Black Seed Oil - seems to have "cured" me

Posted Thu 28 Sep 2023 20.37 by NYGuy11

It's only been a month for me though. I don't think that's long enough to see any meaningful change. Maybe if my psoriasis was really bad, I'd see something. But since I'm in good shape, it could take longer since my "stubborn spots" aren't really anything terrible. I think I have to give it 3-6 months.

Posted Fri 29 Sep 2023 12.55 by Cardiff_Dai

btw - I have been using on my fungal toenails and it seems to be working very well!

Posted Fri 29 Sep 2023 13.06 by Nape999

I'm glad it's working for something! I still have the odd tiny spot here and there but nobody would notice and, even if they did, there's no way they'd think it's a diagnosable skin condition. I put candelula oil in my balm for its antifungal properties but if the black seed oil is working on your toes then I don't see the need to change anything. This is my hand now. My camera automatically "beautifies" images and I forgot to turn it off on the "after" photo but the red circle is the kind of tiny red mark I was talking about. Taking "beautify" off would hardly make a difference: I box, too, so my knuckles are never going to be completely flawless 😂.

Posted Sat 30 Sep 2023 06.40 by JeremyG

Thank you for sharing your experience with Black Seed Oil. I’m almost two months into taking the caplets you suggested twice daily. I’ve seen no significant improvement as yet, although I really like the published benefits of the product and will certainly keep taking it. I will be interested to hear how others are getting on…

Posted Sat 30 Sep 2023 15.45 by NYGuy11

That's what I'm hoping blackseed oil will nails. That's why I will stick with it.

Posted Fri 17 Nov 2023 05.03 by jasminejr

I'm glad that has worked for you. Some other things I found helpful with psoriasis. Magnesium supplementation, magnesium/epsom salt or Dead Sea salt baths (try and soak at least 30 mins with about 500g salt). Fat cell Cleanse Doing a liver cleanse. And also Malki Dead Sea soaps work well for me.

Posted Fri 17 Nov 2023 05.17 by Nape999

I've never been sold on "cleanses' but that's normally because it's a product, like a juice claiming to do it all. I'd need to see more research before I commited to anything like that, were my psoriasis to come back. I've taken magnesium supplements for years but didn't notice any affect on my psoriasis. It also makes it hard to absord other nutrients and vitamins, so take it separately. Winter is always the worst for my psoriasis and I take ice baths at just over 0 degree Celsius, so I'll see how that goes. I also box, so my knuckles are grazed quite often and it's hard to tell if it's psoriasis creeping back. I really need to wrap my hands and wear gloves but sometimes I just can't resist hitting a bag when I'm in my garage/gym.

Posted Fri 17 Nov 2023 06.15 by jasminejr

Yes there are lots of things being sold to us, it is difficult to know what is going to work. When I did the fat cell cleanse, I wasn't actually expecting for it to have any effect on my psoriasis, I was doing it for my depression, but I notice afterwards my psoriasis had noticeably calmed down, and I only stayed in the sauna 30 mins as that was all I could handle. I't's a good thing to do anyway as we live in a toxic world and toxins get stuck in the fat. It's very cheap to do as well, just buy some cheap niacin, wait for your skin to flush, do 20 - 30 mins exercise and try and stay in the sauna for at least 30 mins or longer if possible. Skin conditions are related to the liver, why is why I think cleansing helps. It would make sense as smoking and particularly alcohol can make it worse and they damage the liver. Some people like to take vitamin d for psoriasis, might be worth ago if it gets worse in the winter. Dead Sea soaps genuinely helped as well. I never thought in a million years that would help, but I was surprised, there's all sort of brands out there, but I would get one as natural as possible. Probably worth a go since we need to use soap any way. Also though I take magnesium internally, it was the magnesium salt baths that had a more extreme effect, people use magnesium oil as well, though it stings a bit but can be effective. You can make your own for much cheaper than buying a bottle if you are using a lot.. Just look up the process online, it's not difficult, Also if using the salt, it might be better to have a warm/hot bath just to help you absorb it better.

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