Posted Fri 30 Oct 2020 3.48pm by D@Elmswell

Can anyone say if diet has anything to do with psoriasis as I have had conflicting reports some say yes and some say it's not related to diet

Posted Sat 31 Oct 2020 1.05pm by june

Foods which cause inflammation should be avoided , Google ,Foods that cause inflammation.

Posted Sat 31 Oct 2020 1.05pm by june

Foods which cause inflammation should be avoided , Google ,Foods that cause inflammation.

Posted Sun 1 Nov 2020 11.46am by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sun 1 Nov 2020 11.46am by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Some people say that they have seen an improvement by cutting out certain things from their diet - including alcohol. However, some people have also modified their diet and seen no improvement.

I would recommend you simply try it for yourself - give yourself at least 4 weeks to see any significant change (or not).

Posted Mon 2 Nov 2020 11.44am by Dave61

I now know I am one of the lucky people who managed to more or less clear up psoriasis having suffered badly for 7 or so years.I went down the route of an alkaline diet having tried all kinds of creams and gels prescribed by my doctor that simply didn’t work.I am not saying it was the miracle cure but along with diet I used a uvb sunbed and maybe the initial slight improvement was the catalyst to my psoriasis almost disappearing.

Posted Wed 4 Nov 2020 9.26am by LukB


I cleared out all food which contains wheat (and no alcohol) two years ago. That was helping a lot reducing psoriasis for me.

But you need to be careful, wheat is also in many products you would not expect it.

Posted Mon 9 Nov 2020 2.25pm by bargainlovingmum

I am thinking more and more that this can be a help. I'm trying the alkaline food thing, too. I am less itchy and less scaly, for sure.

I think some people heal quick (see Hanna Sillitoe website and books). However, some don't. I'm in the slower category, so I am giving it a few months to 'heal from within'.

Whatever happens, it's definitely made me healthier and helped me eat more veg. Friends say I look better (they just see my face!), so that's encouraging. I've also got more energy and sleep better.

I am cutting out nightshades (tomatoes, aubergines, potatoes, peppers, chilli/paprika). This is hard for me, and these were all my favourite foods. But I've adapted and don't miss them much now.

I also avoid dairy and gluten. Sounds extreme but there are some fab recipes for cakes and biscuits in Ella Woodward books and online. So I can still enjoy treats, in amongst all the veg :0P

1 Posted Tue 29 Dec 2020 2.29am by Lel


Yes diet has alot to do with it.

Red foods..Tomatoes etc should be avoided.

Eat lots of fish.

Take probiotics.

Lots of water to flush the toxins. Preferably with lemon.

Posted Tue 29 Dec 2020 4.57am by mc247rainbow


I use topical treatments to manage my psoriasis but would like to try a more holistic approach. Your post re diet is a useful start. Can you recommend any particular probiotics that might be useful

Posted Tue 29 Dec 2020 9.13am by Lel

Oh so did I but I was so desperate I researched so much about what was going on in my body and the immune system.

You can go to the chemist. They will recommend. Or online at AMAZON. etc.

It will cost you around £15 upwards.

No particular make.

Posted Sat 2 Jan 2021 9.09am by Sue

Hi i have really bad split feet,my doc gave me 10percent cortisone to use for a really worries me using it.can anyone tell me if it will make it worse and what to use when i have finished it.

Posted Mon 11 Jan 2021 5.58pm by Maz

There is a great book called healing psoriasis. You can buy it on amazon and it lays out food that cause flare ups, how to manage the disease through diet , supplements and more. Its written by a scientist with over 20 years experience. Ive seen big changes to my condition when following it.The path on my face completely cleared within 2 weeks

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