Posted Wed 14 Jul 2021 21.37 by Hpw

Along with my regular psoriasis I now have sebopsoriasis around my nostrils and down the side of my nose. It is so sore (obviously not helped by having to wear face masks - but not for much longer!). Dermatologist prescribed protopic but that’s not helped. Does anyone else suffer from this and has any tips on how to manage it? I’m really self conscious of it.

Posted Wed 21 Jul 2021 16.30 by Wusskat

Hi HPW I also have psoriasis down the sides of my nose - very sore and like you very conscious of it. I have Protopic which does seem to help me but have also been prescribed Elidel for those times when Protopic just doesn’t seem to work. I have learnt that I need to use the Protopic at least once a week even when it’s not bad as this keeps it at bay - there’s a tendency to think ‘yayyy I’m cured’ when I haven’t had it for a few days. The other thing that helps me is to keep my face cool - heat is one of my triggers - a spritz of icy water from the fridge is great - I just bought a plant spray. And moisturise! When it’s bad I seem to use the Doublebase gel pretty much every hour!! I hope this helps - I know so much of it is trial and error and sometimes when it’s calm I can’t even remember what I did to get it there!! Feeling your frustration!! X

Posted Wed 21 Jul 2021 19.53 by Hpw

Oh thank you - it’s nice to know Im not alone! Dermatologist has just prescribed emovate (think it is). I have stopped using anything on my face apart from coconut oil at night. The oil seems to help a little (and obv I use the prescribed cream). It had got to the point where I thought maybe I was allergic to my glasses 😂 (- it’s amazing what was going through my head! Nutter that I am!). Still can’t get my head to accept psoriasis has a mind of it’s own and there’s no reason for it to appear 😫

Posted Wed 21 Jul 2021 21.29 by Wusskat

I totally know what you mean about allergy to glasses!!! Before I was diagnosed I actually used to put cotton wool pads under my glasses to keep them off my face!! I also have Eumovate and Elocon though I’ve been told not to put it on my face (I also get psoriasis on my collarbone and insides of my elbows). I’ve not tried coconut oil - might give it a go!!

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