Bony lump on thumb

Posted Thu 2 Feb 2023 14.43 by Rads68

Hi all . P sufferer for some 30 years, tried all the creams, lotions, potions, UVA, Puva, diet etc etc. The P comes and goes as we all know. Just noticed a bony protrusion, about 4 mm in diameter, on the outside of the first knuckle of my thumb. ie. about 20 mm behind the nail. Painful to touch and quite unsightly. Could this be the first sign of P arthritis? I know there's an increased risk of it with psoriasis sufferers. 54 years old. Thanks.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 00.09 by Adamntan

Apologies for multiple posts (just joined this site). Had p for over 30 years too and only experienced psoriatic arthritis 4 years ago, Your description sounds similar- can you bend your thumb? When I had it in my wrist I couldn’t really move it without pain. However, I’m not a doctor so I would suggest going to your GP in the first instance and if they think it could be that they will refer you to a rheumatologist straight away.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 07.42 by Rads68

I can bend my thumb without pain, it’s just sore to touch. I’ve a doctors appointment next week so yes, probably get a referral.

Posted Sat 18 Feb 2023 17.30 by Vanessa

Hi could anyone tell me what Psoriatic arthritis is like. I have had P for many years have been waiting for an appointment to start some more narrow ban treatment which has always worked for me. I have been offered biologics but so far I have tried to keep away from them. My psoriasis is really bad at the moment and I have recently started getting pain in my legs and arms. The pain in my legs is pretty bad and co-codamol and Ibuprofen are the only things that help just now. I have had some blood tests but not had results yet. I was wondering if it could be Psoriatic arthritis because I have no idea what that looks like. Can anyone tell me of their experience with PA. Thank you,

Posted Fri 10 Mar 2023 22.28 by Bethkin

Omg I have this EXACT same thing but my bony lump is below my thumb near my wrist and it’s excruciating! I had a steroid injection which sorted it right away but I haven’t had any tests to confirm if it is that or not? I have an appointment Monday so I’m going to push to find out if it is that! Just made me feel better that people have got it too! I’ve had diagnosis of p for 6 years now and psoratic arthritis for 3 years! I’m only 30 and it absolutely kills my knees and now my wrists! I thought it was just me :(

Posted Sat 11 Mar 2023 08.11 by Rads68

Hi. Definitely not just you. Sorry for your pain. Im awaiting bloods results which may point to psa, praying not though. Then an x-ray for further. Investigation.

Posted Wed 5 Jul 2023 03.06 by crowlett

I have been on Otezla for about 3 months and the nausea and vomiting have not stopped. The medication works great for me but the sickness never seems to go away. Does anyone have any tricks to taking the medication so this doesn’t keep happening? I don’t want to stop the medication because it works so well for me. Help, anyone!

Posted Wed 5 Jul 2023 09.41 by Bethkin

Hi there, I was on otezla for quite some time I think it was around 6 months and I experienced the same thing and couldn’t get rid of it despite trying lots of things. I’m sure I also got restless legs with it so unfortuntely had to be moved onto something else as it wasn’t working for me either. Sorry I couldn’t be more help but it’s probs best to speak to your consultant about it :)

Posted Mon 10 Jul 2023 19.13 by crowlett

I actually have the boney lumps on both of my thumbs. Wonder why many of us seem to have them.

Posted Mon 31 Jul 2023 17.53 by Boxjeff

Very coincidental and ODD! I gave the same lump on my thumb, both in fact.

Posted Thu 8 Feb 2024 15.18 by inyourcorner

I've had Psoriasis for about 8 years or so, its in my ears, scalp and lower back. It started with a swollen middle finger for about 6months which I didnt get diagnosed as anything of note. I was sent to rheumatologist and given lots of creams etc. I asked about Psa which I thought I have, but not being treated for this. I had a blood test at the time but they didnt confirm Psa. I've recently had a bony lump removed from my thumb, which consultant says says is my osteoarthritis, I also have it in lower spine and left foot I'm waiting for a full hip replacement and will need the other done too. I m not on any other meds, I've twice been given tablets which make my Tinnitus much worse, ( Celecoxib and Naproxen )so just manage with iboprofen, more recently Im having a lot of pain in my collar bone area both sides which is very tender. and continues in and under my arm pits , it feels like gland or nerve pain? I also have strong medication for when I get cols sores which goes to impetigo and flu like symptoms lasting a week and am very poorly then very quickly if I dont up the meds in time. I do have a Gp appt booked but wonder if this all sounds familiar to others? I just would like a yes or no to Psa or not, thanks for reading my rant! Can't believe how many symptoms Ive added!

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