Pip and psoriatic arthritis

Posted Wed 13 Apr 2022 17.51 by Stacey

Hi. Has anyone successfully claimed Pip With psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis? Thanks. Xx

Posted Wed 13 Apr 2022 21.49 by Waffs

Hi Stacey, I claimed PIP about 5 years ago for psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. The form that you have to fill in is long and complicated so if you can, get some help from the Citizens Advice Bureau as they know exactly what the PIP assessors are looking for. Do not skimp on anything and make sure that you put down how PA and Ps affect you in your everyday life and what help you need to do things that normally you would just get on and do. At the time I claimed, my hands were very swollen and I had plaque psoriasis all over them as well as on my feet. I sent pictures of my hands and feet and explained my difficulty using simple implements. So basically go overboard with your PA and PS symptoms, you are not lying and don't feel guilty about claiming - it is after all designed to help people like us. Good luck, Waffs

Posted Wed 13 Apr 2022 21.55 by Stacey

Thank you. I do feel guilty but I’m currently on maternity leave and I can hardly get my baby dressed in the morning and I’m feeling so bad I can’t take her out as much as I’d like to. I have only been diagnosed with Psa for 6 months but I am on adalimumab as I have had psoriasis for 10 years but it’s not helping my joints at all, so am waiting for a steroid injection now. God knows how ooo cope when I go back to work xxx

Posted Wed 13 Apr 2022 22.16 by Waffs

Hi Stacey, sorry to hear about your struggle with your little one and I know the whole thing can be so frustrating. As for meds, has your consultant discussed including Methotrexate at all because it helps as a general med for swelling of joints. I'm surprised that you are not on it as this is normally the first med to be given. I'm "lucky" in that I was off work sick for 6 months and eventually told work I would not be coming back! I was near to retirement and 6 months later got my pension. But I do know how hard it is to continue working with such a debilitating disease especially if you have a flare up. Do please talk to those around you that give support and explain exactly what you are going through and perhaps they will be more understanding and be able to help out more. Take care Stacey and good luck with the PIP, Waffs

Posted Wed 13 Apr 2022 22.21 by Stacey

I was on methotrexate for my skin psoriasis years ago but was in abs out of hospital with different infections all the time so I think they are reluctant to try again. Thank you for replying xxx

Posted Thu 14 Apr 2022 00.10 by WillT

Pip is focused in what you are and are not capable of. Don't be put off claim and be brutal on the form about difficulties you face. Hygiene and any other issues you have. I didn't have a PsA diagnosis but did have hip replacements and MRIs to support arthritis degeneration

Posted Wed 10 Aug 2022 22.27 by AJ
Hi I’m 60 years young, I’ve had Psoriatic arthritis for 9 years, as you know it change’s your life, after a few drugs that didn’t

Hi I claimed pip for 3 years, it helped with buying different items to make life a little easier; during lockdown I had a phone conversation with someone from pip twice, which I didn’t think was fair, I found it a little intimidated , I was then refused pip with no explanation, I’ve been put off from trying again for it, I told the truth on everything I was asked nothing had changed , I just felt as if I was made out as a lier, should I fill in another form, I do get a little confused filling them out

Posted Mon 29 Aug 2022 22.39 by WillT

Yes and agree with others. T he y need to understand how bad things are when it’s bad. It’s quite a belittling process as it requires you to remove rose coloured glasses on your condition. There are questions you can use which give an idea on scores. I was on high mobility and lower living but applied a few months ago as I have worsened and am now on top of both. Don’t forget you may be entitled to a blue badge to help with day to day tasks with kiddies. Good luck

Posted Tue 30 Aug 2022 01.08 by Laws

I have just made a claim for PIP and now feel I have made a hash of it. My psoriatic arthritis hasn't been officially diagnosed, I feel I should have waited, I can hardly open anything now and often drop things. It's getting further up my hands and is everywhere so my arthritis is making it hard to dress. Is there anything I can do at this point, please? Thank you in advance if you have any ideas

Posted Sun 25 Sep 2022 04.22 by LISABBX

Enyone got. Higth rate pip for psoriasis my moability is really bad I can not walk or get out of bed with it it ruining me down my Psoriasis so bad I have a flares up end two weeks is that normal it’s really badreally so severe

Posted Mon 3 Oct 2022 12.32 by Ianmcd

Hi folks My experience with PIP seems so much different from others,the lady that called me was extremely pleasant, my consultation was just a phone call, takes about 45 mins. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/sick-or-disabled-people-and-carers/pip/help-with-your-claim/how-decisions-are-made/ This link is very helfull and I would recommend anyone applying read and write down your answers ready for the consultation phone call. I receive the higher mobility rate and also have a blue badge, if you say you can walk more than 20 metres unaided but less than 50 metres you will only get the lower rate, if you want the higher rate you have to say you can only walk less than 20 metres. I have Arthritis at the base of my spine and in both knees and hips so really struggle to walk any kind of distance

Posted Tue 11 Oct 2022 16.12 by LBuckley
Hi my name is Louise. I am a mother to 4 children 👶

Hi so I’ve had psoriasis for over 10 years and have recently been put on methotrexate. I also have an appointment with rheumatology and have applied for pip due to depression and anxiety because of the psoriasis and have told them about my joints being affected(number of joints now) in pain all the time, it effects my walking to school that sometimes kids have missed a day or up the stairs evening standing at times and normal painkillers do not have an affect anymore. They haven’t made a decision yet but surely there should be something.

