Finally real answers!!: Psoriasis misdiagnosed

Posted Sat 23 May 2020 0.29am by Londoner (edited Sat 23 May 2020 2.11am by Londoner)

Hi everyone, I used to spend quite a bit of time searching and reading this and other forums to try to find help with the "psoriasis" I'd been diagnosed with by many, many doctors over the years, ... as well as for help with the many other things I was told I had: "eczema" (spontaneously cracking & bleeding skin on knuckles, particularly in winter, and ultimately waking up in pools of blood after having scratched my itchy arms raw during my sleep), "dandruff", "Irritable Bowel Syndrome / IBS", "food intolerances", "untreatable fungal toenail infections", "blepharitis" (dry red itchy eyes preventing me wearing contact lenses and almost any makeup), and "bollocks" "EMF" (getting electric shocks from mobile phones downloading data, and shocking my boyfriend at the time's hand when I held it walking to dinner some time later). Yes, I was beginning to feel like a freak show...

A hellishly freak consumer accident one day left me immediately bright red in the face like the worst sunburn in my life (also being one of the scariest experiences in my life)... and left me determined to find real, grounded answers. I wanted definitive proof as to what I'd been exposed to that day and what that meant I had to do to best safeguard my health going forwards. I was no longer content to try and see what worked - I needed answers.

It was suggested to me that I get allergy tested to see if my red-faced and other reactions might be related to chemical exposures. It turns out that was exactly what everything all was. I saw an allergist/dermatologist for patch testing to test for chemical allergens. These are not things we're born with but some of us develop in life through too much exposure to particular chemicals. The most common one you might have heard of is a nickel allergy, but there are many, many others which can cause issues - it just depends on what we've been exposed to too much of for our immune systems to handle.

It turned out that I had developed Allergic Contact Dermatitis to about 6 different chemicals. Finally having definitive concrete proof as the what was wrong felt like a huge relief. But I soon found that was only the beginning of my new journey - both in positive as well as challenging ways. Many of the contact allergens I was diagnosed with are also in foods, so I had to make a number of switches in my diet - this was a learning curve but it's easy enough to make the switches once I had this definitive proof as to exactly what I had to avoid. It turns out that when I started eliminating my exposure at home, and in my workplace (places where I spend the most time) and in my diet to my contact allergens, ALL - and I mean ALL - of my crazy symptoms and conditions above started clearing up, almost overnight. Gone was the psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, IBS, blepharitis and kooky-sounding EMF symptoms, and even my "incurable" toenails started growing out clear all on their own :) :)

My body was finally returning to normal. I'm 95% there now and have finally figured out the last missing link or two as to where my diagnosed allergens are found that I hadn't realised yet, so am eliminating those last things from my life now.

I wanted to share my story with you all to say that, for many of you, the solution may be easier than you can possibly imagine. I would urge you all to discuss with your GP whether your "psoriasis"-like (and other) symptoms might in fact be related to allergic contact dermatitis, and if there's even a slight chance they are, to push for a referral to a dermatologist/allergist for patch testing. It totally changed my life - in some ways overnight (though with a learning curve thereafter as to where my chemical allergens could be found and what I had to do to avoid them - in toiletries, cleaning products, foods, clothes/accessories, furniture, etc.). Getting patch tested gave me the key to unlock perfect health. Please do look into it. Sadly far to few GPs and other doctors out there know really anything about chemical allergens and patch testing, though this is a totally mainstream medical diagnostic test offered by dermatologists/allergists. Take your well-being into your own hands and proactively ask your GP about this. Please don't do what I did beforehand and waste your life searching the internet for miracle solutions none of which have any clear grounding in fact. Get patch tested so you have clear definitive proof as to what exactly it is that you need to avoid. Everybody's different so no internet forum can give you solutions otherwise.

Posted Sat 23 May 2020 0.35am by ClearskinPls
Since 2001, tried uvb and creams

Such a great person!

A great story re psoriasis


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