started to return with a vengeance! Downside is that due to COVID-19 they dont want to restart me on the medication and weaken my immune system so I’m incredibly sore and swollen and trying to manage looking after a toddler and newborn with only cocodamol and naproxen which only slightly take the edge off the pain and so far has done nothing for the swelling of my toes and fingers!

Sorry for such a long message but we are here for u when u need to take :)

Posted Tue 19 May 2020 2.49am by Blessed

Hi Molly., I am 53 and I was diagnosed with postular psoarisis when I turned 51yrs and I understand you. I dont have pains and its come and go. Treating it is a trial and error until. I took herbal supplememts which I believe helped not to flare up for almost 2 years but as I have said its come and go. I change my eating lifestyle but its really hard. Its not good on cold weather .. Right now it began to flare up again and really its a diff stage thats hard to understand. But I am being positive as not to stress which is a factor also to worsen it. I am just using tropical sprays prescribed by dr. As much as possible I avoid taking too much meds as I have heart issues as well. I am taking probiotic supplememts and drinking juice combination of kale, berries n yougurt . Wish you well and most importamt is prayers.. God bless !

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