New here just diagnosed with psorasis

Posted Fri 18 Jun 2021 18.22 by Jimmer73

Hi all i am 48 and just been diagnosed with guttae psorasis ( not 100 percent confirmed waiting to see a dermatologist) it started 3 months ago in my head .i have tried all shampoos still got it ! Then forearms ,then stomach legs and back ! I seem to loads of red blotches everywhere! The prescribed creams are not doing anything .i am just after some info of what future treatments can be done once i see a dermatologist. And will it ever go away .one down james regards any info appreciated

Posted Fri 18 Jun 2021 20.26 by Matt1972

Hi James I am the same age as you, although I have suffered about 5 years now. Skin was fine and then I ended up covered. So went to dermitologist. There's loads of info on this forum, but you will be offered several treatments. Light therapy, which works, but then the p came back after the treatment stopped. several tablets such as methotrixate and cyclosprin. These again can work well. The last treatment is biological injections, which I am about to start soon. The hospital will assess how bad you are and your mental health and decide on treatment. Be prepared to try different things. The injections seem only to be given if nothing else works as they are expensive. Good luck.

Posted Sat 19 Jun 2021 08.54 by Jimmer73

Thanks good luck to

Posted Mon 21 Jun 2021 00.55 by Yacht

Doctors typically follow this four-step process: 1. Mild = creams 2. Medium = phototherapy (UVB) 3. Bad = pills 4. Severe = injections (biologics)

Posted Mon 21 Jun 2021 07.32 by OhNo_NotAgain?

Jimmer73: as well as this forum, there is a lot of good information from the Psoriasis Association on this site, refer to the sub-headings at the top of the page. There are also contact details for them if you have specific concerns and they can answer you directly.

Posted Wed 23 Jun 2021 22.14 by Danno

Hello, I am new to this website as an observer and spouse of one who suffers from Psoriasis. Mine is to learn ways to help her. We have been married for 45 years, and she first developed this in her late 20's early 30's. I personally do not have it. We live in S. Texas were the heat and humidity play a huge factor in her comfort. Perspiration is no friend to inflamed psoriasis, especially in sensitive, damp areas of the body. As I have no dog in this hunt, other than to know the pain of shingles- perhaps one in the same- whatever valuable/promising advice becomes available will be weighed and conveyed. As an observer, I know one who is afflicted should avoid this all costs: stress. Seek meditation and means to keep your nerves unrattled. I presume cortisol may play a factor in flare ups. Countering this is challenging if your career is laden with stress. My wife turns 65 in two weeks. She is such a beautiful girl and her soul 10-fold that. I know if were it not for her skin condition, she would probably have left me ages ago. I feel she appreciates my patience in this, but also feel there becomes a sense of denial compounded with narcissistic tendencies which actually fail to mask the reality of this imperfection. Kim Kardashian and Cindy Lauper both say it well enough. It is a protective shell one gets from unnecessary shame and ugly criticism- some innocent in nature. It is what I observe, and I accept constructive criticism in that regard. I have envisioned taking her to the Dead Sea for UV therapy, of which I heard is unparalleled. I sense much of the healing is merely the gentle rhythm of the waves, the beautiful tans and associated libations, and just the overall peace one has in recuperation. She has shown improvement during our stays to the Captiva Islands in Florida as well. Of late, she has developed immunodeficiencies from Lymes Disease and Hashimotos Hypothyroiditis (likely brought about from Cesium 137 fallout as result of the Chernobyl disaster during our stay in Berlin, GE.) There once was discussion to the discovery of the psoriatic gene. Has there been any solid research in this, and are they seeking volunteers? To those whose hearts and souls are feeling overwhelmed by this, may God bless you with the Promise through Jesus, and may they too give you the avenues- if not for complete eradication- then relief from the pain and suffering... In your court, Danno

Posted Fri 2 Jul 2021 08.58 by glitterGal

Hi I am new here too. I had a few things to ask if anyone else has observed the same: 1. For women, do you notice an increase in flare-ups when your period is nearing? 2. Do the scalps settle down in certain seasons?

Posted Thu 22 Jul 2021 18.35 by Spotty Maldoon
75 year old teenager with an angry elbow

Never seen in my family no stress excellent diet…for me it’s a highly irritant autoimmune issue to add to my coeliac disease.

Posted Fri 23 Jul 2021 13.03 by Olafsiee

Hii.. I'm new here.. can i know what shampoo you guys use to help reduce scalps on head?

Posted Sun 25 Jul 2021 18.33 by khudkinsloya
Hello - I am 60 years old and was recently diagnosed with severe plaque psoriasis.

I am also new to psoriasis. I think I had some small plaques for over a year and then suddenly my whole body is covered with plaques, including my scalp. I have been on topicals that aren't working at all so the next step for me is methotrexate and light therapy. Has anyone had luck with these? My dermatologist thinks this was triggered by a skin strep infection. I also received the Covid-19 vaccine (Pfizer) just before this flared up. Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks in advance for any advice! Kelly

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