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Posted Tue 17 Aug 2021 09.55 by DanBono

Hello. I'm 36 and I've been suffering with psoriasis for years and had a massive flare up the beginning of this year and was sent to a dermatologist. It was at the same time this year that I started with awful joint pains in my knee and also had really bad fingers that doubled in size. This has now gone into my neck, back and also my shoulder and is a million times worse in the morning and at night. It was only the past month or so someone told me it could be psoriatic arthritis. I'm at the doctors on Thursday to see if I can be referred to a rheumatologist. I'm also experiencing really bad dizzy spells a few days a week and occasional increased heart rate, is this something linked to psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis? Any advice would help. I'm in chronic pain and unable to work but I'm worried because I've had these joint pains for over 6 months that It's now irreversible.

Posted Sun 29 Aug 2021 19.03 by Susan
Hello, my name is Susan and I’m 55 from Nashville Tennessee. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about 10 years ago.

Hello, I have all those same symptoms. The pain is horrible and exhausting. I was on methotrexate when I 1st was diagnosed and it worked well for a few years. But stopped working recently. At the moment I’m off all meds and am going to try a more natural approach. I’m eating mostly a raw food diet and staying away from anti inflammatory foods. There is a book by Dr. Brooke Goldner called goodbye autoimmune disease which I’m going to try. I also have an appointment with a holistic Dr. so we will see!

Posted Fri 10 Sep 2021 10.30 by LizzyH

Hello, on reading your post I was reminded of how I felt last year. I had Psoriasis for a few years not causing too much of a problem then suddenly my fingers knees and other joints started to swell and were very painful. I had an appointment at the hospital and was prescribed with Methotreate which has turned my life around. There is light at the end of the tunnel, so good luck.

Posted Tue 5 Oct 2021 20.25 by Rachel green

Just picked up a prescription for enstilar.any success story's.

Posted Tue 12 Oct 2021 17.59 by Aloosh76

Hi sorry to hear about the pain, yes it really is awful. I hope you have had your appointment or a date at least. I was diginosed with PA in 2006 I had swollen toes then and was put on various things, methotrexate was fantastic it cleared my psoriasis and joint pain, for years I was pain free for a lot of the time when I had bad flare ups I would use anti inflammatory gel as well as Co codamol. A few years ago after the methotrexate was no longer suitable I was moved on to a biologic called cimzea. It has changed my life I have no pain, or swelling at all my joints and inflammation markers are the best they have been in years. Hopefully the specialist at the hospital will sort you out it certainly sounds like it with the fingers I remember mine being so swollen I couldn't chop veg. There are always different things to try to find what's best for you. Hopefully you be find some relief soon. Wishing you all the best.

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