Help! Could I have psoriatic arthritis?

Posted Sat 12 Aug 2023 09.58 by Elbe

Hello! I have never had skin psoriasis - at least, I've had one small patch on my upper shoulder/neck area which could have been looking back, but apart from that, nothing. I do have type 1 diabetes, asthma, and eczema , among other things! However, I have had problems with my nails for some time - longitudinal ridges, breaking down the sides along the ridges, very brittle, a sort of line below the top of the finger where the bed looks pinker, slight lifting occasionally. Also, dents in the nail and little pits. One of my toes nails 9I think my toes are fins apart form this!) just came half off one day a couple of years ago, totally painlessly. There was no mould or any reason they could think of why this should happen. Starting lifting and they took the rest off. My GP sent a photo of my fingernails off to a dermatologist who said psoriasis. I have arthritis in one finger - my middle one on my left hand. the top joint is a little deformed by added bone now and looks to me as if it is beginning to lean left maybe only something i would notice! this joint hurts, and often underneath swells up in a little circle. At the minute it hurts just below and above the bottom of this joint. Sometimes it hurts all along this finger inside - sometimes it feels like bone, sometimes like it's a tendon. None of my problems are very severe - i've lost a toenail, but it doesn't inconvenience me, the nails are a real pain but I can live with it, but the arthritis worries me despite not being severe - for instance, my finger does not swell up into a sausage, it's just sore. Can you experts in this tell me whether this sounds like psoriatic arthritis, or does it sound like osteo? Should I get a referral, or should I wait until it becomes a worse problem? It does sound as if the fix could be worse than the problem unless you are very bad. Thank you.

Posted Tue 29 Aug 2023 10.06 by Sunny side up

Hi there, it’s a shame nobody replied to yr message. I’m in exactly the same position with the same mild symptoms and would like to know if I have psoriatic arthritis too - hopefully someone will reply soon :)

Posted Thu 7 Sep 2023 08.32 by Angel-a

You would need to ask for blood tests for inflammatory markers in your blood and other raised or decreased levels in the blood. I would see the GP ASAP and discuss concerns and ask for a full blood test and to check for Psoriatic arthritis

Posted Thu 7 Sep 2023 09.54 by Elbe

Thank you for replying! I have since realised that actually the one finger i am having a problem with is swollen along its length, particularly underneath. I have made an appt. to speak to the Dr. I was told that blood tests could not find psoriatic arthritis, and only a list of symptoms could. I have had arthritis looked at before and there was signs of inflammation in my finger. But not huge amounts.

Posted Fri 10 Nov 2023 11.10 by Sunshine45

Hi there, I've recently been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. I had pain in all fingers, joints nearest to finger nails mainly, only slightly swollen but very painful. Doctor sent me for hand xrays and blood tests, a week later he rang me and had referred me to rheumatology. I went to see them, he examined joints, sent me for ultrasound of hands and feet, chest xray and more blood test. The scans found imflammation in both hands and both feet, blood tests were all normal. I am due to start first dose of methotrexate this week, as Rheumatologist diagnosed Psoriatic arthritis at first appointment.

Posted Wed 3 Jan 2024 14.10 by Shannonlouise

Hi so I'm a 28 year old mother who's been suffering since the age of 15 with plaque psoriasis 80% of my body is covered and 90% of the time I'm in constant pain, since I've never been able to keep my flare ups down for long I've recently also been diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis and and its in most of my joints elbows, knees, back neck and so on. My question to most people is what's the best coping techniques because as of lately I'm not coping I'm constantly crying with pain, I get angry and frustrated I have no patience and it affects my mental health massively I'm currently awaiting to start back on my methotrexate as I had to have a break due to my body not responding to treatment a few years back even though my doctors know my body didn't respond to this they want me to try again on the methotrexate. My psoriasis effects my day to day life massively I have a 4 year old little boy who would love for his mam to be able to do the things other parents can do and it makes me feel so guilty that I can't always do the same as other mothers my age I really don't know where I'm going with this I feel like I need support and just don't know who to turn to and when I say support I mean support with my psoriasis because this is a daily struggle and nobody doctor wise seems to want to listen to a 28 year old they seem to think they know what's best for my body and just don't seem to want to listen to me

Posted Thu 4 Jan 2024 07.58 by JeremyG

I am fortunate that my own symptoms are not too severe (yet!), although I did have the ridged nails and occasionally severe joint pain in my fingers which I am sure was connected to my psoriasis. I have been taking a "shot" of liquid turmeric every day at breakfast and the issues with my fingers have much reduced (I haven't had any for the last six months). I am not saying that this is the answer for anyone but thought I would share my own experience as it appears to have worked for me. The product that I take is this:

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