Posted Sat 24 Dec 2022 19.13 by Hooverfish
Psoriatic arthritis but no psoriasis. Have had it for probably 25 years, diagnosed last year. On the "drugs might work" trek.

Sorry this is such a late reply. I have helped a close relative claim PIP for a condition unrelated to PsA. I strongly recommend that you talk to these people: https://www.fightback4justice.co.uk/ even if your claim was refused as they can help you with appeals. Their "model answers" for PIP forms are also fantastic. Best of luck, it's not an easy process. It took my relative and I a good two years to get anywhere but in the end they gave it to my relative and it won't be reviewed until after they are on the old age pension so it was a win finally! We were so lucky we got an interviewer who had experience with the type of disability my relative has... I reckon it took me two weeks solid work to do the original form, and about a week to do the review after two years. And I'm good at that sort of thing...

Posted Mon 8 May 2023 20.57 by Russ

CAB advice page for PIP - It has links to the table of descriptors ( and a separate sheet explaining what the language used by the DWP means) - They mark your answers on the claim form against the descriptors. To be awarded the benefit you need to score enough points to be awarded PIP. Most important remember what you feel is most important about your condition has to be related to the descriptors it has to show how your condition impacts on on your daily life. It will only help you get awarded benefit if it scores points. So always try to think in terms of the descriptors - how does your condition relate to them. Also talk about how you are on bad days don't go down the route of saying ona good day I can...... This is all they will take into account. Try to always get assistance to complete the claim form if you can. CAB / Council Welfare Rights Team / Advice Agencies. I speak as someone who retired from working for a council welfare rights team. Your roughly three times as likely to be successful if you get help completing the form, not because your condition is any different - it's just they will relate your condition to the descriptors to ensure it relates give it the best chance of being awarded points. Don't let the form overwhelm you. If your struggling to get the form completed phone and ask for an extensions to the time given - they will usually agree to a 4 week extension. Always remember you need to meet their criteria you need to score points to be awarded benefit. The link below takes you to the CAB page. It has the links to the the descriptors and separately a page explaining the language used and what is meany by it. Good luck when you make the claim. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/sick-or-disabled-people-and-carers/pip/help-with-your-claim/how-decisions-are-made/

Posted Mon 8 May 2023 23.18 by Caz w

I too am going to apply for PIP but not sure I’d get it. I’m a teacher but have psoriatic arthritis and am on biological injections, Recently changed biological injections due to diagnosis of PA and not just psoriasis. I have days that are good, days that are crap and days where I can’t open a packet of crisps, but need to work, and then come home snd need to go to bed, as I can’t deal with the pain. What are my chances of receiving PIP?

Posted Tue 9 May 2023 08.06 by Hooverfish
Psoriatic arthritis but no psoriasis. Have had it for probably 25 years, diagnosed last year. On the "drugs might work" trek.

To Caz w - bottom line, fill in the form and see if you have the points, and as a teacher you're an expert in forms so you're on to a winner to start! Great advice available from Fightback and CAB as listed in the posts above. Always complete the form as on a "worst day" and prepare answers because if that level of disability isn't happening >50% of the time it will get zero points. The Fightback facebook page is good if you search it for conditions, experience at interviews etc but a bit depressing because it shows exactly how the PIP system does NOT work for a lot of people with problems filling in complex forms and all the issues relating to using "health professionals" to do the interviews who don't even know what most of the conditions are... GOOD LUCK. You should definitely try it. Teaching is very hard work, been there, done that, without a disability like PsA adding to your exhaustion.

Posted Tue 9 May 2023 12.39 by Russ

To Caz - agree with Hooverfish apply if possible get help with filling the form in. If it looks like you'll miss the deadline ask for an extension to the time to return the form. Tell the you are having trouble getting assistance to complete and ask for a 4 week extension. Usually straightforward. Remember the descriptors this is what they mark against so relate your day to day experience to them. You need to satisfy them to score points. You need enough points to get An award of PIP. IF - 1) Allowed - hopefully good 2) Disallowed ask them to look at the decision again if no change to the decision then Appeal (if you go to the appeal stage try hard to get help / representation at the appeal / or at least making a submission of further evidence for the appeal. Do t be put of from appealing many appeals are successful.

Posted Tue 9 May 2023 20.19 by Caz w

Thanks everyone for the responses xx I’m going to have a go Nothing to lose

Posted Thu 11 May 2023 23.48 by Russ

Good luck Caz. Don't let the form intimidate you. Ensure you put as much detail about bad days as you can. Always remember to check against the descriptors and try to see which of them you satisfy. Relate your condition and your answers to them. Good luck. Hopefully we'll get a sucess story from you posted on here.

Posted Sun 14 May 2023 10.43 by Caz w

Thank you x I’ll take a look

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