Should I get a tattoo?

Posted Sun 3 Apr 2016 11.16pm by nfrancis

Have suffered with P for 14 years, am currently using the usual ointments, mtx and enbrel. Is there any advice surrounding P and tattoos?

1 Posted Fri 10 Jun 2016 1.37pm by Leahd (edited Sat 18 Jun 2016 9.53am by cscotto)
I have scalp psoriasis and smal patches on my body

I have no tattoos myself but I know that sometimes when I break the surface of my skin eg squeezing a spot or something I've noticed I've broken out in psoriasis but it might just be different for everyone :)

Posted Sat 18 Jun 2016 9.53am by Ashley
i’ve had psoriasis since 10, 16 years till now.

my doctor told me, Tattoo is a no no, coz P is growing on the skin wound. i don't know if u do, but I'm crazy about tattoo.i already know what i wanted to get on my body.. wish one day we can recover and live the lifestyle we want. :)

Posted Mon 29 Aug 2016 4.04pm by Becky

I had a tattoo in the early days of psoriasis and it went fine. I don't think there is a definitive yes or no.

Posted Wed 31 Aug 2016 0.53am by Mydadpeter

Hi i have had poriasis for20 odd years and i have 10 tattoo never had an outbreak from them never caused anythin other than the needle pain sp go for it :-)

Posted Thu 1 Sep 2016 8.29am by andrea
have had p for too many years

i have a tatoo for 10 years and have never had a problem with psoriasis occurring on it at anytime.

Posted Tue 4 Oct 2016 10.53am by Andy
Psoriasis for 35 years and Psoriatic Arthritis for 15 years.

I've never had a tattoo. But with psoriasis I would think it might not be a good idea to have a large tattoo. The way a tattoo works is small spherical ink balls are injected just below the skin and stay there formining the various colours. Tattoos tend to fade and blurr over the years as the immune system breaks them down and removes them. The laser treatments for tattoo removal smash up this balls into smaller bits that the immune system removes much faster. So there is an immune response going on with a tattoo. Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis both involve immune responses. So do you want to place stress on your immune system when you have a condition that already stresses your immune system? I guess small tattoos will not be much of a problem but large ones may do. This is just my view and I'm sure there are many folk that have never experinced any issues.

Posted Tue 4 Oct 2016 1.01pm by obi1138
Hey guys,long time sufferer,even longer drum and metal lover!hoping to meet,chat and find fellow afflicteds....let's stick together!

I have two full tattoo sleeves,all done while suffering P.I made sure that affected areas were scale free and had healed a bit with ointment before going to ensure minimal risk of infection.

I have heard that tattoo ink can help reduce P and that it can in some people be beneficial,utterly unproven and unfounded but in any case,if you want a tattoo,go for it,life's for living and why shouldn't we!

Posted Sun 9 Oct 2016 1.41am by Kelimarie
Been suffering with psoriasis since the age of 15.

I have 7 tattoos and my p only affects one of them

Posted Sun 9 Oct 2016 11.09am by Libby0888

I've never had a tattoo myself but my mum and dad suffer with psoriasis and they have tattoos.

on my dad's leg piece he has broke out a little bit, but that wasn't due to the healing process, that's occurred years later.

nobody can tell you whether or not to get one, just be aware that your psoriasis could break out on the area!

Posted Wed 12 Oct 2016 8.43pm by Cole
Periodic acute outbreaks of guttate psoriasis. Scalp and plaque psoriasis ongoing.

I have lots of tattoos (some fairly large) and none has ever aggravated or seemed to trigger my P although my recent bout of Guttate developed into patches everywhere, including all over the tattoos x

Posted Wed 12 Oct 2016 8.47pm by Cole
Periodic acute outbreaks of guttate psoriasis. Scalp and plaque psoriasis ongoing.

Sorry cont...

I didn't get my first tattoo till the age of 30 (am now 38) and part of the reason for wanting them is that I've never liked my skin as it's been the source of so much trauma so the tattoos were a sort of positive act for me. If that makes sense?!? Lol

Posted Mon 24 Oct 2016 4.26pm by Jody T

I've had two tattoos since I developed psoriasis 24 years ago. I did discuss my psoriasis with my tattooist before he carried out any work and he did warn me that if the "art work" was subjected to an outbreak, then the colour could fade a bit. Both areas have been affected from time to time by plaque psoriasis over the years, but neither appear to have faded where affected. I also found, after I had them done, that more people remarked on the artwork and less on the psoriasis! Like Cole, I wanted to have them done to have something positive on my skin.

Posted Tue 1 Nov 2016 9.55pm by Pippa
Hey guys I'm 27 and had psoriasis since I was 18

I've had three tattoos done, the first and second went fine but the third most recent started koebner phenomenon . I had the tattoo done 6 weeks ago and I'm getting new patches in different areas of my body now.

