From 95% covered to 99% clear in 3 months. My story and treatment.

Posted Sun 21 Feb 2021 06.16 by Northerner21 (edited Sun 21 Feb 2021 07.39 by Northerner21)

Hiya everyone I'll try and keep this pretty brief but I will answer any questions in future if you have any. My Psoriasis started about 3 years ago and it's been a nightmare as you all know. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Mine started off pretty slow in my early 30's, I dont know why as none of family had a history of it as far as I'm aware. What seemed like in the space of few weeks it exploded. Massive flare up big time. Covered head to toe, lost all fingernails and toenails, had it on my scalp, hair was falling out in clumps, it was horrendous for about 7 months which culminated in me having an erythrodermic reaction which I belive almost killed me because of the inflammation and fevers, my resting heart rate was 125 for 3 months after that and I had fluid retention in my legs and gut making me think I had heart faliure. Never went to hospital or the doctors but hey ho I survived. I just didn't want anyone to see me in that state I'd rather had died tbh, I was so depressed. Large sheets of skin dropping off everywhere I moved, I was red raw with cuts opening up all over my body around my joints. My plaque psoriasis had turned into palmoplantir making me feel like I was walking on broken glass, then went erythrodermic which leaves you looking like you've bathed in acid its terrible. I found this place, I was desperately seeking help I did the blueberry thing for a while along with taking multi vitamins, cod liver oil and 1000 strength vitamin d. After about 6 weeks my inflammation was settling down, as was my heart rate and psoriasis got less aggressive. I got cocky, stopped taking vitamins and blueberries at the start of last year, I was just glad to be able to walk about again, and it came back just as bad if not worse.... So anyways... after this covid nonsense I've been left in a position where I couldn't afford to eat blueberries regularly anymore. But I decided to hit the vitamins again. Especially Vitamin D, it comes naturally from the sun and as sufferers of psoriasis we tend to cover up a lot, some of us like me who had it so severely don't go out at all. So this time I went for the full strength 10,000 iu vitamin d3 capsules. I also take a multivitamin with cod liver oil. I'm completely clear in 3 or 4 months. My vitamin d 10,000 iu d3 cost me £15 for 365 capsules. Multivitamins about a fiver for 90. A lot of new people to psoriasis dont realise that its an autoimmune disorder, its your body attacking itself from the inside out. Vitamin D helps with normal immune system functionality. The best time to take vitamins is in the morning after a meal, I have porridge with honey. Even if I don't wanna eat I force myself. Oats are supposed to be good for the skin too. I've always had dermo problems but my skin is so clear at the moment, best its ever been actually. There is some pinkness left from the scarring but I believe that will fade in time. I plan on getting some sunshine this spring and summer at which point I might only take 3 of my vit d a week. Please try this guys, I know how badly you're suffering. At the very least get a vitamin d test from a good doctor. If you do try this then please keep this thread going so people can see it. BTW I drink and smoke and pretty much eat what I want. Don't give kids anything without proper advice from a doctor. Take care.

Posted Sun 21 Feb 2021 12.51 by SharonG (edited Sun 21 Feb 2021 12.55 by SharonG)

@Northerner21 Found your thread :) This is really interesting - I do take vitamin D have started just this last 6 months but only 1000mg along with Cod liver oil and a multivitamin. I have also been having BB's for about 8 months - it could be a combination of all these things that is keeping my pustular psoriasis at bay right now - it is not completely clear but 100% better than it was last summer - I have it on my feet and I could barely walk as the flare up was so bad - cracked and bleeding nothing I put on would keep it moisturised - it felt like I was walking on glass!! I do still get the pustules but it hasn't progressed to cracking and bleeding since eating the BB's. So thanks for this information next time I order Vitamin D I will go for a stronger mg. So pleased you are feeling better with it - long may it continue.

Posted Sun 21 Feb 2021 13.58 by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

That is fantastic that you have found your own remedy Northerner. I have read many positive posts recently about Vit D plus diet etc. Of course what works for one may not for another. Personally after 35 I would not stop meds to try an alternative supplement and diet regime as I know how my body reacts. I am very surprised that you did not seek medical treatment when you thought you had heart failure or were erythrodermic but your choice. Seems like you have found yourself a winning formula.

Posted Mon 22 Feb 2021 21.45 by Northerner21

A little thing about Vitamin D toxicity I found after my original post if it concerns you guys.

Posted Sat 27 Feb 2021 11.49 by Rob

@Northerner21 What brand vitamin d3 are you using? Im currently using vit d3 at 3000iu per capsule, be easier to take 1 than 3 of mine a day so wondering what brand your using, thanks.

Posted Sun 28 Feb 2021 17.52 by Northerner21

Hi Rob, Mine are from a company called Nu U Nutrition. Any reputable place should be ok. How are you getting on and how long have you been taking the vitamin D?

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