Deucravacitinib (Sotyktu)

Posted Sun 2 Jul 2023 19.52 by Yacht

Anyone using, or about to use, deucravacitinib, branded Sotyktu, a once-daily pill for moderate to severe psoriasis? Approved in the US, Japan, EU, and now the UK from Jun 2023. PASI100 is only around 20%, while PASI75 is around 65%. So, deucravacitinib is not a "wonder pill". But studies suggest it offers partial clearance and seems to come without the horrific side-effects of chemo pills like methotrexate or immuno jabs like ixekizumab. Anyone on here using it?

Posted Tue 4 Jul 2023 20.24 by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

I doubt many in the UK will have been prescribed this yet. Although other countries approved earlier than UK so may be some who post on here. I was reading up on this and for UK anyway I think the recommendations are to be prescribed once ther systemics and phototherapy have been tried. Maybe some time before we get some actual patient reviews. It is definitely good news that another alternative has been approved.

Posted Wed 12 Jul 2023 19.17 by heartofmine2001

Hello! I have been on Sotyktu for almost 2 weeks. I noticed a difference after only 1 dose. The itching/scaling improved almost immediately. The color of my spots went from angry red to a soft pink in just under 2 weeks. There aren’t many testimonials available online, but I hope more people get the chance to try this drug. In my case it’s a miracle drug with no noticeable side effects.

Posted Sat 5 Aug 2023 17.17 by Yacht

Any other Sotyktu experiences out there?

Posted Sat 5 Aug 2023 17.35 by Yacht

Also, keep a close eye on TAK-279 and VTX958, two trial drugs, taken as daily oral pills, seemingly with lesser side-effects than older pills (such as methotrexate), due to show more medical results in H2 2023 and 2024. TAK-279, from Japan-US-UK, looks (so far) to be perhaps 2-3 times more effective than Sotyktu for psoriasis PASI 100 (full clearance).

Posted Tue 29 Aug 2023 21.17 by Dinkyminky

I’ve been taking Sotyktu for 2 weeks now for plaque & guttate psoriasis but so far no improvement ,& no side effects .. Hopefully more time still needed… Has anyone else had any success with this biological?

Posted Sat 2 Sep 2023 15.58 by Yacht

The recommended "test" period for Sotyktu is 4-6 months. Please check back regularly and post your experiences, good or bad.

Posted Tue 5 Sep 2023 11.19 by lizziep

Are you prescribed it yacht?

Posted Tue 26 Sep 2023 01.18 by Yacht

Lizziep -- No, not on it. Continuing to monitor the new wave of daily pills. They seem easy to take, but with fewer brutal side-effects than the "old" pills (like MTX). Only part that concerns is their potential effect on the gut microbiome. Are these "new" pills going to save the skin, but wreck the gut?

Posted Wed 1 Nov 2023 01.52 by Yacht


Posted Wed 1 Nov 2023 05.10 by Dinkyminky

I have been taking situations for almost 3 months and Im happy to say I see a huge improvement 😄

Posted Wed 1 Nov 2023 16.09 by Dinkyminky

Meant to say I’ve been taking Sotyktu .. Very much improved after 3 months with no side effects . The angry redness has gone & slowly with each week the skin is becoming less & less red, fading to a very light pink & disappearing fast . My legs which were the worst on my body tho greatly improved seem to be taking a little longer

Posted Wed 15 Nov 2023 20.45 by Yacht

Thanks for posting, Dinkyminky. In % terms, overall, roughly how much improvement have you seen? Is there 100% clearance, 80%, 50%, 25%, 10%? Any minor or major side-effects? Stomach, bowels, muscles, etc.?

Posted Fri 19 Jan 2024 19.40 by Yacht


Posted Thu 2 May 2024 03.09 by Yacht

Bump again.

Posted Sun 7 Jul 2024 21.57 by angelyouth

Hi - not been here for a good number of years but have been taking Sotyktu for a week, no progress as of yet - though I’m dealing with a bit of a fallout for recently coming off cyclosporine… Not noticed any change in psoriasis but I seemed to have developed folliculitis / acne on my face which is completely wonderful when you’re also trying to deal with a P flare up, Seemed to come out of nowhere after only about 3 doses! Here’s hoping it calms down after a few days. Anyone else using Sotyktu?

Posted Mon 8 Jul 2024 15.06 by Jackie T

I was offered Apremilast or Sotyktu, both are very similar drugs I’m led to believe, I did opt for the Apremilast just because there was a bit more known about it, my psoriasis is clearing brilliantly, I’m so happy with with the results so far - I hope this works the same for you!

Posted Mon 8 Jul 2024 15.26 by Dinkyminky

Hi all I have been on Sotyktu for plaque (mainly) as well as guttate psoriasis for 11 months now & has cleared 💯 . As I said previously started clearing after 3 months . I haven’t had any side effects . For me this drug has been a lifesaver & can highly recommend it .

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