Scalp is worst it's ever been

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 07.42 by Hazcam (edited Wed 15 Feb 2023 08.39 by Hazcam)

Hi, I'm new here and really at the end of my tether with psoriasis on my scalp! I have guttate psoriasis and finished a course of phototherapy in December, by early January another outbreak started. I'm waiting for another appointment with Dermatology to see what other treatments are available but my main issue just now is my scalp. I've tried all the steroids from my GP, I also tried olive oil and dermax as suggested by the dermatology nurse but that made it worse! I then tried coconut oil, no help, I bought lots of different shampoos and conditioners but nothing is helping. It feels very tight, itchy and extremely flakey. Does anyone have any other ideas that I can try? I'd literally try anything at this point!

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 08.12 by Tracyjane

Hi the best one I found for my son is oat milk blends by aveeno for dry hair. It doesnt clear my sons but it did help. People also say body shop ginger shampoo but I haven’t tried that.. my son has light treatment too & it came straight back.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 08.40 by Hazcam

Thanks so much, I'll give those a try.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 09.30 by Mags (edited Wed 15 Feb 2023 09.31 by Mags)

Hi - over the last 3 years I have tried so many different shampoos, been prescribed topical treatments and Methotrexate which have made little difference to my scalp psoriasis. Over the last 4 weeks I have been following a scalp treatment which I discovered on the Hannah Sillitoe site and I must say the scales on my scalp have reduced considerably. It is a little ‘faffy’ but well worth a try. I have also just started to use the HS shampoo, conditioner and scalp oil - early days as it’s not a quick fix but will keep you updated on how that goes.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 09.39 by Hazcam

Please do keep me updated, I'd be very interested to find out if this gives you any longer term relief! I also tried the HS shampoo and conditioner (containing Dermax) but found it dried my scalp out even more! My OH is away shopping to find the oat milk Aveeno for me to try first!

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 09.55 by Mags (edited Wed 15 Feb 2023 09.56 by Mags)

Ah sorry, when I mentioned ‘HS’ I was referring to Hannah Sillitoe shampoo and conditioner along with the scalp oil, all natural ingredients.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2023 10.53 by Tracyjane

I get the oat milk aveeno from boots or Amazon. Please let me know how you get on with it.

Posted Fri 10 Mar 2023 13.22 by JamesFoster

If your scalp psoriasis is severe you would start with Methotrexate plus Sebco and Clobetasol shampoo. If this doesn't work the next stage is biologics. Humira is the first line biologic. The most effective biologic is Skyrizi. You have a 60% of becoming 100% clear. Then Taltz has about a 55% chance of 100% clearance. I believe Humira is about 23% likely to achieve PASI100. Go here to compare drugs You also need to know that if you severe psoriasis on your face, scalp, palm of hands or soles of foot you are a special population. That means you will have the option of a biologic if Methotrexate isn't effective even if your plaques don't cover 10% of your skin (which is the usual baseline to qualify for biologics). Cyclosporine is an option because it can be effective and works quickly. But it cannot be prescribed longer than 1 year total. And if you have high blood pressure or weak kidney function it is a non starter.

Posted Fri 10 Mar 2023 14.11 by Hazcam

Hi, thanks very much for this information, it's really helpful. I spoke to a nurse a few weeks ago and started an intense routine of olive oil, locoid crelo and sebco. It took 5 full days but cleared my scalp completely! Unfortunately after a few days the plaques have started to build up again on my body and scalp but I am seeing a dermatologist on Monday with a view to starting Acitretin tablets and PUVA treatment. Fingers crossed these give me some long term relief!

Posted Fri 10 Mar 2023 15.01 by Tracyjane

Hi James Foster, Hope you’re well. Im interested in what you are saying about being able to get biologics if you have psoriasis in certain areas. My 14 year old has just been prescribed methrotrexate. He’s been in cyclosporine. He is scalp & face we’re servere & also his body. Where did you get the info please Thanks x

Posted Sat 11 Mar 2023 23.09 by ecnolan

Hi, I'm new to posting on here but have recently suffered the worst scalp psoriasis flare up of my life and have found that this combination has began to bring it under control. I sleep in Sebco which is a coal tar/salicylic acid/coconut oil ointment 3 times a week and wrap my hair in a silk bonnet overnight. The next morning I descale my scalp using a nit removal comb, wash my hair and scalp with Clobetasol shampoo then dry it and apply Betnovate steroid to my scalp. It's gone from itching incessantly to the point where I'd scratch and it would ooze and weep, to rarely itching at all (and if it does I force myself to refrain) and the redness, severity of the patches and breadth of the patches have all reduced. It's definitely a faffy process, but well worth it my dermatologist explained to be that the descaling is essential, otherwise the steroid can't get through the thick crusty layers of skin to minimise regeneration. I hope this helps x

Posted Thu 11 Apr 2024 00.43 by Terry

Help psorisis so on scalp won't go away..what can you do?

Posted Fri 12 Apr 2024 11.18 by Hazcam

Hi, I can completely sympathize with you! The process I followed (after trying other suggestions that didn't work for me); 1. Cover scalp with olive oil. 2. One hour later apply locoid crelo. 3. Another hour later apply sebco. I did this twice a day for 5 days. I was advised to do it for 3 days but after washing and drying my hair it wasn't much better so I continued for another couple of days. I didn't leave the house at all as I was a greasy mess but it was absolutely worth it! I started Acitretin around the same time and it has really helped with my scalp and the plaques on the rest of my body. It does still flare up occasionally so I just go back to the oil/locoid/sebco method for a day or two. I hope this helps 🙏

Posted Mon 15 Apr 2024 18.20 by UnicornSoup

My scalp psoriasis isn’t particularly bad mainly around my hair line (nice!), I use Nizoral shampoo once per week. But the real difference for me was when I started to use a scalp massager brush every time I wash my hair. As an added bonus my hair definitely feels cleaner and doesn’t look as greasy so quick. Shampoo is about £10 for a small bottle, but does last a while (my hair is to my waist) and a massager can be picked up from Primark for about £2 or online for anything up to £20 Good luck everyone

Posted Sun 21 Apr 2024 00.14 by Terry

Scalp psorisis won't go away..what do I do.

Posted Sat 18 May 2024 23.24 by UnicornSoup

Terry please try Nizoral and a scalp massage brush, honestly best thing I tried. Dermax shampoo with massage brush would probably work too! Honestly I think the massage brush helps to keep the plaques at bay. My scalp used get to the point where it would bleed because I scratched so much and plaques were so thick (lumps, I’d feel the urge to pick off 🤢🤢(, Honestly my scalp feels normal,-and my hair clean) best of luck 🤞

Posted Tue 21 May 2024 14.58 by Chaudhry

Hi i am new in this forum. I just recovered from worse flare up and now I am looking what type of shampoo I can use and how often need to wash hairs to control the flare up. I used many shampoo but some of them temporarily good after few use it makes scalp dry again. Please guide me which shampoo is good to keep scalp moist. I am using T gel and it makes some dryness around my ear.

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