Posted Thu 30 Mar 2017 8.57pm by freshsoda

I'm planning to make on my back smth like these

Posted Sat 1 Apr 2017 9.47pm by Hashee

Hi ive had psoriasis for 30 years now, and would have always liked a small tattoo, but because of the way my psoriasis seems to work i haven`t had one. where ever i have damaged skin through injury the psoriasis always goes to that area.

Posted Tue 4 Apr 2017 8.15pm by Kinetic

I've had a sleeve done and the healing process wasn't affect by my psoriasis, it was done over a few months and didn't get any flare ups. Though I was in a good state with my P as my scalp was only affected at the time. My P is getting worse at the moment and I have the odd little bit of P on some of my tattoo but hasn't changed the colour/design, as my tattoo was finished about 2yrs ago. My tattooist husband suffers from P and he's covered in tattoos and never had trouble having them or during the healing process.

Posted Wed 5 Apr 2017 1.42pm by Metarie1985
Beauty standard ignorer, unapologetic P sufferer for 10 years, determined to stay positive!

I find Psoriasis only sets into a cut when I have a flare up of gutatte, otherwise it's OK. A friend has only been getting tattoos since his first flare up of P a few years ago and although he sometimes has to use an ointment afterwards, it hasn't distorted any of the work, just goes bumpy and takes a while to heal properly.

I've been thinking about getting some, mostly because I think it would actually help disguise a break out. I'm so pale anything red on my skin shows up very vividly, ink might help hide it.

The most important thing is to speak to the tattooist - some of them won't want to do work that might not heal well or will reflect badly on them - you are a walking advert for their business and skills after all. Don't gewt your heart set on something only to find out the only people who will tattoo you are dodgy unlicensed folk!

Posted Sun 9 Apr 2017 2.32am by KathrynnAnn

I have 18 tattoos and I've had P for 14 years. I get patches on on tattoos but never immediately after getting them, ususally only May years later when I've been having a bad flare anyway and my psoriasis is generally symmetrical on not sides of my body in the same places and I get it in the same place on both sides so I don't think it's anything to do with the tattoo.

Because of the quicker shedding of skin tattoos will fade quicker than on others but ah well. I would also never get tattooed in an area I hadn't psoriasis and I don't think a good reputable artist would tattoo in an area with it anyway.

I wouldn't be me without my tattoos and piercings and I'm not going to let this rubbish condition affect my life anymore than it already does

Posted Tue 11 Apr 2017 11.38am by andrewlang100
I have psoriasis

Hi I had a tattoo after being diagnosed and a part of my tattoo has psoriasis on it which wasn't there before.

Posted Sat 8 Sep 2018 4.33pm by Reece97

Hi, I’m 21 years old but in April this year I was on holiday in austria and basically got sun burn and a cold sore on my upper lip, eventually I broke out with a rash and after weeks of battling with doctors telling them I had psoriasis they finally diagnosed it as so, the doctor told my it’s guttate which means it could possibly evolve into plaque psoriasis or go away completely, I was given 2/3 different creams and ointments over the course of 1/2 month I barraged my skin with it 2 times a day, in about early/late June it was more or less gone but there’s still the of bit here and there I don’t use the creams now maybe once every couple of weeks on the areas if at all, I just want to know if I have more tattoos done (I had them before I had psoriasis) is it likely to break out again and ruin the tattoo ? Or am I in the clear ? Also I’m not sure if it’s scarring or not but in areas on the under side of my biceps and under fore arm there are dark dots where the psoriasis was or has been but it’s bit bumpy or bright red like it used to be, so is that scarring ? Or is it still actually there ?

Posted Sat 8 Sep 2018 8.15pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

It is not possible to say that you are in the clear or not. Psoriasis can react to trauma to the body.

I had plaque psoriasis all ovber my body including face and scalp while at university, and it largely cleared after about 3 years. With some small patches remaining on my elbows. I was never 100% clear.

18 years later I scraped/grazed my shin on a wooden floorboard while doing DIY, a small injury about the size of two 10p coins. As it healed it developed into a large psoriasis plaque which lasted for a couple of years. I have read since that this is a classic response/reaction to injury from psoriasis.

I had had a couple of tattoos done before that smsall graxe, and a couple after - on my bak and shoulders, with no psoriasis reaction.

18 more years later I had a hip replacement last December. I February I had an outbreak of guttate psoriasis all over my trunk, and psoriais in my scalp, with some isolated plaque psoriasis here and there.

My GP who is seems well informed and is probably mid-career, advised me that the proriasis this time could be triggered by my body's immune response to the trauma of the hip replacement surgery.

Currently after 6 months of using coal tar based treatments and some steroid treatment, the psoriasis is disappearing.

My main point is , you might get tattoos and have no ill effect. OR you might get tattoos and have a major reaction either at the tattoo site or elswhere.

None of these things likely CAUSE psoriasis, but they can be TRIGGERS, to set off an outbreak.

