Vitamin D question

Posted Thu 6 Oct 2022 10.15 by Sarbie

Hi there, I have just started taking Marine Collagen supplements to see if they have any effect on my psoriasis. I am taking vitamin D but not a particularly high dosage. I have read on this forum that people are taking 10,000iu of Vitamin D and that it helps. I spoke to my pharmacist about this level but he told me that it is not safe to take this high level every day. Would be interested to hear from anyone else on this please.

Posted Fri 7 Oct 2022 01.00 by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

Check this out. 10000 is a lot, more than the RDA.

Posted Sat 8 Oct 2022 22.02 by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Mon 10 Oct 2022 08.22 by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Trust your pharmacist, generally their interest is in your health and not merely selling you things. Vit D is an oil-soluble vitamin, and your body will not excrete any excess that you take, over what your body can use. It can build up in the body (eg the liver) and Vit D does have a known toxicity. Water soluble vitamins, very generally speaking, will be excreted by your body if there is excess that is not needed by your body, Oil-soluble vitamins will not and they can build up in uoit body.

Posted Sun 13 Nov 2022 20.08 by Mark Savill

I have been reading about this and the thought behind the very high doses appears to be that the sign of an autoimmune disease could well be due to a deficiency. Short term high dosing to resolve this is then followed by a maintenance dose. I have been taking 5000 a day and it seems to be helping. Going to up that to 10000 a day for a while and see what happens. I am hoping that in a few months I will be able to go to 1000 a day. Pharmacists are careful but they have to be. I am fed up with psoriasis so my choice to play fast and loose with the dosing is worth a gamble if it pays off. That is just my opinión though. Good luck with what feels right for you.

Posted Thu 24 Nov 2022 16.09 by Frenchman49
49 years old, pso since 2011

Hello Mark, I have found a thread on another site which goes back to 2014 about Vit D and Vit K2: She explains that if you only take D3 it does not really cure psoriasis, but if you take K2 at the same time it helps much better. I've been taking 40 000 IU of Vit D3 and 400mcg of Vit K2 Mk7 for four weeks: my skin first got worse and gradually it is healing. It seems to me that I am really healing from inside, at long last (pso since 2011). Good luck to everyone. Christophe

Posted Wed 28 Dec 2022 15.27 by Mark Savill

Update from my earlier post I was taking 5000 ui a day then. I went up to 15000 and after a scratchy, Ill tempered, night doubled that to 30000 ui I had read 30 to 40000 ui for 2 months then a maintenance dose would do the trick and was in a nothing to lose by trying state of mind That was less then 2 months ago. A month of 30000 ui a day and I am now on the home straight. It has now all but gone. I am sleeping normally at last. My 180mg ant histamine with top ups from the over the counter have now finished. I am on 10mg once a day. I am going to keep to the 30000 ui dose for at least January and will then reduce to 20,000 in feb, 10,000 in march and then stick to 5000 daily

Posted Wed 28 Dec 2022 18.30 by Sarbie

Hi Mark, can I ask, is the antihistamine because your psoriasis is itchy? Also, have you eliminated any foods/drinks from your diet? I have started uvb treatment at home which I know creates high amounts of vit d in the body. I am also taking vit k,cod liver oil and vit c.

Posted Thu 29 Dec 2022 08.15 by Mark Savill

Yes the anti histamine was for the itching not the psoriasis Doctor thought mine was gúttate as the result of a strep infection but it should have shifted a lot sooner reading up on it I did buy the light and found it helped I did not want to change diet. Number one thing to remove was alcohol and I do like a glass of wine or 2 of an evening. Also people were suggesting giving up broccoli, citrus, and all sorts of things that one supposed were good for you The light was helping and that pointed to vitamin d3 being the target. Lower doses also helped but the 30000 ui a day does seem to be what has finally nailed it I am hoping it will not come back. It has been quite the miserable experience Good luck to all on your journeys

Posted Thu 29 Dec 2022 08.44 by Sarbie

Thanks for your reply. I have read on this forum that once people have cleared with uvb they just have a once a week top up to keep it at bay. I am reintroducing foods like tomatoes, potatoes but not yet alcohol. I only used to have a couple of glasses per month anyway. Previously my ps has cleared all by itself without treatment or diet change. Severe stress is always my trigger. Because ps is causing my stress I'm in a catch 22 situation. Keep us posted on your progress Mark and good luck.

Posted Thu 19 Oct 2023 19.32 by Exalt

We take this vitamin. What is your opinion about it? Do you take this kind too?"

Posted Wed 8 Nov 2023 09.01 by Aliddy
Aged 34, psoriasis since 22

Hello. Just joined this website after researching into vit d3 + k2 usage to help with my psoriasis. Tried lots of different treatments over the years, doc suggests next step is oral medication or injectables. Wish to try d3/k2 vits first. So, for those of you that have started taking the vitamins, did you check your levels beforehand? And do you recommend any particular brand? Thanks so much in advance

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