nail psoriasis

Posted Mon 23 Oct 2023 13.28 by AllyB

Hi I'm new to the forum. I wondered if anyone had any tips for managing nail psoriasis? Had it for years and can't seem to get rid of it. Worried about some of the treatments because of impact on immune system. Thanks so much in advance.

Posted Mon 23 Oct 2023 15.20 by skin

You haven't said finger nails and/or toe nails. Suggestions: keep them short, and try some neat tea-tree oil occasionally. Are you sure it is ONLY psoriasis, it could/might also be a bit of fungal infection.

Posted Thu 9 Nov 2023 20.39 by Robbie

Hi, I'm new here too. Finger Nail psoriasis is really bad and embarrassing. I try and keep them as short as possible but cutting is painful. The nails have left the bed, they look pitted, cracked, and just bad. I'm really self conscious of them. Although it's now winter here which means gloves are a god send, though might not be the wisest. Anyway, I was interested in this thread as the doc said there's no real treatment for nail psoriasis. Interested in the sound of the tea tree oil and anything else I can do.

Posted Fri 10 Nov 2023 05.15 by skin

Remember there MIGHT be a bit of fungal infection as well as the psoriasis. So a bit of Tea-Tree oil is useful. Now about gloves; I don't have a problem with pso. on my hands nor finger nails, however when I'm gardening I wear a pair of vinyl disposal gloves inside my work gloves. Keeps my hands warm, and this idea might help your hands.

Posted Fri 10 Nov 2023 09.18 by AllyB

Thank you both. Yes it is finger nails. Will get some tea-tree oil today! Thanks so much! Good luck Robbie

Posted Fri 10 Nov 2023 11.45 by Robbie (edited Fri 10 Nov 2023 11.45 by Robbie)

Thanks for the replies. I feel my doc isn't much help. I've had so many creams and lotions and advice my head is spinning. I've found some natural stuff that is easier to apply and does what it says, except for nails, so far. I'm off to buy some now, tea tree oil. Again thanks for responding. I'll do an update and rate results

Posted Sat 11 Nov 2023 18.58 by mt382

What's the rest of your skin like / do you have PA? Systemics should help, but NB-UVB won't really (in my anecdotal experience). Obviously, if it's just your nails systemics probably aren't worth it.

Posted Sat 11 Nov 2023 19.22 by Robbie

I've got it head to toe in patches. Face nails and scalp bother me the most because it's so visible. The rest I can cover up and hide I'll look into this too. Thanks

Posted Tue 14 Nov 2023 09.22 by SuperPman

Hey, the one thing I know for sure with nail psoriasis (for me), is potato and any product that contains potato ALWAYS sets my nails off. Starts with oil spots underneath the nail, gets worse and starts to yellow and lift etc. It's really hard to cut out potato, but worth it for me. Hope this helps someone.

Posted Tue 14 Nov 2023 10.26 by Robbie

Funny thing, I sometimes visit a traditional herbalist who is the only other person to mention diet. Starch, gluten, wheat, health supplements, and minerals. Not to avoid them as such but that some foods can aggravate auto immune issues. Their advice was to be aware which, if any, make things flare up. Never put much thought into it, until you mention it. Got my. Tea trea tried for the first time and while it's early days, nails look a bit less like night of the living dead.

Posted Wed 15 Nov 2023 13.55 by mt382

Head to toe?!?!? What's your current treatment? Are you under a dermatologist? Not to frighten, but rather inform you. Untreated psoriasis causes long term systemic inflammation, and has an association with heart disease, metabolic syndrome, depression, lung disease. Its got an annoying reputation as just being "like eczema" but it really doesn't do to leave it untreated for your overall wellbeing.

Posted Wed 15 Nov 2023 15.14 by Robbie

Yeah I've got creams and lotions, steroid cream, anti inflammation moisturising creams, sysilic acid and coal tar for thick areas and eardrops for the build up in and round my ears. I've got scalp solutions and shampoos, soap substitute and I use herbal spray too . I've suffered from a form of depression for most of my life for which I take medication. Although they say this has nothing to do with recent psoriasis. Interestingly or not, I was advised of an auto immune issue that was nothing to worry about not long before psoriasis appeared. So it's being attended to. The issue for me was nail psoriasis in particular, which my doc said there really was no treatment for.

Posted Wed 15 Nov 2023 15.39 by RosyPosy

I have suffered with psoriatic arthritis most of my life (I am now 91) in 1960 I developed scalp psoriasis but it was only diagnosed as dandfuff, and ignored. For well over two years now I have suffered from genital psoriasis, diagnosed by my Carer. My GP is coming to review the treatment tomorrow, and hopefully take a look at it. I have started about 3 months ago with toenail psoriaxis. Advice from a visiting hospital podiatrist was to have my Carer gently file the nails, not cut them. And the PsA helpline suggested to use the Betacap lotion which I use for my scalp on the tips of my toes, so that is what I am doing. Maybe the Betacap would help make on the hands also? There seems no end to it and I have definitely had enough!!!

Posted Wed 15 Nov 2023 15.47 by Robbie

Rosyposy thanks for the comments. Filing the nails sounds easier than cutting and I like the sound of betapcap helping the nails as I use it on my head already. I've got it in those sensitive areas too, which is not nice. I was told to just use moisturiser on more sensitive places because of skin thinning. Was told this for round my eyes too. Can't say I've noticed any improvement. As a life long sufferer, any general tips you have found to work over the years?

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