I don't think you can ever classify proriasis as being gone, only no visible outbreak.

I suppose you need to weigh up your likely disappointment at not having the new tattoos you want against the disappointment of having an outbreak of psoriasis again, and no way to know what the degree might be. But of course you might get another tattoo and have no ill effects whatsoever.

Posted Sun 30 Sep 2018 1.58pm by toolbox642

Does anyone have any experinece with removing a tattoo and having psoriasis?

Posted Mon 1 Oct 2018 2.43am by OhNo_NotAgain?

toolbox642: do you mean that you are concerned about having tattoo removal and then developing psoriasis because of that? Or do you want a tattoo removed and you already have psoriasis?

Posted Mon 1 Oct 2018 6.23am by toolbox642

@OhNo_NotAgain?: I have had psoriasis since i was 14 but managed to have no symptoms for a couple of years until this May. I have two tattoos that didnt cause any outbreaks and now i want to get one of them removed. Im gonna wait until I dont have any outbreaks (if possible) before I get any new tattoos or get one removed. As for your question, I guesa im wondering about both: could it cause an outbreak and how might it affect me if i already have an outbreak?

Posted Mon 1 Oct 2018 7.09pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Nobody will be able to tell you if removing a tattoo will definitely cause an outbreak or definitely not.

Posted Mon 1 Oct 2018 7.16pm by toolbox642

In that case, I refer my original question, is there anyone with experience with having psoriasis and removing a tattoo? Im not looking for a yes or no, just their own experience.

Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 11.44pm by Mumoftwo88

Hi, I have just signed up to answer your question toolbox!

Me and my partner have been trying to find a reason why my psoriasis has had a flare up after it being really calm for about 7 years. I had a flare up September 2017 and after being prescribed Enstilar, which by the way is brilliant stuff, it helps but you cant use it long term so I have breaks and then it flares right back up! Its now been over a year! :( Anyway i am lying here and reading up on P flare up and saw skin trauma can affect it... And I thought omg i started tattoo laser removal last September but never thought it could possibly be the cause. So I don't know 100% but its possible. I have had 8 sessions of removal so until my treatments come to an end i suppose i wont know until then... I have another 2-4 sessions to go. But i just wanted to let you know incase its linked. I'll have to wait and see but will let you know if anything changes. (It'll be well into next year)

Posted Thu 11 Oct 2018 9.19am by toolbox642

Hi mumoftwo! I might get a tattoo removed later this year and ill try to remember to post any updates!

Posted Thu 11 Oct 2018 9.58am by Mumoftwo88

Thank you Toolbox 642, much appreciated! Let me know if you have a flare up. If not maybe i can look at other things that may have caused it to come back... I used to have it all over, having children kind of 'cured' it for a few years probably to do with the hormones. But now I have medium sized patches and large spots all over my back, shoulders, neck and the whole of my front! Any info welcome or anyone having a similar experience? TIA

Posted Thu 11 Oct 2018 2.51pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

I think a complication for you both, is that someone might have a psoriasis flare-up associated with getting a new tattoo or removing a tattoo, and someone else might not. It seems to be the nature of psoriasis that it reacts differently in different people and at different times.

I first had psoriasis in 1980 , all over my body and seemingly associated with the stress of my final exams at University.

Once they were over and I spent a lot of time in the sun and sea over the next few months it receded greatly, but never went away completely.

In the intervening years I had 2 major back tattoos, a broken collarbone (repaired in surgery with a metal rod and screws) - and no flare up. I did once scrape my shin on a piece of wood in my garage in 1998 - a scrape of about 2.5 inches by 0.5 inch. As it healed it turned into a psoriasis patch that hung around for about 2-3 years before going away.

In Nov 2016 I broke my ankle and needed surgery and a plate and screws - no psoriasis flare up.

In Dec 2017 I had a hip replacement, and 6 weeks later I came out in Guttate psoriasis all over my body, and scalp .

GP said it COULD be related to the trauma my body endured during the hip replacement,.MOST of the psoriasis has now faded - 8 months later.

I could quite easily see a psoriasis flare up occuring from a tattoo or a removal, but just as readily I would not be surprised if nothing happened.

Posted Thu 11 Oct 2018 10.26pm by Mumoftwo88

Oh no not again: thank you for sharing your story, you've been dealing with this for a long time then. You're right there, everybody is different so i suppose we can never be sure about anything.

I wish mine would fade away... I have laser treatment every 6-8 weeks so i suppose my body doesn't have time to settle down enough for me to notice. Only time will tell

Like you, the sun/heat is so so helpful!! Its absolutely amazing. But unfortunately we definitely don't have enough of that in the UK!

Wow, so its a case of trial and error really to find your trigger. I hate having Ps and it does bring me down sometimes but i always have to remind myself that it could be so much worse and other people are probably going through a worse time than i am but you can't help the way you feel. Thanks for your reply

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