Well this is embarrassing

Posted Mon 29 Jun 2020 4.46pm by newbie

About 6 month ago had a couple of v small rashes on a certain part of the anatomy with no side effects.

Fast forward about 5 months tried various over the counter creams eg E45 with no results.

Also tried canaston which nearly seem to make it go away. Rang GP who said it was probably a fungus infection and prescribed a stronger version (Terbinafine Hydrochloride) for 2 weeks

with no difference and if anything made it worse. Video conference with GP now thinks it could

be Psoriasis , so now waiting to see a dermatologist albeit NHS probably months to wait.

At 68 and no family history a bolt out of the blue.

Started research including this website and now eating loads of blueberries, trying to cut out dairy products (am pescatarian) and still experimenting with usual OTC creams, but NOT canaston. (but may try again)

Results are now a bit negative and goes from mild to medium in terms of intensity of rash and sometimes a bit uncomfortable.

Is it worth trying out so called natural products ? - assuming it is psoriasis eg Grahams and at £24 it will be expensive gambles.

Considering going private to speed up an appointment (have restrictive insurance) , so can I have trust in an NHS consultant with the prospect of using steroids etc ? (as some websites would suggest not good to use)

Is it all in the mind as the first 5 months never even thought about it ?

Internet, online newspapers with miracle creams all bit of a minefield.

Any comments welcome.

Assume this is the correct forum.

Posted Mon 29 Jun 2020 5.22pm by victoria

Hi all I have not been able to log in for some time I was disappointed about this, try Cetraben from doctors ointment 450gm tub to put direct on skin also put a tea spoonful in a mug then stir it with hot water and pop in bath water, then get a clean flannel and put a blob on and bath in it very soothing it did help me, I sometimes wash my scalp with it to help with scalp psoriasis, during lock down my scalp was in bits. I kept looking at hand sanitizer and thought I wonder because my GP said it was a bacteria as my scalp sweats in sun light doing a bit of gardening so can not be it for long best first thing in the morning early for me before sun gets too strong so I thought if bacteria makes it worse let me try it as soon as my scalp sweats I come in doors and but a few blobs on finger tips and straight on to scalp and believe me it has worked wonders killing germs until I get in doors and wash my scalp and hair before I use capasal Therapeutic shampoo I get a generous amount of sanitizer and work over scalp first then shampoo rinse well don't rub just pop a towel over, plus I use Plantur 39 once a week it seems to help repair hair follicles try for your selves hope every one has stayed safe and come out the other end of this awful virus that has swept the world I pray each night for us all god bless Victoria

Posted Sat 4 Jul 2020 7.02pm by Maggie

I developed psoriasis within a year of taking the contraceptive pill aged 20. I had psoriasis on my forearms and scalp. The most affective way I found to keep psoriasis at bay was to avoid perfume in products. Scan every product label for perfume. I also have allergists rhinitis, so I also avoid lavender and camomile. I hope that this may help.

Posted Fri 14 Aug 2020 12.55pm by newbie

Final quick update and hopefully will be relevant to another recent posting.

First I am a bloke and also as well as the small rash had recently been experiencing burning sensation (on & off) for about a month. I forgot 4 years a go I was diagnosed with urticaria.

Thinking it was food related I took an antihistamine and touch wood no problems for 3 weeks and counting, The rash is 90% better. Now cancelled my appointment with dermatologist.

Also had tried a "natural" baby oil plus loads of blueberries and this had no effect.

Posted Sat 15 Aug 2020 4.29am by LondonWest
Had P on and off for many years 🤗

I’m not convinced diet has any affect on P, I know that probably goes against the grain but i feel p comes and goes of its own accord. People scrutinise their diets trying to pinpoint something they have eaten but I’m not so sure. It’s a malfunction of the human body (autoimmune disease) its not down something you’ve recently eaten. Does food really have any effect on autoimmune diseases. Moisturiser another topic, makes absolutely no difference to my p and these days I rarely use anything. Whether I use moisturiser or not it doesn’t seem to make any difference. These obviously are my own personal opinions and I’m not a doctor or a scientist 🤗

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